The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 215

Mr. Augustine, quickly open the door!

Marvin halted on the stairs and turned to look at Pamela.

“What did you say?” His extremely calm voice asked.

Pamela smiled and replied,

“Academician Augustine, don’t you like Olive? Don’t you want Olive and Elvis to divorce each other?
Well, we have the exact same goal, and we can work together perfectly inorder to achieve our goal.
Don’t pretend not to want her. This is an opportunity that ought not to be missed.”

It was the second time that Pamela proposed a cooperation to Marvin.

Marvin’s handsome face was devoid of emotion, and he didn’t utter a word.

He diverted his gaze away from Pamela’s face and continued climbing the stairs. Once he arrived at
the third room, Marvin turned the door kn ob and walked in.

Olive laid on the big soft bed. Her black hair spread freely on the snow white sheet.

Seeing that she was safe, Marvin breathed a sigh of relief. He stepped forward and placed his right
knee on the bed, and stared quietly at her beautiful face.

Due to the mask that Olive was wearing, he couldn’t see her stunning face clearly. Since he had taken
off her mask back then, he could clearly remember every inch of her facial features.

Marvin slowly raised his hand and stroked her face with his fingertips, feeling the smoothness with his

Olive’s skin was like that of a newborn baby, soft and tender.

Olive’s body suddenly shook, and her eyes opened. The back of her neck ached badly, and her eyes
conveyed anxiety.

“Olive, you’re awake!” Marvin exclaimed happily.

Olive raised her eyes and looked at Marvin. She wasn’t surprised to find him there at all.

“You’re here. Pamela asked you to come over, right?”

“You seem to know that I’ll be here.” Marvin replied.

Olive sat up, she stretched her small hand and caressed the back of the neck

“I just want to see what Pamela is up to. And I also want to find out if academician Augustine and.
Pamela are working together now.”

“You’ve suspected me for long, haven’t you?” Marvin’s stared at her face and asked.

Olive nodded slowly.

“I just think that it’s way beyond coincidence, you know, everytime that I’m with you, Pamela will arrive,
and followed by Elvis. You and Pamela have a private connection for sure, but I can’t say if you two are
cooperating with each other.”

Marvin’s cold black eyes overflowed with a smile. He knew that Olive would wake up, and was glad that
she did.

Olive’s bright eyes fell on Marvin’s face.

“Academician Augustine, I trust you. I know that you and Pamela aren’t the same type of individual.

The Sul

Chapter 215 Mr. Augaline, quickly open the dorst

You two aren’t the same.”

With that, Olive stood up and made for the door.

“Olive.” Marvin hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed her wrist.

“Pamela is right, today is a perfect opportunity. What I want is not your trust, but you.” Marvin added
and took in his lower lips.

Olive stiffened and looked back at him.

“Academician Augustine, I’m your sister-in-law!”

Marvin laughed softly and then replied,

“You’re my sister in-law only by name, right?”

Olive’s eyes narrowed. She and Elvis’s marriage wasn’t binded legally. But Olive hadn’t told anyone
about this. How did Marvin get to know about it?

“Olive, I’ll say it again, divorce Elvis and come with me to Imperial. I like you. The first time that I saw
you on the street in Imperial two years ago, I knew that you were the one for me. I’ve been searching
for you since then.” Marvin finally confessed.

Olive lowered her head for a while. She then raised her head and stared at Marvin.

“I’ll say it again, don’t waste your time on me, I’m not worth it. I’ll go to the Imperial some day, but
definitely not with you. I don’t need your protection.”

Marvin looked at the girl before him. Olive had just said that she didn’t need his protection.

“What if it was Elvis, would you need his protection?” Marvin suddenly asked.

Hearing Elvis’s name, Olive’s heart sk ip ped a bit. She quickly replied,

“Of course I’ll need his protection and I also wouldn’t think twice about following him to Imperial.”

Me clenched his fist. Olive had answered him honestly. It wasn’t that she didn’t need protection,

she just didn’t need his.

“Academician Augustine, I’ve always regarded you as my friend. Return to the Imperial. Otherwise, we
won’t even have to be friends. Although Elvis and I haven’t binded our marriage legally yet, we’re still
married. And we’ve done everything that a couple should do, that includes pleasing each other.” Olive

Marvin’s handsome and tall body froze. Only then did he realizes how decisive and ruthless Olive


Olive withdrew her wrist from him and turned to leave.

“It’s too late. Elvis is already here.” Marvin informed.

Olive halted. She quickly pondered about something. It turned out that Pamela’s last plan included


Marvin looked at her calmly, and added,

“Yes, it’s true. I can’t really say, but I think that Pamela likes Elvis so much.”

Olive ignored Marvin, she hurried to the door, opened it and ran out.

Immediately she ran out of the room, she bumped into Patrick. Due to old Mr. Hart’s instruction, Patrick
was a little afraid when he saw Olive.

Chapter 215 Mr. Augustine, quickly open the doort

Olive’s bloodshot eyes stared at Patrick.

“Where’s Pamela?” She inquired.

“I think she just entered her room.” Patrick replied.

The maid which was passing by stopped and concurred,

“Yes, sir, miss entered her room a while ago with President Augustine. They’ve been in there for a
while now.

“Oh. Elvis is here?” Patrick questioned in an unbeknownst manner, as he had just arrived.

Olive quickly pushed Patrick away and went straight to Pamela’s door which was tightly closed.

Olive raised her hand and slapped the door hard. The door wouldn’t still open, so she raised her right
foot and kicked on it.

“Pamela, come out and meet me! Mr. Augustine, are you in there? Open the door quickly.

Patrick was stunned, as he stared at Olive whose aura was like that of a warrior, ready to fight for his

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