The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 193

Mrs. Augustine, why are you so red?

Elvis reached out and pulled her into his embrace. The wounds on his body hurt, but Elvis still didn’t let
go of her. He tightened his strong arms and pressed her into his chest. His thin lips fell on her face and
he kissed her on the face.

“Stop crying, Olive.” His hoarse voice coaxed.

Olive was a doctor and had come across lots of sick people. But when she heard that he had gotten
into a car accident, she almost passed out.

Else was strong on individualism, and wouldn’t inform anyone of what he felt or went through, thus
when he admitted to being in pains, Olive knew instantly that it was something grave.

The thought of what may have happened to him made Olive tremble. She pulled his hospital gown and
looked at him with tears.

“You still have injures on your body, hurry up and let me go, or else the wounds might expand.”

Elvis kissed her eyes and mumbled,

“Let me hold you for a while please. I don’t feel any pains.”

“Mr. Augustine, don’t think that I’ll forgive you just because you’re sick, I’ve always warned that you
drive slowly, but you’re so adamant and rarely listens.” Olive scolded angrily. She sniffed and

“And also explain to me what you were doing on the street, when you had clearly told me that you
wanted working on some documents in the office.” Olive added with poring eyes.

Elvis didn’t want to let her know where he was heading from. He also didn’t want her to know that he
wasn’t at the office the previous night. And that he was sitting in the car, watching her and Marvin
together. He didn’t want her to be aware of how jealous and envious he was when he saw her stand so
close to his brother.

“Mrs. Augustine, please I’m sick. Let me rest.” Elvis buried his handsome face into her long hair and
calmly closed his eyes.

Olive stretched out her hands and wrapped around his neck. She blinked her lashes and whispered to
his ears,

“What if something bad had happened to you, what did you think grandma will do?” Olive’s words
lightly cut deep into his heart. He hugged her and nodded solemnly,

“I promise that no matter what happens in the future, I will never drive fast.”

Olive stayed in the hospital for a day. Olive did not dare to call the Red Villa, she definitely couldn’t tell
Mrs. Samantha that Elvis had gotten into a car accident.

Olive had taken a leave of absence from the institute, so she could take proper care of Elvis. Elvis was
injured and couldn’t take a bath. Olive got a warm water and used it to wipe his body. With a towel, she
wiped his face, then went on to open his shirt, consciously avoiding the bandages. Once she done
cleaning his entire body, she stood up and made to empty the water from from the gold bucket.

“Mrs. Augustine.” Elvis suddenly called out, Olive stopped and turned to stare at him.

“Aren’t you forgetting to clean somewhere?”

“Nope, I’ve cleaned everywhere.” Olive shook her head.

Elvis leaned on the bed lazily. The blue hospital gown that he wore didn’t affect his elegance. With his
gaze on Olive, he pointed at his pants,

“There, help me wipe there too.”

Olive’s face widened in surprise. She quickly refused,

“I don’t want to. Wipe it yourself. Your hand isn’t wounded.”

Elvis frowned and pleaded,

“I really don’t have any strength, please help me.”

Olive was of the opinion that he intentionally wanted her wipe down there.

“Mrs. Augustine, how can you refuse? We’re speaking about hygiene here. I’m so obsessed with
cleanliness hence I won’t feel comfortable if that place isn’t cleaned as well.”

Olive looked at his pitiful face.

“I’ll just call you a male nurse.”

“Female.“Elvis interrupted.


He actually wanted a female nurse to clean him down there?

Olive raised her hand and threw the towel into this handsome face.

Elvis did not dodge the towel, once it fell on his handsome face, he reached out and grabbed it.

Elvis’s lips drew into a sinister arc,

“You can call me a female nurse, or you do it yourself. Chose one quickly.”

“You scum.” Olive muttered inwardly. She finally compromised and grabbed the towel,

“Okay, I’ll wipe it for you!”

Olive took the towel and dipped it into the disinfected water, Olive sat on the edge of the bed. She
closed her eyes and grabbed onto his pants with one hands.

She took a deep breathe and tried not to imagine whatsoever laid beneath. She tried to focus on the
fact that he was a patient and needed to be taken care of.

However, Olive’s face reddened, as she shut her eyes tightly. She had never done such to a man

Elvis saw that she was dawdling, he clasped her wrist and his voice sounded,

“Mrs. Augustine, you’re just meant to clean my body, why’s your face so reddened? What impure things
are you thinking about?”

“I wasn’t thinking about nothing!”

“Then quickly wipe it, girl.” Elvis said with a chuckle.

“This is a hospital, Elvis, let go of my hand, don’t be a hooligan!”

Elvis raised his other hand and covered her chattering mouth.

A khock sounded on the door, and the doctor’s voice was heard,

Chapter 153 Mrs. Augustine, why are you so red

“The doctor’s here.” He announced.

Olive quickly withdrew her hand and pushed him away. Elvis raised his hand and covered the lust in his
eyes. In a low voice he said,

“Pull up my pants.”

The doctor was still outside the door. Olive didn’t dare to argue with Elvis, so she swiftly helped him pull
up his pants.

“It’s still a little exposed. I’ll be going on a session with the doctor, I can’t look this way.” Elvis added.

Olive smiled and shook her head, she pulled up the quilt and covered him properly. It would be
shameful for people to know that they were messing around in the ward.

“I’ll ignore you from now. Bye!” Olive laughed lightly and left the room for the doctor.

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Chapter 193

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