The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 250

Everyone hastily gathered around and shouted,

“Young Master Augustine, today’s Crystal’s birthday. Where’s your present for her?”

“Why don’t you, Mr. Augustine, kiss Crystal as a birthday gift.” Someone else suggested.

Elvis stood indifferently and didn’t move. He stood under the bright light, and the golden beam of the
light fell on his body.

Crystal stepped forward, she tiptoed and quickly kissed Elvis’s handsome cheek.

Elvis didn’t seem like he was going to kiss her, hence, Crystal had taken the initiative to kiss him.

When Cru

Crystal retracted from the kiss, the entire hall was filled with gasped of admiration.

Crystal was the number one beauty, and there were a lot of men trying to get her attention. But she
never spared them any glance.

Crystal bit her under lip and stared at Elvis shyly and nervously. Elvis was also looking at her.

Crystal stepped forward again and stood on tiptoe to kiss him on the lips. But as soon as she got close
to him, a little fluffy creature rushed over.

Crystal lowered her eyes and saw a snow-white kitten running to Elvis’s feet. The kitten raised its head
and stared at Crystal fiercely.

Crystal suddenly felt embarrassed. Who else in the Imperial didn’t know that Elvis had a pet? Whent
Elvis returned three months ago, he also brought back a pet. His pet was a kitten.

It was really shocking to see a CEO like Elvis go everywhere with his kitten. To them it wasn’t the style
of rich bosses. And it definitely didn’t match Elvis’s temperament as a boss,

Crystal also knew that this kitten didn’t like her that much.

“Elvis, your kitten is so cute. “Crystal complimented and backed away awkwardly. Crystal didn’t like the
kitten, but for Elvis’s sake, she had to pretend to liking the kitten.

Elvis’s face was devoid of emotion. He looked down at Phoebe, and said calmly,

“It’s called Phoebe.”

The old lady had told Elvis that the kitten was called Phoebe.

Crystal could only smirk and continued with her pretentious praises,

“Awwwn, Phoebe is just so cute.”

Crystal then diverted her gaze to Elvis’s face, she moved closer to him and asked,

“Elvis, how’s your grandma’s health recently? My grandma has been talking about her lately.”

Elvis frowned as he was remembered of his grandmother.

“Grandma’s appetite has not been so good recently.” Elvis replied unhappily.

Since Mrs. Samantha returned to Imperial, her appetite had been very bad.

The old lady was getting older. She seemed to have aged a lot since her return to Imperial. She was no
longer the bright, cheerful grandma that she used to be.

Elvis felt like there was something bothering his grandma. Several times he had caught her crying.

The entire Augustine family were worried about Mrs. Samantha’s health.

Crystal sighed sadly.

“Elvis, I’ll visit grandma soon to chat with her and keep her company. And besides, I’m a nutritionist
myself. Leave grandma Augustine’s diet to me. I promise to handle it.”

Elvis looked at Crystal for a while. For some reason, the cleverness and playfulness that Crystal
exuded gave him a familiar feeling. The feeling was what he liked.

Elvis had seen a lot of girls, but Crystal’s cheerful character made him pay attention to her.

Elvis reached out to Crystal’s pure, long hair. He seemed to particularly like Crystal’s straight black hair
a lot.

His hand rested on her hair and he caressed it lightly.

Crystal stared at him with her bright eyes. But soon, Elvis withdrew his hand.

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