The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 205

A sugar baby.

Monica’s eyes instantly widened, and a wave of anger ignited in her chest.

No wonder why Patrick didn’t return home at night. It turned out that he had a sugar baby outside. He
went around all day fooling with this sugar baby of his..

Monica quickly clicked on the lady’s face to enlarge the photo, she swiftly recognized the lady to be
Pearl. Wasn’t this bi tch a bestfriend to her daughter, Gabriella?

Monica knew that Pearl wasn’t from a wealthy family, but she just didn’t expect her to mingle with a
man who was old enough to be her father.

Monica was extremely furious. She was also a mistress, hence she was especially afraid that another
mistress would surface and take away her home.

In the past, she had treated Patrick with utmost respect and love. She found it difficult to believe that
Patrick was actually cheating on her.

Monica clenched her left fingers into a fist. She searched for Patrick’s contact and dialed it patiently.

Now in the hotel room, Patrick was sitted in the bed, and Pearl had entered the bathroom to take a
shower. Patrick had earlier taken a bath, as he awaited Pearl. Suddenly, his phone rang out and it was
Monica calling.

Patrick didn’t have anymore feelings for Monica. Seeing her call at such passionate moment left him

Patrick answered the phone and asked angrily,

“Monica, why are you calling me this late?”

Initially, Monica had thought that Patrick would feel guilty, but when Patrick answered the call, he
questioned her angrily. His tone conveyed nothing but disdain and impatience.

“Patrick, where are you now? Why haven’t you returned home yet? It’s getting really late.” Monica
asked, pretending not to be aware of his location.

“I’m socializing with some people. We’re discussing about buisness. I don’t have time to speak with you
at the moment. I’ll hang up now.” Patrick wanted ending the call.

Monica quickly said,

“Patrick, which CEO are you discussing with? I happen to be free at the moment. I’ll come over so I
could join in the discussion.”

The door of the bathroom clicked, and was opened. Patrick looked up and saw Pearl walking out of the

Pearl had just clocked twenty.

She was wrapped in a bath towel. When she saw that Patrick was on the phone, she boldly walked
over and hugged Patrick’s waist.

Patrick suddenly felt uneasy. He couldn’t even hear what Monica was saying anymore.

Pearl hugged Patrick and whispered,

“Mr. Hart, that yellow-faced woman from your family has called again, right?”

Pearl despised Gabriella and Monica with all of her heart. Back then, they had stripped and beaten


The tulatio

her up at the club.

Now that she was with Patrick, although she couldn’t get Derrick to look her way, it was really easy for
her to get a middle-aged boss like Patrick to love her. Patrick was very considerate and kind, and Pearl
lived a very comfortable life.

Patrick turned around and hugged Pearl into his arms.

“Pearl, don’t worry about th

My heart is now with you.”

woman. Our marriage is already dead. I don’t visit her room anymore.

Patrick was literally obsessed with Pearl now. Compared to Monica who was always loud, Pearl was
gentle and understanding.

Moreover, Patrick was Pearl’s first man, and also the one who took her virginity.

That day, after he had woken up, Pearl laid in his arms. The bed sheet had been stained with her

Patrick wasn’t the one who took Monica’s virginity, so he considered Pearl as a make up for his wrong

In addition, Pearl’s eyebrows were similar to that of Joyce, Olive’s mother. Without hesitation, Patrick
had taken Pearl as his lover and took good care of her.

Pearl smiled and hugged Patrick’s neck.

“Are you sure that you didn’t really enter that yellow-faced woman’s room. I don’t believe it.”

“Then I’ll prove it to you right now.” Patrick pushed Pearl onto the bed.

A beep had sounded from the other end. Monica smashed her phone in annoyance. Patrick dared to
hang up on her?

What was he doing at the moment? He must be copulating with that bi tch!

Monica felt like she was sitting on pins and needles. She was extremely furious.

If she didn’t place Pearl in a place that she deserved to be, then someday soon, Pearl would actually
threaten to take her position away from her.

Moreover, she was pregnant with his son, what could Patrick do to her?

Monica quickly called Patrick’s secretary and forced him to reveal the hotel which Patrick had lodged
into. Then she took her bag and headed to the hotel.

Monica swiftly arrived at the hotel and found the room. She brought a locksmith with her. The room was
unlocked, and the locksmith quickly opened the door.

Monica pushed open the door and rushed in. Patrick and Pearl were having a good time on the bed.
When someone broke in, Pearl screamed in fright. Patrick quickly jumped up, pulled the blanket and
covered himself, then he glared at Monica and ordered,

“Monica, why are you here? Get out!”

Patrick and Pearl didn’t expect Monica to show up, but Monica had practiced severally on her way on
how to deal with Pearl.

Monica ran forward and grabbed Pearl’s long hair, she gritted her teeth and pulled Pearl off the bed.

Pearl was really no match for Monica. Moreover, she was barely clothed and could not resist Monica.

“OMG!” Pearl screamed as she covered her face with her hands.

“Bit ch, you dare to seduce my husband? You’re my daughter’s friend. You actually dare to sleep with
your friend’s father, right? Since you’re quite shameless, then I’ll drag you out so everyone would see
that you’re such a cheap girl!” Monica’s high-pitched voice threatened.

Monica was full of power. She dragged Pearl’s long hair all the way out of the room and left her in the

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