The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 251

Are You Sick?
Crystal seemed to be happy as Elvis caressed her hair. It was a little gesture that was often done by a
man in a bid to dote on a girl.
Crystal had thought that Elvis would hug or kiss, but he had only stroked her hair.
Elvis withdrew his hand and muttered.
“Crystal. I have an appointment to catch up with. I’ll see you later.”
Elvis was leaving.
“Elvis, you just arrived, why are you leaving so soon?” Crystal was a little unhappy and disappointed.
However, Elvis was not moved by her noticeable displeasure. He didn’t even spare her another glance.
Instead, he looked down at Phoebe at his feet.
“Phoebe, let’s go.” Elvis ordered gently. Phoebe raised her claws and followed Elvis.
Crystal stared at Elvis. Sometimes she felt like she didn’t understand him at all. Elvis was always
indifferent and cold, and barely showed any affection towards her.
Elvis bent over and picked Phoebe into his arms and walked away.
Noah let out an awkward cough. He quickly said,
“Since everyone is happy today, why don’t we play a trick on that clown from the Hart family.” “Okay?
Noah, what do you intend on doing?” Everyone asked curiously.
Noah took out his phone from his pocket, held tighter to Rosella’s waist, then he declared,
“I’ll call that clown on the phone now. Don’t you all know that she’ll be humiliated if we make fun of

“Goodness lord, Noah, that’s too extreme. You really don’t have to humiliate her. You’re so bad.” One of
the celebrities suggested.
Rosella twisted her waist coquettishly.
“Noah, you’re so annoying. Why do you want to call her?”
Noah kissed Rosella’s face.

“It’s you I like, okay? Don’t worry about that clown.”
The Hart family has never been recognized by the upper class nobles in Imperial. However, no one still
dared to provoke the Hart family.
Noah placed his finger on his lips and made a shush gesture. Everyone cooperated and everywhere
was silent.
Noah dailed the number and turned on the speaker of the phone. The ringing sound quickly echoed
throughout the hall.
Everyone awaited the call to be answered with bated breath.
The call was soon picked up, and a beautiful voice passed over,
“Hello, who is this?”
Everyone who held their breathe quickly turned to look at each other. They wondered why the voice
The Substitute
Chapter 251 Are You Sick?
of the clown from the Hart family was so beautiful.
Elvis had taken Phoebe to the door and was about to leave, but when he heard the voice passed over,
he suddenly halted.
Elvis turned around and his deep eyes swept over Noah, and he looked at the phone in his hands.
Elvis couldn’t explain the power that was willed by the voice that he had just heard, but he found
himself wanting to pay attention to the conversation between Noah and the girl.
Noah held the phone and said disrespectfully,
“Hello, you’re the youngest daughter of the Hart family who was found, right? I’m Noah, your fiance.
But don’t think about marrying me. I won’t marry you. I already have a girlfriend, and as we speak,
we’re are currently coaxing each other.”
Noah glanced at Rosella in his arms. Rosella nodded understandingly, and quickly let out a moan.
Noah also cooperated. He buried his head in Rosella’s neck and muttered with heavy breathe,
“Baby, you’re so sweet.”
Any fiance who heard such was bound to feel jealous and even angry. Everyone in the hall was

patiently awaiting the response from the other end. But they waited, and still, the individual on the other
end remained silent.
The atmosphere was a little weird. The girl on the other end didn’t respond. Noah and Rosella were still
moaning over here.
Noah suddenly kept quiet. At this moment, the beautiful and soft voice slowly passed over with a
“Are you done?”
The three simple words made Noah stiffened, and he immediately asked angrily,
“What do you mean?”
“What do you mean by asking me what I mean? Since you two are busy performing. I can only be a
quiet audience. Are you angry? Oh, I commend you two for working so hard.” The girl’s calm voice
Noah was about to lose his cool. The youngest daughter of the Hart family seemed to be completely
different from what he had imagined.
“And, Mr. White, I heard your voice, and it sounded like you were weak and out of breathe. Are you
having a kidney deficiency? Do you experience that every time you make out?” The voice questioned.
The onlookers couldn’t help but cover their mouths and laugh.
Noah’s face was covered in embarrassment. He realized that something wasn’t right. He was being
mocked by a clown.
“Well, if you’re indeed suffering from a kidney deficiency, don’t worry too much about it, I know a doctor
who specializes in treating such. Do you need me to introduce him to you? The girl added.
Noah hissed and hastily replied,
“No! I don’t need you to introduce me to anyone!”
“No? Okay. I’ll hang up now.” The girl muttered and the call was swiftly disconnected.
Chapter 251 Are You Sick?
A few seconds later, everyone in the hall had bursted into an uncontrollable laughter.

“Noah, your fiance is so funny. How could she be so cute?”
“Noah, you wanted teasing your fiance, but she ended teasing you.”
“Noah, you really don’t have a kidney deficiency, do you?”
Noah was laughed out by everyone in the hall. And Rosella stared at him suspiciously, she wanted
knowing if he really had a kidney deficiency.
Noah felt lumiliated. He had made the call to humiliate his fiance, but he ended up being humbled.
“Clowns! I’ll get back at her!” Noah muttered as he couldn’t conceed defcat.
Elvis didn’t leave. In fact, he was quite surprised that he had stayed to watch the show. He was not
someone who liked to mingle and play with people, but that beautiful and soft voice had a magical
power that made him unable to move away.

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