The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 234

He’s an idiot!

Olive looked at old Mrs. Samantha who was crying sadly. Olive noticed that the white hair on Mrs.
Samantha’s head had suddenly grown alot.

Grandma.” Olive called out.

“Olly, dear.” Mrs. Samantha replied, then she walked over and hugged Olive.

“Good lord, it’s been ages since I last saw you. Grandma misses you so much.” Mrs. Samantha sobbed
as she caressed Olive’s hair.

Olive had also missed the old lady dearly, but since she and Elvis had reached this point, she couldn’t
summon up the courage to visit the old lady for fear that Elvis would think that she wanted him back.

Grandma, what’s wrong with him? Why did he take an entire bottle of sleeping pills? Isn’t he sleeping
well? Or has his me ntal health deteriorated?”

The old lady shook her head.

“Elvis told me nothing. I only found out that he had taken an entire bottle of sleeping pills when I arrived
at the hospital. The doctor just informed me that his various psychological indicators aren’t normal. In
the past three years, it had become even more serious, and we could only rely on sleeping pills for

Olive tears fell freely from her eyes, and her heart was heavy. She glared at Elvis with resentment and

“Idiot! Didn’t you insist on getting a divorce? Why are you now lying on a hospital bed?” Olive cussed
inwardly as she cried.

“Grandma, can’t his condition he treated? Didn’t he see a doctor?” Olive inquired.

“I had hired a medical team to be treating him from the Red Villa, but Elvis didn’t corporate with the
treatment at all. He was always sneaking out. I know that he sneaked out to see you.”

Mrs. Samantha held tightly to Olive’s little hand.

“Olive, grandma knows that this might a selfish thing to say, but Elvis really can’t do without you.”

Olive shook her head aggrievedly.

“That’s not true, grandma. You really don’t know what happened. Elvis doesn’t like me anymore, he
doesn’t want to see me. He was the one that initiated the divorce, I didn’t want to tell you all these,
grandma, but Elvis had stopped treating me well.”

Mrs. Samantha reached out and wiped the tears from Olive’s face.

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“Olive, you’re such a little fool, how could you think that Elvis doesn’t want you? He likes you way too
much, hence he needed a divorce so he could push you away from himself.”

Olive went numbed, and she was puzzled.

“I don’t understand.” She mumbled.

“Olive, have you tired refining a medicine for Elvis’s illness?” Mrs. Samantha asked.

Olive froze for a moment. She looked at the old lady shockingly, and she turned and looked at Elvis’s
face. It turned out that they were all aware of what she did.

“Olive, we all know, okay? It was Elvis that told me


The babalituir bride: Daned By My Billionair Husband.

Chapter 234 Be’s an iflott

way, he

He said that it was very difficult for him to allow you stay beside him. He felt like he had nothing to offer
you. Olive, you’re his medicine, but he couldn’t help but push you away, If he had his wouldn’t have
allowed the divorce to happen. Elvis loves you so much.” Mrs. Samantha’s voice sounded tenderly,
evoking all the emotions that were buried in Olive’s heart.

Olive felt that she had acted stu pidly. She was such a fool. How could she believe that he didn’t like
her anymore? It turned out that he was all pretending.

“But, what happened between him and Pamela? Grandma, do you know that him and Pamela were in
the same room. I had slammed on the door so hard from outside, begging him to open the door, but he
had blatantly ignored me.

As long as Olive remembered that incident, Olive still felt a piercing pain in her heart. The resentment
and grievances that she had suppressed in her heart while listening to Old Mrs. Samantha couldn’t be
held bound for long.

“I won’t accept a thousand excuses. He said that he belonged to me. He said that it was only me.”
Olive sniffed as she continued crying.

Old Mrs. Samantha’s eyes flashed coldly as she heard Olive’s words. Elvis was her grandson, and she
was wired to always speak in his favor, but in this situation, she was out to be truthful as much as she

The old lady used her handkerchief and wiped away the tears from Olive’s eyes.

“Olly, stop crying, okay? If Elvis knows that you are crying so badly, he would definitely feel bad. He
would hate to see you cry.” Mrs. Samantha tried to comfort Olive,

Olive’s tears couldn’t be stopped. She felt very sad.

“Olive, there’s one more thing that Elvis didn’t want me to tell you. But I’ve thought about it and decided
to let you know. You have to be men tally prepared for this.”

Olive sniffed and wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her palm.

“Grandma, what’s the matter?”

“Actually, that day, Pamela drugged Elvis with the most effective aphrodisiac incense in the world.”


Olive’s tears suddenly seize and she forgot how to cry.

“However, that day, Elvis didn’t touch Pamela. The blood on the sheets was made by Pamela herself.”
The lady added.

“How could he not have been affected by the drug?” Olive questioned the possibility of the truth in Mrs.
Samantha’s words.

The old lady patted Olive’s small hand.

“Elvis didn’t touch Pamela. The medicine was very severe that Elvis had taken a knife and slashed his
lower region.” Mrs. Samantha added.

Olive inhaled and her pupils contracted violently. She had never imagined the truth to sound this way.
Her frightened, clear eyes slowly moved down from his pale face and landed on his pants.

“Olive, I really do like you, hence I think that you should know about Elvis’s condition. It seems that
Elvis can’t perform anymore, but this is his choice. You still have something to be proud of, and that is
that he left you without betrayi

and cheating on you.”


“Olive, on the one hand, Elvis hopes that you can follow Marvin to Imperial and start your life afresh,
but he can’t let you go.”

Olive reached out and covered his handsome face with her trembling hands.

She concluded that he was even more annoying than she thought he was.

Olive pressed her face to his neck and placed soft kisses on it.

Olive left the ward and headed to the doctor’s office. Jasper Luke stood outside and smiled.

Miss Hart, my boss is inside.”

Olive placed her hand on the door kn ob and turned it opened.

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