The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 173

Dean Sebastian Robert Returns.

Pamela took out her phone, and searched through her gallery for the photo. Once she had found it, she
shoved the screen into the media reporters faces.

The crowd let out a gasp, as they looked at the picture excitedly. In the picture, Olive was in Marvin’s

However, before Pamela could turn to face Olive, a white hand suddenly reached out from behind and
sna tched the phone from Pamela with lightning speed.

Pamela herself was stunned.

The photo was Pamela’s trump card!

“Olive, what are you doing? Give me back my phone!” Pamela immediately wanted to grab it back. But
Olive swiftly thew the phone out of the window, and it fell into the lotus pond.

With a thud, the water splashed in the lotus pond, but it soon returned to calm.


Everyone was stunned. Who would have thought that Olive would sn atch Pamela’s phone and throw it
into a pond?

Pamela was dumbfounded. She had contrived to use the photo and prove her claims. And watched
happily as Olive would be dragged to filth.

“Olive, are you crazy? Why the hell did you throw my phone into the lotus pond! You’re guilty! You’re
afraid that I’ll release your cheating photos to the public!” Pamela gritted her teeth angrily.

Olive had known prior that Pamela would try to use the picture and tarnish her image. Thus when she
saw the opportunity to take the phone, she didn’t hesitate.

Olive’s bright eyes flashed a playful and sly smile. She replied calmly,

“Pamela, you don’t have any evidence now, so you better be careful. Who knows what photos were in
your phone! Maybe you wanted using the opportunity to expose your nude photos to everyone.”

Pamela was so angry that she wanted retching Olive to pieces. Olive actually preempted her and bit
her on the back!

Now that her phone and trump card was gone, Pamela could only clench her fist in hatred. She looked
at Olive resentfully and muttered,

“Olive, no matter what game you try to play. You’ve already been photographed. You still need to clarify
to the public about what you were doing with Marvin alone!”

At the moment, a deep and dignified voice suddenly sounded from outside the door.

“I left the city to participate in an academic seminar. I didn’t expect that our research institute would
become an internet sensation. Did I miss something?”

Everyone quickly turned and saw the dean walking in with director Hudson, alongside other leaders.

Chapter 173 Dean Sebastian Robert Returns.

Dean Sebastian Robert had finally returned!

Sebastian Robert was an academician, and his prestige was quite high.

“President Robert is back!”

“Welcome dean!”

Dean Sebastian walked to a seat, and sat on it. The environment which was noisy a while ago returned
to normalcy.

Sebastian looked at the crowd and asked gently,

“What happened here?”

“Dean Sebastian, we caught Olive alone with her male friend. We think that she’s cheating on her

“Dean Sebastian, we are actually curious about how Olive got into the Ivory Council.”

“Dean Sebastian, the council has been the focus of the public’s attention in the past few weeks. It’s
rumoured that Olive singlehandedly skyrocketed Ivory Council’s prestige. What does the dean has to
say about this?”

The reporters pushed the microphone to the dean, but Hudson quickly stepped forward. and blocked
the microphones.

“Our dean has just returned from the imperial. We will not be accepting any interviews for the time
being. The Ivory Council is a sacred place for medicine, and not a gossip center. Leave immediately, or
we’ll call the security.”

Hudson immediately issued an order of eviction to the media reporters.

The media reporters immediately restrained themselves.

Pamela who stood quietly couldn’t help but stare at dean Sebastian with admiration. She came to the
Ivory Council with the intent of having and worshipping the dean as her teacher.

With the dean before her, Pamela wanted to kneel on the spot and declare her admiration for him.
However, she didn’t expect that the dean would return so soon.

Dean Sebastian suddenly raised his right hand.

“Director Hudson, it’s okay. I can say a few words.”

Was Dean Sebastian about to respond to the questions thrown at him by the reporters?


The media reporters concluded that their visit to the Ivory Council was way too valuable. They were
about to be the first to interview the dean upon his arrival to LA.

Pamela’s eyes lit up. She was certain that dean Sebastian would not like Olive. Especially. since Olive
had entered the institute through special channels. If the dean ended up humiliating Olive, then it’ll be a
perfect way of ending the night.

Amidst all the anticipation, dean Sebastian’s gaze fell on Marvin.

“Marvin, I didn’t expect you to come to LA just be a male friend. Don’t you deserve to have a name?”

All eyes suddenly landed on Marvin. Marvin had been quiet the entire time. The noise and drama didn’t
affect him one bit.

A reporter curiously asked,

“President Robert, what do you imply by that? Does this guy here have any special status?” Dean
Sebastian let out a laughter.

“Didn’t y’all know about Marvin Augustine, the second young master of the Augustine family in the
imperial? Well, it’s a pity that we have this types of media reporters in this age. In the previous

generation, media reporters were always up to date and accurately informed. It’s a pity that y’all are
what we have to keep up with now!”

Most of the people who could attend the imperial academic forum were highly respected academicians.
And they were older men, but there was one exception, and that was Marvin.

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Chapter 173

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