The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 267

Starting today, he officially pursues Olive
Alicia suddenly opened his mouth wide, surprised to see the play boy in front of him. Is his brain
He even bought buns for Olive and hid them in his chest the whole way. This is not his style.
Olive’s eyelashes trembled slightly. Her shining eyes looked at Noah: “Noah, thank you for the
dumplings. I appreciate your kindness, but I can’t accept it.”
Noah has dated many girlfriends, but he has never flirted with a girl like this, and now he has been
“Olive, why don’t you accept my dumplings? I was wrong before, from now on, I will officially pursue
you!” Noah confessed.
At this moment, there was a dry cough, and Principal Harris came over. He looked at Noah, Master
White, we’re almost at school. If you have something to say, tell Olive after class.” Noah steadfastly
looked at Olive, “Olive, I’m not joking. Remember my words, I’ll definitely chase you!TM
Noah left after that.
After leaving the gates of Watson School, Noah is surrounded by several rich boys,
“Young Master White, what’s your plan? Why did you come to Watson School so early in the morning?”
Young Master White, who are you going to give the dumplings in your hand to? Da mn it, you can’t…
You brought Olive’s breakfast yourself, right?”
Noah stuffed a steamed bun in his hand to a friend. He spent the night in the bar, and all he couldn’t
get out of his mind was Olive’s small and pretty face. He was sure he had to get her.

In fact, before she took off her veil, he was tempted, but because of his own dignity, he didn’t want to
admit it, so he made it difficult for her.
Now Noah has made up his mind. He wants to pursue Olive and take such a beautiful fairy as his

She was his fiance. When he thought of this engagement, he wanted to vomit blood.
“You guessed it right, I brought Olive’s breakfast. Da mn it, I’ll go after Olive from now on. She’s the one
I like, you better not bully her or play tricks on her!” Noah swore an oath of sovereignty.
These rich sons immediately became overwhelmed,
“Noah, are you serious?”
“I think pursuing Olive is very difficult. When you were arguing like that before, she definitely won’t
agree with you.”
Noah got into his sports car and confidently said, “Just wait and see!”
Olive and Alicia returned to the classroom. Alicia said in surprise, “Oh my go d, Olive, I thought Young
Master White was joking, but he really wants to pursue you.”
The Sababuin
Chapter 267 Starting today he officially punues like
The other students in the class gathered around the window and saw what just happened, and
everyone said,
“Olive, Noah is a pla yboy. Don’t be fooled by him!
“But it’s funny to see Noah all the way holding a steamed bun, he also has
“Olive, you are the beauty queen of Watson. Watson is full of handsome guys. If you want to find a
boyfriend, you also have to find him at our school.”
Olive sat on a chair and took out a book, she didn’t expect that Noah would have a crush on her. Of
course she wouldn’t agree.
“Cough cough.”
At this point, Principal Harris coughed and came in and said, “Didn’t you hear the bell for class? What’s
wrong with your ears? Go back to your seat!
Everyone hurried back to their seats, and then Principal Harris said, “The annual basketball game will
be held in a week. Years ago, our Watson basketball team might have finished second, but when it

came to the tournament, if the game gets too big, it will be more difficult. For years people have
laughed at us as losers, not doing well in school, nor doing well in entertainment. If I were you, I would
be ashamed to death. Every time Bright Star’s vice principal Baker sees me, he rushes at me. I’m bald
because I’m angry!”
Speaking of basketball games, Mr. Harris was very angry. Watson was completely crushed by Bright
Jimmy is the captain and main player of the basketball team. He immediately said: “Principal Harris,
our strength isn’t bad, but do you know why we lose every year? It’s because we have no
This topic was quickly recognized by the whole class. Everyone cheered up:
“Principal Harris, look at the Bright Star cheerleaders years ago. Their captain is Crystal, the school’s
beauty queen. Their uniforms are all custom made. All in miniskirts, led by Crystal, they twisted their
waists and legs to shout cheers, come on, of course they’re motivated.”
“People say that when men and women work together, they will win. Look at our cheerleaders at
Watson, they’re not good looking, their clothes are plain and loose.”
“Come to think of it, Principal Harris, there is a problem, Bright Star cheerleaders are so cool. Every
year Crystal takes the cheerleading team to a game, it’s the best view in the entire basketball court. But
Watson’s students could only envy, they all even surrounded Crystal. How can we win?”
At this time, Jimmy stood up and said: “But Mr. Harris, this year is not like previous years. Watson has
a queen beauty, this time we will let Olive be the cheerleader for the basketball game. Come on!” All
eyes were on Olive, “Okay, let Olive be the cheerleader, we promise to go first!”
Principal Harris also looked at Olive, and he was momentarily stunned when he saw the girl’s beautiful
face. He couldn’t understand how Tom Hart could give birth to such a beautiful daughter. Is it because
of a genetic mutation?
But Principal Harris’s eyes were shining, because he was also very happy inside. The students of
Watson are also very good-looking, not less than Bright Star.

Chapter 267 Starting today, he officially pursues Olive
Principal Harris ordered, “Olive, everyone wants you to lead the cheerleading squad, will you agree?”
Everyone looked at Olive expectantly.
Olive thought for a moment, nodded and said: “Yes, I agree.
She is of course willing, she is a part of Watson now, and she will do her best to fight for the honor of
the team.
“Great!” Principal Harris and all the students were excited, but they were quickly faced with a real
problem, “Olive, since you’re leading the cheerleading squad, you’re bound to have to fight Bright
Star’s cheerleading squad. We mustn’t lose a single round of this battle, otherwise it will definitely affect
our morale, but we are very hard to win. The uniform, the dance, even the hairstyle, the makeup of the
Bright Star team are all arranged by Crystal, she is very experienced. She invited Imperial experts to
make them and kept the whole process secret. They are all high end products.”

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