The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 224

Olive Takes Back the Medical Manual

What does Olive means?

Pamela didn’t understand her at all.

Wasn’t there a surveillance video that indicted Pamela? And didn’t Monica betray her?

Immediately, the police officers rushed in. Olive looked at Pamela who wore a confused expression.

“Monica is a good mother, I won’t lie. When she was arrested, she admitted to doing everything, and
she claimed that you weren’t involved in it. She took all the charges and was ready to let you go
unscathed.” Olive explained.

Pamela’s entire body trembled vigorously, and her raging heart almost drove her insane.

“Olive, I’ll fight you! I’m going to kill you!”

Pamela rushed up to Olive. However, with a thud, she was pinned to the ground by the police, and the
icy shackles was clasped on her wrist. Pamela was still trying to break free from them, and her eyes
were focused on Olive. She

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If one could die from being stared at, then Olive could have been six foot deep due to the way that
Pamela glared at her.

“Pamela!” Patrick suddenly walked over he stood beside Olive as he looked at Pamela in disbelief.

Patrick shivered as he thought about how young she was back then.

Olive stood proudly. Her bright and clear eyes were as determined, calm, and brave as when she had
first arrived Los Angeles. But now, Olive was more sentimental. She gazed at Pamela from her head
down to her toe.

“Pamela, I know you too well. You love no one but yourself. When you learned that Monica was
arrested, you were already panicking. Have you ever loved your mother? No, you only want to climb
the ladder of success, you are greedy for fame and vanity. Patrick and Monica can’t help you anymore.”
Olive said to Pamela.

“Pamela, you ruined your life with your hands!” Olive added.

Pamela’s eyes were scarlet. She quickly closed her eyes and the tears which welled flowed freely
down her cheeks.


in them

Pamela’s tears was that of despair, pain, unwillingness, and probably a little bit of remorse and guilt.

“Olive, I lost, but how about you? Did you win? You should have installed a camera in my room to
watch how I had sex with Elvis!” Pamela yelled at Olive and then she let out a hypocritical laugh.

The police held Pamela and led her away. When Pamela looked back, she shrugged her shoulders and
smiled at Olive.

Irregardless that she lost, Pamela thought that it was worth it since she had taken away Olive’s jade
pendant, and had also made Olive and Elvis to divorce themselves.

Pamela was taken away, and all the police officers left the villa. The Hart’s home had suddenly become
empty and extremely deserted.

Patrick sat on the sofa in the living room in a daze. He seemed to be utterly disappointed. Pamela and
Monica were his wife and child.

The Solistute Roide: Boted by Style stand

Chapter 224 Olive Takes Bark the Medical Manual

Tears rolled down Patrick’s face as he reminisced on the happenings of the night. He also reflected on
how he had lived his life, and he questioned deeply the sincerity and loyalty of everyone who had ever
been in his life.

Olive thought that she would be happy when Pamela and Monica would be apprehended. But now, she
felt the opposite.

Olive slowly looked around the huge Hart’s villa. This home contained her best childhood memories.
Back then, it was full of happiness and laughter, but now, it had become a deserted memorial site.

Olive walked up to Pamela’s door and pushed it open. If it was possible, then she would have never set
her foot in Pamela’s room, because it was the same room that Elvis and Pamela had made out in..

As long as the thought appeared on Olive’s mind, her heart still tinged.

Withal, Olive had entered Pamela’s room because she wanted to retrieve her mother’s medical book.

Olive opened Pamela’s drawer. In the bottom drawer, she found the medical manual.

While sitted on a chair, Olive stretched out her small hand and opened the first page of the medical
book. Olive’s eyes had instantly moistened because on the front page was an advice written by Joyce
to Olive.

A tears dropped from Olive’s eyes into the book and quickly spread across the page.

“Olive, run slowly and be careful about falling.”

“My beautiful Olive is so beautiful, she’s mummy little princess.’

Olive held the medical manual in her hands. She lowered her head and sobbed.

“Mummy, where are you? Olive misses you so much.” Olive whispered amidst tears.

Olive was so sad that she didn’t want to go through the drawer anymore. But at the very end of the
drawer was the jade pendant that she had lost.

Old Mr. Hart was buried in the tomb. It was raining lightly today. Olive was dressed in black and held a
black umbrella.

Suddenly, a sound of footsteps approached behind her. Someone offered her a bunch of white flowers.
Olive looked up and saw that it was Derrick Domino, her once ex-fiance.

Olive hadn’t seen Derrick Domino for a while now. In fact, it seemed to her that Derrick Domino hadn’t
been in Los Angeles in recent years, and had only shown up after she returned to Los Angeles. Derrick
stood in the rain, and he held a black umbrella and stood beside her.

“Olive, you

did it. What happened eleven years ago has finally come to a conclusive end.” Olive wore a black
gloves, and her pure black hair was tied in a ponytail. Without looking at Derrick, she said,

“I still have a question. Eleven years ago, why did you stand up and testify against me? Why did you
claim that you saw me pushing down grandpa? You and Pamela and others are in the same category.
But you know what? I had sent someone to investigate you, but I don’t understand why he didn’t find
any dirt on you.”

Derrick Domino pursed his lips and said,

“Olive, I’m just following orders.”


Chapter 221 Oboe Takes Back The Medical Manal

“Go ahead and listen to those orders, it’ll land you where you never expected.”

Derrick Domino shook his head at Olive’s ignorance.

“I’m following your mother’s orders, Olive.”

Olive let a frown.

“I don’t understand.” She muttered as she turned to look at him.

“You mum had sent a message to me before the incident. She said that if she had any accidents or
something sinister happens to her, that I should cut off all ties between you and make you leave Lost
Angeles immediately. So I went with the flow and had helped Monica and the others. Actually, I’m not
interested in the Hart’s family affairs. I only obey your mother.”

Olive was mesmerized. She had never envisioned the truth to be this way.

She had thought that everything was clear, but now it was even more confusing.

Olive realized that she had never understood her mother, or even the handsome Derrick Domino
before her.

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