The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 199

Push her away

In the hotel room, Marvin hugged Olive quitely.

The door was kicked open. Marvin raised his eyes and suddenly met Elvis’s narrow and deep eyes.
Elvis stood by the door, his falcon–like gaze swept around the room. Olive hugged Marvin with both
hands, and Marvin hugged her shoulders.

Elvis let out a scoff and stepped forward. He grabbed onto Olive’s arm and pulled her over.

Olive’s body slammed into Elvis’s firm chest. The pain caused her to let out a frown. When she looked
up, she saw Elvis’s gloomy face, her consciousness hastily returned.

“Mr. Augustine…”

Elvis lowered his eyes and looked at her. His thin lips drew a sarcastic arc.

“What? Is it surprising to see me? Did I disturb you?”

Olive looked at Elvis and then at Marvin. Only then did she realize that she was holding onto the wrong

“Mr. Augustine, I…” She tried saying, but her words had failed her.

“Where’s your mask? Elvis interrupted her.

Olive touched her face with her hands. The mask on her face was gone. Marvin had taken it off.

Olive was speechless and confused all at once.

“Why don’t you say something? I’m awaiting your explanation.”

Olive looked at him. Elvis’s gaze was poring and cold. It fell sharply on her face, as if he wanted to see
through her.

However, there as no superfluous expression on his face. Olive knew that Elvis’s wrath was the most
terrifying sight to behold.

Marvin’s voice sounded.

“Don’t make it difficult to her. I can explain everything that you need to know.”

“Oh, okay. I kinda forgot that you were still here, my bad.” Elvis dragged Olive into the bathroom and
locked her inside.

Olive quickly tapped on the door.

“Why are you locking me here. Mr. Augustine, let me out! I can explain everything to you.”

Elvis ignored Olive. He stepped forward and grabbed Marvin on the collar.

“I’m giving you a chance to speak.”

“To be honest, it’s just as you saw.”

Elvis let out a low laugh

“Why should I believe your words?”

Marvin was silent for a moment, then he said,

“Olive’s blood is very special.

“Her mother had treated her with lots of medicinal herbs while she was alive. I know that.” Elvis chipped

Chapter 159 Push her away

Marvin nodded understandingly.

“Then, do you know the mandala flower? The mandala flower is rumoured to be the realm between life
and death. It is extremely poisonous. And it’s very hard to be found.”

“Say something useful!” Elvis interrupted impatiently.

“Olive wants to use the mandala to heal you. She was trying out the medicine.” Marvin added.

Elvis’s pupil shrank. He tightened his grip on Marvin’s collar and pressed him against the wall.

“What the fuck are you saying?” He questioned unbelievably.

“Olive was trying out the medicine. The first time she tried it out was the night that you had beaten me
in the pharmacy. She passed out in my arms. This is her second time. The poison made her lose her
sense of reasoning, so she mistook me for you.” Marvin explained and swallowed hard.

Elvis’s heart was clenched fiercely, and suddenly, his breathing became painful.

Marvin dipped his right hand into his pocket and brought out a piece of paper. On it was the equation
that Olive had written down.

“Elvis, Olive is risking her own life for you. She doesn’t mind losing her life just to save you!”

Elvis let go of Marvin and took some steps backwards. Initially, a voice was telling him that Olive was
refining medicines, but he had ignored it.

He didn’t know that she had actually tried the mandala flower’s poison!

Was she crazy?

“Elvis, I can guarantee you that Olive can only have that poison in her system for one last time. If she
tries it more than thrice, then her life will certainly come to an abrupt end. So please Elvis, before she
considers carrying out the third test, push her away from your life. Only then will she reason with her
brain and not her heart. Push her away from you, so that she can stay alive.” Marvin pleaded with a
straight face.

Olive was locked in the bathroom the entire time. She kept knocking on the door, but no one opened it.
She wondered what the two men were doing to each other.

Although Olive was now conscious, her face was still pale. Olive’s body swayed and she was about

She swiftly held onto the washstand with her hands. She shut her eyes and opened them again.

The door of the bathroom was opened and Elvis walked in.

Olive looked behind her and there was a handsome tall figure standing against the light.

Elvis walked in. He took off his black coat and draped it over her shoulders.

He carried her all the way out of the hotel and into the passenger’s seat of his Rolls–Royce phantom.

Elvis got into the driver’s seat. He turned on the ignition and the car galloped down the road smoothly.
The car was filled with silence, as neither of them uttered a word.

Elvis pressed his hand on the steering wheel. He focused his gaze on the road and said indifferently.

“You’re aware that Marvin likes you, right?"

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