The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 252

: Are you arguing because of me?
It seemed like the individual on the other end of the phone was interesting.
Elvis held onto Phoebe and left with her.
In the hallway. Ray and Peterson had been awaiting their master, Elvis. When they saw Elvis stepping
out of the hall, they had hastily and respectfully followed him.
Ray pushed Peterson and whispered excitedly,
“I think I had just seen young master smile.”
“Really?” Peterson muttered expressionlessly.
“We can’t be caught gossiping about young master.” Peterson whispered back.
Ray pondered for a while, then he said,
“Do you think it’s because of the daughter of the Hart family who had just returned?”
“Young Master, the White and Hart families have a marriage contract. The Hart family had a
daughter whom they lost when she was just a child. They just found her, and she’s Noah’s fiancee.”
Ray spoke courageously to Elvis’s hearing.
Elvis’s face was devoid of emotions. He stared at Ray indifferently and asked,
“Did I ask you this?”
“No, you didn’t.” Ray shook his head.
“But if young master likes, I’ll have Peterson visit the Hart family at night and kidnap the daughter of the
Hart family. And have her sleep on your bed tonight.”
Ray glanced at Peterson, he winked repeatedly at him, as he urged him to show his support to his
Elvis turned around and faced Ray. His cold eyes swept across his body.
“Get out!” Elvis ordered irritatedly.

Ray suddenly disappeared from Elvis’s sight. Peterson froze, as he couldn’t utter a word.
The Augustine family Villa.
Elvis returned home. He stood in the living room and unbuttoned the black suit that he wore and

handed it to the maid.
“Young Master, ma’am Samantha is in the room upstairs.” The maid informed respectfully.
“How’s her appetite lately? Elvis inquired.
“Young Master, Mrs. Samantha only ate some spoon of rice. Her appetite is still very bad.
Elvis’s face suddenly clouded in sadness. Everyone knew that if Mrs. Samantha continued like this,
then she was most likely to die sooner.
Elvis strode upstairs and went to see Mrs. Samantha. However, when he reached the door of the study,
he noticed that the door was not properly closed, and he overheard the conversations that were
ongoing. It was Marvin’s voice.
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Chapter 252: Are you arguing because of me?
Marvin was home today.
“Dad, I’ll ask you again. Where did you keep her? Why can’t I find her anyway? Can you give her to
me? I can I save her. Don’t tell me that you killed her. I refuse to believe that you’re cruel and cold-
Enough!” Lily’s voice rebuked. ” Marvin, are you crazy? How could you talk to your father like this?
What’s so good about that woman? Did she give you a love potion to drink?”
The study door was quickly pulled over, and Marvin stormed out.
Marvin saw Elvis outside the door, and their eyes met.
Elvis looked at Marvin, his deep eyes were unsteady. Elvis knew his brother too well. As the youngest
academician, Marvin was proud, cold and arrogant.
But now, Marvin seemed restless and his two hands were clenched into a fist. He was like an angry
lion, looking for whom to devour.
Elvis had never seen Marvin like this before. With their eyes still focused at each other, Elvis asked
“What’s the matter with you?”

Elvis diverted his gaze to the study room and then back at Marvin.
“You quarreled with dad about a girl. You have a girl you like. Is that it?”
Marvin stared coldly at Elvis.
“Are you happy now?” Marvin’s voice questioned.
Elvis pursed his lips and didn’t utter a word in response.
The two men were equally handsome and breathtaking. They were capable of getting any girl that they
wanted, hence Elvis didn’t understand why Marvin would quarrel with their father over a girl.
Marvin scoffed and continued,
“Elvis, you must be very happy that you inherited the buisness empire, and you also have the most
beautiful woman as your fiance. That’s great, Elvis. You must continue to be happy.”
With that, Marvin turned around and headed downstairs.
Marvin couldn’t help but turn to look at Elvis again. He found it ridiculous to believe that Olive gave up
her life for Elvis. She had loved him more than she loved her life.
Marvin would not mention the name ‘Olive’ to Elvis. He would never. He would never let Elvis know
what he had lost. This was his punishment.
Lily angrily ran out of the study and went after Marvin.
“Marvin, I’m talking to you!”
The mother and son soon disappeared from Elvis’s sight. At this moment, the door of the study opened
and Alpha walked out.
Elvis looked at Alpha and inquired,
“Are you two arguing about me?”
Alpha shook his head.
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Chapter 253: Are you arguing because of mirt
“No, this has nothing to do with you. Today’s Crystal’s birthday. How are you celebrating the day with
her?” Alpha hastily changed the topic.
“Quite fine.” Elvis didn’t intend on saying more. He muttered swiftly,

“I’ll go see grandma.“
In the bedroom, Mrs. Samantha was sitting on a sofa, and held Phoebe in her arms. In the past three
months, Mrs. Samantha had lost a lot of weight, and her hair was already gray. Mrs. Samantha’s head
had turned white overnight.
Phoebe snuggled in the old lady’s arms and meowed.
“Grandma.” Elvis called out and squatted down on one knee beside the sofa and held Mrs.
Samantha’s left hand.
Mrs. Samantha looked up at Elvis,
“Elvis, you’re back.” She muttered expressionlessly.
“Grandma, I was told that you barely ate again today. What’s wrong with you? If you have anything on
your mind, you can tell me.” Elvis persuaded gently.
Mrs. Samantha shook her head.
“Grandma is fine. Don’t worry, okay? Grandma just wants to be left alone.”
Elvis knew that his grandma was unwilling to tell what was bothering her.
“Grandma, I’ll pick you up in two days to come live with me. Your appetite isn’t so good right now. I’ll
find someone who can prepare delicious meals for you.
After spending some time with his grandmother, Elvis left the Augustine’s villa. He and Marvin had alot
of properties and they had their own villa.
In the Rolls-Royce buisness car, Elvis leaned his back into the seat and raised his eyes to look at the
beautiful city.
Peterson who sat in the driver’s seat informed politely,
“Young Master, secretary Andrew just called. He called to remind you that your appointment with the
psychologist, Dr. Brown, still holds. And Andrew assures that he can find a cure to your frigidity.

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