The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 195

Elvis is here!

Olive sat opposite Bounty. The waiter served them two cups of coffee.

Bounty looked at Olive and muttered,

“Olive, you turned up.”

Olive nodded.

“Yes, aunt, I did. You’ve always wanted to tell me all about Elvis’s past. Now is your chance.”

After a night of intense deliberation, Olive decided to honor the invitation. Elvis’s condition had
surpassed her imagination. His car accident had triggered a panick in her heart.

Although she was ready to go through thick and thin with him, she still needed to understand his past.

Bounty took a sip of the coffee. Although she didn’t like Elvis, her facial expression still conveyed.

“Did Elvis mentioned his mother, Annabelle, to you?”

Olive nodded.

“Yes, he did.”

Bounty was shocked. She obviously didn’t expect Elvis to mention his mother to Olive.

“I’m quite surprised! His mother has to be the deepest taboo in his heart.” Bounty exclaimed.

“Mr. Augustine didn’t say much about her. But according to what I deduced, she was a very beautiful

Bounty scoffed and hooked her lips mockingly. Bounty couldn’t argue with what Olive said, otherwise,
how did her brother and husband fall for Anabelle?

“Anabelle was dead, and it was her funeral, I really don’t know what happened, or how it happened, but
Anabelle’s coffin got burnt. When Elvis realized what happened, he got really infuriated and injured alot
of people.”

“I know about this too. Mr. Augustine also told me about it. Things had gotten out of hand, and he was
later taken to the hospital, and was offered a hospital report, and he found out that he had some mental
problems.” Olive completed the story.

Bounty was awestruck and couldn’t believe that Elvis would tell Olive such.

“Did he also tell you about what happened infront of his mother’s tombstone? That he had beaten three
men to a pulp, and had them crippled!”

Olive’s fingers clenched tightly as she imagined the bloody scene.

“Olive, are you afraid?” Bounty questioned as she took noticed of the slightest change in Olive’s face.
“Why did Elvis hurt a few people, when there were lots of people present? Don’t you think that they
were deserving of what they got?”

Bounty lost her voice. Even now, Olive’s support for Elvis was unwavering.

“You’re right, they were all dubs. They had burnt Anabelle’s coffin to ashes, and had also mocked Elvis.
Elvis was out of control and had beaten them till they were disabled.”

“But Elvis’s reaction was against the law, and the families of the boys had pressed charges against
Elvis. Elvis was immediately arrested, in order for Elvis not to be sued, my brother, Alpha, had sent
Elvis to the psychiatric hospital.”

Olive’s eyes widened. It was Elvis’s father who had sent him to the psychiatric hospital! Bounty couldn’t
help but laugh at Olive’s reaction.

“I hope that you still don’t think that Elvis is a normal person. He is mentally ill!”

Olive frowned. She really didn’t like the fact that Elvis was sick or mentally ill. She really did despise it.

Olive wanted saying something, but Bounty took out her phone and pushed it to Olive.

“Olive, take a look for yourself.”

“What’s this?“Olive asked.

“I’m sure that Elvis didn’t tell you this, but at the psychiatric hospital, Elvis had stayed there for three
whole years!”

Olive gasped and looked at Bounty in shock..

Elvis had been in the mental hospital for three years? Olive was so not aware..

“Olive, go on and watch and see if your husband isn’t a monster!” Bounty urged.

Olive stretched out her finger and clicked on the video on the phone.

It was in a dark and damp room in a mental hospital, the atmosphere was depressing and gloomy. At
that time, Elvis was still a teenager.

In the video, he was fighting with a few security guards. He was ruthless and had quickly overturned
the security guards.

Tons of security officers had scurried over, and one of them kept using an electric baton to hit Elvis on
the face.

The teenage Elvis was soon trampled under their feet. Elvis’s eyes were red and bloodshot. His face
was wounded and blood dripped from it..

Olive’s hands and feet suddenly felt cold and her entire body went numb. It felt as though she was
watching the scene play out live from years back.

Olive looked at his eyes, and in it laid a raging fire, the unyielding desperation to destroy the entire

Olive felt her heart ache. She felt so weak, that each breathe that she took was painful.

A white hand suddenly reached out and snatched the phone from Olive. Olive jerked and raised her
head, and Elvis’s handsome and ruthless face was before her.

Elvis was clothed in a black turtleneck T–shirt, and a black coat.

His appearance was extremely cold and indifferent.

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