The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 184

Olive, You’re Making Me Want You More.

Elvis knew who it was without having to look back.

“Ma’am, I can see that you’re getting bolder by the day. You asked me to be your driver while I was still
working, right?”

Olive hugged tightly from behind, clinging tightly to him like an octopus.

“Mr. Augustine, why are there no taxi here? And besides, am I not your lady again? You should be
happy that I requested you to drop me off.”

Elvis chuckled, as he was held firmly by Olive. He closed his handsome eyes.

“Olive, you’re making me want you more by the day.”

The Hart’s family was now covered in gloom. Patrick and Monica could not still believe that it was Olive
who had saved the old lady.

Patrick really couldn’t sit still. Since Olive’s return, she had dragged him to hell countless times.

“Pamela, what’s the matter, huh? I sent Olive to the countryside when she was nine years old. Where
did she learn her medical skills from? Please tell me that this is all a misunderstanding and a joke.”
Patrick muttered unbelievably.

Monica’s face was pale.

“Pamela, this issue is really massive. If Olive can suppress you when It comes to medicine, then it’ll be
very difficult for you to challenge her in the future.”

Pamela understood perfectly what her mother implied. If she couldn’t handle Olive when it had to do
with a man, and now, she still couldn’t handle Olive when it came to the issue of her career. It could be
concluded that Pamela was a sore loser when compared to Olive.

“Mum, dad, Olive is definitely not that easy to crack. I’m confident that she must be hiding some
secrets. Right now, dean Sebastian is holding a conference at Starzeal hotel. I wanna go over and hear
things for myself!” Pamela took her bag and left the room. She didn’t wanna waste of exposing Olive.

Patrick and Monica quickly stood up and tagged along, any chances

“Pamela, wait up, let’s go with you. We’d like to see what more games that Olive has to play!”

All the media reporters from LA had gathered. The press conference was to begin very soon.

Dean Sebastian glanced at his wrist watch and said to director Hudson who stood beside him. “Director
Hudson, the time for the conference is almost here, go see if Olive has arrived.”

“Yes, dean.” Director Hudson prepared to go in search of Olive.

A beautiful and sweet voice quickly sounded,

“Dean, director Hudson, I’m here. So sorry I’m late.” Olive ran over.

As soon as the protagonist arrived, the spotlight quickly fell on Olive.

“Olive, it’s good that you’re here. There’s no more time to waste. Let’s go to the rostrum now.

“Okay, dean.”

Dean Sebastian lead Olive to the rostrum, which also indicated that the press conference had officially

“Dean Sebastian, Olive’s educational background is still a mystery. May we know the truth?”

“Dean Sebastian, all of LA knows that Olive is the daughter of the Hart’s family, and Pamela has been
a medical student since time immemorial, she even studied at the Holy Nile academy. But Olive, she
grew up in the countryside in an orphanage. How did she come about her medical talent? Was she

“In terms of academic qualifications, it seemed like it was impossible for Olive to compete with Pamela.
So we wanna know how Olive became so good at medicine.”

The media reporters fired their questions to the dean.

Pamela, Patrick and Monica were all present. They still found it very difficult to believe that Olive was a
talented medical girl, so they all showed up in anticipation of exposing Olive of her lies, if she did come
up with something unbelievable.

When it came to education, Pamela rose her shoulders highly. She had always been a talented girl who
grew up in up in the spotlight, and Olive was only but a bum. And that, was a fact that Pamela was
convinced that could never change.

It didn’t matter to her where Olive learnt her medical skills, she still did not have any further education.
That was her defeat!

Thinking of this, Pamela comforted herself a bit and adjusted proudly.

Dean Sebastian waved his hands and stared at the media reporters and guest.

“Everyone be quiet, please. I know that Olive’s education has been a mystery up until now, and this
topic is what everyone is interested in. If I’m being honest, Olive’s education is quite comprehensive as

it simple. She’s a first–class medical graduate from the university of Imperial, and she also has a
double postdoctoral degree…”


Double postdoctoral degree?

Pamela felt her heartbeat seize. How could she have thought that Olive, an orphan who had just
returned from the countryside, would have a double postdoctoral degree, and also was a first–class
graduate of the university of Imperial!

“Olive, you’re lying!” Pamela quickly stepped forward and loudly accused.

The reporters turned and saw Pamela. They were elighted, for they knew that it would be a wonderful
scene to behold. They hastily grabbed their cameras tightly, as they awaited the drama.

Olive sighted her family members and wasn’t surprised at all. She felt that it would be much more
interesting with their presence.

The reporters turned the microphone to Pamela.

“Pamela, why do you think that Olive is lying?”

“Do you have any evidence to back up your claims?”

“It turns out that both president Hart and Mrs. Hart are here.”

“Pamela, what do you think about Olive being a double postdoctoral graduate?”

Pamela glared at Olive and her face swiftly softened into a sneer.

“Olive, you a double postdoctoral degree holder? This has to be the joke of the century. You just turned
twenty, yet you dare to say that you’re a postdoctoral degree holder, right?”

Olive sat quitely on the rostrum as she watched Pamela expressed her anger and hatred.

Olive let out a loud sigh and responded to Pamela,

“Pamela, I know that it might be difficult for you to believe, but that’s the truth my dear.

Pamela snorted coldly,

“Then let me ask you, what was your score in the college entrance examination? We all know the
grades that one needs to have before being admitted into Imperial medical university. You better not
mess around, lest you’ll embarrass yourself!”

Everyone gaze was focused on Olive. Olive was calm as usual. She curled her lips and said in a
beautiful voice,

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t take any college entrance examination.”

When Olive’s words were heard, everyone’s expression changed.

“Olive is a postdoctoral graduate, and she didn’t take the college entrance examination, how is that

“Could it be that Olive is really lying?”

Pamela laughed. She knew that Olive had already failed her test.

“Olive, you didn’t take the college entrance examination, how then did you graduate with a doctoral
degree? Come on, Olive, educate us all.” Pamela urged.

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