The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 230

What are they doing in the room?

The luxurious cars were parked quitely on the side of the road. The windows of the cars weren’t slid
down, hence it was impossible to see who was behind the black tinted glass.

Withal, there seemed to be a pair of deep eyes looking at Elvis through the car’s window.

Pedestrians were attracted by the convoy of the syrabatic cars, hence they looked over.

Elvis stood for a while and looked at the luxurious cars behind him. He knew who was in the car. He
guessed that the car had probably followed him all the way to the food street.

Through the tinted glass, Elvis eyes seemed to see the person who was inside. The person who was
inside was also looking at him.

After a while, Elvis looked away Indifferently. He used his eyes in searching for Olive, and once he
found her, he continued trialing behind her.

Inside the car, the driver looked at the rearview mirror and respectfully asked,

“Sir, do we still need to follow eldest young master?”

The man in the back seat couldn’t be seen due to the dim light. After some seconds, he replied

No need, head to the Red Villa, I want to see Mrs. Samanth

“Yes, sir.”

Olive walked a little further and she suddenly felt like she was familiar with the place that she stood.

Olive really didn’t have any clue about where she headed, but she felt convicted that it was the way to
the Red Villa.

She wanted to go to the Red Villa and bid farewell to Mrs. Samantha. She had missed the old lady and
wanted seeing her one last time.

But Olive didn’t dare to follow her desire, for she feared that she might bump into Elvis.

Since the divorce, Elvis had disappeared from her sight, and she had never seen him.

Olive sound found a concrete bench and sat on it. Her two hands propped up on the chair.

Elvis stood not too far from her and looked at her. Infact, he knew that she didn’t know that she had
been walking towards the Red Villa.

Olive’s mood became a little low. Olive who was initially happy in the morning had swiftly turned
overcast. She slowly swayed her calf and stared into space in a daze.

The wounds in Elvis’s heart seemed to pulled forcefully. Elvis’s breathe became heavy. His two hands
clenched into a fist, then it slowly loosened.

He couldn’t dare to move closer to her because he had already agreed on letting her go.

Olive didn’t go anywhere else. She sat on the bench through out the afternoon. Soon, dusk had arrived.
Many giggling children ran over and ignited some fireworks.

Although Olive could not see, she clearly heard the sounds of the fireworks.

Olive’s depressed mood seemed to be lightened. She stood up and walked over to the group of

Chapter 230 What are they doing in the room?

laughing kids.

Olive’s felt a hand handing over something to her. She stretched out her hand and took it. It was a
small firework.

Olive’s blank eyes stared at the fireworks, and the darkness which had engulfed her sight slowly gave
way for light and Olive’s sight was restored.

Olive lowered her head and saw that the firework in her hand was blooming.

But Olive seemed not to be in the mood to watch the firework. She gently turned around and searched
the quiet street with her eyes. Just now, she had felt that Elvis was walking behind her and had handed
the fireworks to her.

After searching around, she couldn’t find any trace of Elvis.

Another kid handed over a firework to Olive and asked,

“Miss, do you still want to play?”

Olive felt her heart sank. Elvis really didn’t follow behind her, and neither did he hand her any fireworks.

What was she expecting? Olive quickly concluded that her expectation was ridiculous, so she quickly
shrugged and continued with her journey.

Instead of Olive getting her self drunk, she booked a room in a hotel and lodged for the night. After
walking through the entire Los Angeles, she felt tired and took a milk bath.

Her plane ticket was for tomorrow afternoon. Tonight happened to be her last night in LA.

After taking a bath, Olive took out her phone and sent a message to Divine.

“Divine, good day. Hope you’re doing fine? Please can you send me that flower now? I’m at
ReelsReeks hotel.” The message read.

When Divine heard that Olive was leaving, she hugged and cried on Olive for a long time, and even
threatened to visit the Imperial to find Olive.

“No problem, Olly, I’ll be there in fifteen.” Divine’s response came in.

Olive dried her damped hair, and soon, a knock sounded on the door.

Olive thought that Divine was so fast. She shrugged and made for the door.

“Divine, why are you so fast…” Olive asked immediately she opened the door, but her enthusiasm.
soon faded as the individual at the door wasn’t Divine.

“Marvin, what are you doing?” Olive inquired in surprise.

Marvin held a bag in his right hand, and his cold black eyes fell on Olive’s face.

Olive suddenly remembered that she had taken off her mask while taking a shower. Olive’s palm-sized
face had been steamed by the heat in the bathroom. Her beautiful facial features were delicate and
lustrous, and she was wearing a white hotel bathrobe.

This happened to be the second time that Marvin saw her bare face. He reached out and slowly
touched her face with his fingertips..

Elvis stood not too far away and watched the duo, Marvin had touched Olive’s face emotionally.


Chapter 230 What are they doing in the mom?

Olive seemed to be startled, and she jerked back and made to close the door.

Elvis remembered the little maid who looked a little like Olive.

Marvin’s hand held the door domineeringly, not letting it close.

Olive was a little confused by Marvin’s actions, she raised her eyes and looked at Marvin who had
entered the room and closed the door.

Elvis watched as the door slammed. Before the door slammed, he saw Olive moving back slowly. Elvis
concluded the scene to be reverie.

“CEO, this is your room card.” Andrew walked over and handed the room card to Elvis.

Elvis didn’t reach out to take the card. He just raised his thin lips and said in a low, h oar se voice,

“What are they doing in the room?”

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