The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 262

Secretly Hiding Her Butterfly Headband
Elvis took Phoebe back to the Red Villa, went to the study room to process documents, returned to the
bedroom to take a shower, and then went to sleep.
This time he didn’t fall asleep as fast as usual. He opened his palm, and in his palm was something,
which was Olive Hart’s butterfly hair band.
In the bar, when her pure black hair fell down, this butterfly hairband was grabbed by Phoebe, and was
taken home by him.
Elvis brought the butterfly headband to his nose and took a breath, the sweet scent of the girl entering
his nostrils.
Exactly the same scent he smelled on her.
In the bar, she had touched him, so close that he could smell her scent. This scent is not like the
artificial perfume on other women, but her natural body odor. Very sweet and pleasant.
At this moment, the sound of the cat meowed in his cars.
Elvis looked up and saw Phoebe lying in her cave, looking at him with disgust as he smelled the
butterfly hairband. “Hey, master, are you a p rvert?” It wanted to say so.

Elvis even forgot that there was such a small cat in his bedroom. Now despised by it, he immediately
pursed his lips, not knowing what had happened to him. Stealth bringing back a girl’s headband is
really a p erv ert.
Elvis turned over, hid the headband under his pillow and closed his eyes.
He fell asleep, for three months he slept until dawn, never dreaming anything, but today he had a
dream again.
In his dream, he saw Olive, the fragile girl he pushed into the corner. He ducked under her veil and
kissed her red lips, Soon, she let out a small cry. In the dream, her transparent eyes looked at him both
enticed and angry. She resentfully said: “It hurts. Why did you bite me?”

He buried his handsome face in her hair, covering his red eye sockets, and said with a hoa rse,
nostalgic voice to her, “Sorry.”
Elvis suddenly opened his eyes and woke up from his dream.
The room was quiet now, the moonlight shining through the curtains outside. His hard chest rose and
fell, his throat was dry, his whole body was hot. He raised his hand to cover his red eyes, they were
exactly the same as in the dream just now.
What was wrong with him?
He really had a dream.
He didn’t know if he had pressed her butterfly hairband under the pillow, his nostrils and the room
seemed to be filled with the scent of her sweet girly body.
Elvis lifted the blanket, quickly got out of bed, went to the bathroom, and took a cold shower.
Cold drops of water fell from the top of his head, and he closed his eyes. Olive’s small veiled face
Uhapter 212 Secretly Hiding Her Bulletly Headband
and her glittering pupils both stuck in his mind.
Elvis is 28 years old this year, he has reached the very
e age of men. He never believed in
lightning love. For people like him, love is a luxury. But today he saw Olive in the crowd. The first sight
of that girl made him feel very unusual.
He really had a desire for her.
He once suspected that there was something wrong with his body, because he was incompetent, so he
found a psychologist for this, but when he met her, he recovered without treatment.
What Raven said was still ringing in his ears. “There’s nothing wrong with your body, try another
Elvis narrowed his beautiful eyes, Raven was right, he really needed to change another woman. His
handsome eyes were filled with lust, he reached his hand down.
Crystal received a message from Noah and rushed over, she pushed open the door of the luxury room.

Inside was a series of famous and wealthy second generation young ladies. Noah was drunk. There
were empty bottles of wine on the table.
Everyone teased him. “Young master White, how are you today? I heard you broke off the marriage
and were single again. This is worth celebrating, why do you still seem so unhappy?
“I think young master White is regretting it. He originally thought that the daughter of the Hart family
was a clown, so he wanted to refuse, but he didn’t expect her to be as pretty as a fairy.”
“You have never seen Olive of the Hart family, have you? Let me tell you, if you see her, understand
how sorry Noah is right now.”
Everyone was talking excitedly, at this time someone saw Crystal coming, quickly gave up the middle
seat, “Crystal, you’re here, quickly sit here.”
Crystal sat next to Noah, she sn atched the wine bottle from Noah, “Cousin, stop it], do you really like
Noah mumbled, “L..”
At this time, someone took out a mobile phone and opened the Watson forum.
“Crystal, look here, everyone look at this. Today Olive just entered Watson and has been praised as the
new beauty queen.”
Crystal looked up, a photo of Olive was posted on the Watson forum. The sun was setting, and the girl
in school uniform was holding several books in her hands.
Unfortunately Olive wore a veil, so they couldn’t see her face.
Everyone was very curious about this.
Crystal withdrew her gaze. Olive didn’t interfere in their circle, but now that she is famous, she is almost
the center of attention.
Crystal pursed her lips, “That’s right, why is Olive Hart wearing a veil? There must be no flaws on her
face, right?”
Olive has a beautiful aura, everyone thinks she is a beauty. But listening to what Crystal said, everyone
seemed to be enlightened.

Why was Olive wearing a veil for no reason? How can a girl hide her beauty? Is her face really that
“I think it’s most likely because she’s actually an ugly monster.”
Crystal thought this way. If Olive Hart is such a great beauty, why is she covering her face? Unless
she’s so ugly she can’t show it.
Noah quickly came back to life after being reminded like that, he was still sad about the loss of the little
fairy, but if Olive really was an ugly monster, things would be different.
Noah immediately cursed: “D amn, Olive is definitely an ugly monster. I was almost deceived by her
lies. She made fun of me twice in front of everyone. I have to find a way to deal with her.”
“Noah, how do you want to deal with her?”
Noah thought for a moment, then excitedly said: “She wants to cover her face, doesn’t she? Tomorrow I
will go to Watson to stop her, then tear off the veil, so you guys can see her ugly face.”
The whole luxurious room was bustling, everyone excitedly exclaimed: “That’s great! Young master
White, tomorrow we will join the fun.”

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