The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 263

Stopping Olive at Watson’s Door
Noah is a person who likes to joke, he doesn’t consider it a big deal either. He decided: “Then all of you
have to come tomorrow, not only you but call all your friends. I’ll let you see her true face.”
“Okay, that’s a deal.”
Crystal took a sip of the juice. She didn’t participate, in fact just said one sentence, nothing else.
Noah made such a fuss, lest the vast majority of the elite would he shocked. There’s bound to be a
good show tomorrow.
Crystal recalled Elvis sitting in the luxury car staring at Olive. Elvis certainly won’t be absent from the
big show tomorrow, right?
The next morning.
Olive arrived at Watson, when a luxury private car accelerated and stopped, the driver respectfully
opened the door, and Crystal got out.
Olive looked at Crystal, and Crystal was looking at her, too. Today Crystal is wearing a princess dress,
staring at Olive with condescending eyes.
As the jewel of the Robert family, the daughter of the richest man, she has the right to be arrogaht in
front of everyone.
Olive saw the hostility in Crystal’s eyes, and there seemed to be a bit of gloating in her eyes.
“Crystal, you’re here, let’s go to school together.” At this time, the girls ran over, enthusiastically
surrounding Crystal
Crystal quickly showed an innocent smile. She is very popular, whether in the celebrity world or in
school. She has the shy personality of a girl, but she has no temperament, everyone loves her.

“Okay, let’s go in.” Crystal followed the other girls into Bright Star.
Olive gently withdrew her gaze and also entered Watson.
Medical class 2.
Olive entered the classroom, and Alicia angrily said, “Olive, I’m going to die of anger.”
“What’s going on?”

Alicia pushed the phone over, “Olive, look it up yourself, the Watson forum has been hacked since last
night. People are talking about you, saying you’re a fairy if you wear a veil, and you’re a clown if you
take it off.”
Olive glanced, a large forum yesterday posted her photo, saying that she was a little fairy of Watson.
But since last night, a lot of people have rushed in, one after another posting malicious comments.
“What kind of fairy is she wearing a veil? Is she capable of taking off her veil?”
“Watson’s reputation is rotten, can they have beauties?”
“The real beauty of Bright Star is Crystal, and the beauty of Watson is a joke.”
These people not only humiliated Olive, but also tied her to Watson and humiliated Watson.
Many students surrounded her, angry saying:
“Olive, don’t be sad. These are the guys typing in the dark corners, their mouths rotten to death.”
“Olive, in our eyes, you are the beauty queen of Watson. No matter how you look when you take off
your veil, we support you.”
Every school has a cohesive force. Although Watson’s students don’t study well, they are very good at
working together to fight in groups.
Of course, there are practical reasons for this. In the Royal College of Medicine, Watson is at the
bottom, and they are mocked everywhere. As time passed, they had no friends outside, and they got
along very well together.
Although Olive only entered Watson school yesterday, her slender and beautiful aura convinced
everyone. Watson has a beauty queen and they all protect her like a treasure.
Olive was very touched, the students who sleep in this class have a lot of bright spots. Regarding the
had comments on the forum, she didn’t take it seriously. Apparently someone hired people to blackmail
her and Watson.
“Olive, it’s not okay. There is one more important thing I want to tell you, Noah has mobilized half of the
upper class people to stop you at Watson gate in the afternoon. He will tear off your veil and let
everyone see you as a joke.”
Olive blinked her slender eyelids, suddenly thinking of Crystal’s gloating eyes. Is she happy about

Noah brought many people to tear off her veil.
It’s okay.
In fact, she could take it off too.
Alicia and the other students’ expressions changed, as if they were facing a formidable enemy.
Apparently they were all brainwashed by bad comments online, thinking that Olive’s face actually had
some flaws.
“It’s not good, Olive, or you should take a day off today to avoid Noah’s group.”
“Yes, Olive, you should avoid it first. Whether you got burned as a child, had a large scar on your face,
or a birthmark, it doesn’t matter. I know a very good plastic surgeon who can help you fix it.”
“Don’t talk nonsense. Olive must have felt very uncomfortable because of her face.”
Olive wanted to laugh, she also curled her red lips. She looked at everyone with shining eyes, her voice
was clear and calm: “Thank you for your kindness. I willn’t hide it. Noah and the others can come if they
want. It’s not a big deal. Just relax, go back to your seat and study harder, the entrance exam will come
Olive’s eyes were filled with wisdom and calm, and she quickly reassured those who were restless, her
eyes extremely steady and reassuring.
Everyone returned to their seats, but instead of studying, they just stared at her slim body. Why does
such a beautiful fairy have a defect on her face? Unfortunately,
In a flash, it was time to end school. Crystal knew the great moment was coming so she took out her
cell phone and called Elvis.
The cell phone rang for a while, then Elvis’ deep voice came: “Hello,”
Crystal quickly put on a sweet smile, “Elvis, where are you now? Can you pick me up from school?”
“I’m busy today, so I can’t go.” Elvis refused.
Crystal was stunned. Elvis can’t come?
“Elvis, I think Watson seems to be very noisy. My cousin Noah and a bunch of people blocked Watson’s
gate, as if trying to block Olive. Noah wanted to take off her veil. But my cousin and the others say that

when Olive takes off her veil, she must be very ugly, even though she has a good temperament.
Otherwise why is she wearing a veil? Elvis, are you really not coming?
Elvis was silent for a few seconds and then said, “No.”
He immediately hung up the phone.

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