The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 272

Olive Hart was on his bed.
Olive and Mrs. Betty went to the next bedroom. This bedroom was really big, like the master bedroom,
very luxurious.
Moreover, the design of this bedroom used cool tones, mainly black, gray and blue. This kind of calm
tone looked very cool at first glance.
“Mrs. Betty, did we go to the wrong room? I think this room looks like Mr. Augustine’s room.” Olive
asked suspiciously.
Betty Harris was surprised, and quickly smiled and said: “Lady, we didn’t go to the wrong room, this is a
guest room. The Red Villa is a private property in the name of the young master, so the design of each
room is similar. That’s the style the young master likes.”
“Oh.” Olive dispelled her doubts and nodded in understanding
Betty secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She felt that after following the old lady, she knew how to lie.
“By the way, Mrs. Betty, from now on don’t call me lady to avoid confusion. Call me Olive.”
“Okay, Olive, go to bed early. If there’s anything, just call me.”
“Mrs. Betty, you should rest too,”
After Mrs. Betty left, Olive went to the bathroom and took a hot shower first. She had to go to bed early
so she could wake up early and prepare a nutritious meal for her grandmother in the morning. After
taking a bath, Olive discovered a problem, that she didn’t have pajamas.
It was embarrassing
Olive was about to wrap herself with a towel, but at this moment, she saw a man’s white shirt on the
Judging by the size of the shirt, it must have belonged to Elvis.
He is the owner here, and these are of course his.
If she borrowed it for one night, he wouldn’t know, would he?
He definitely wouldn’t know. This was her room, early in the morning she
would take it off, then surreptitiously asked Betty to help handle it.

Olive reached out her slender white hands to take his white shirt and put it on, dried her wet hair, and
then went to bed.
For some reason, she felt the silk blanket covering her was his breath. The clean masculine breath on
him was especially comforting.
In the bar, she bumped into his arms.
Olive buried her small face in the blanket, letting his breath envelop her. Her clear eyes that were
exposed outside turned dark and wet, then slowly closed.
Soon, she fell asleep.
Elvis took Crystal to her house. On the lawn of Robert’s mansion, Crystal unbuckled her seat belt,
looked at the man beside her, and asked, “Elvis, would you like to come in for a while? My father is
Chapter 272 live lurt when his bed
still abroad, hasn’t returned yet. My grandma went to the temple in the mountains. No one is at
Elvis’ handsome lines were as if adorned by street lights, his calm figure became even more charming
and noble. He turned to glance at Crystal with deep narrow eyes.
Her heart beat wildly. Under his gaze, her beautiful face flushed red. She stammered: “1… I didn’t
mean that…”
With no one at home, she invited him in, it’s easy to make people think about shady things.
“I won’t go in, go home.” At this time, Elvis spoke in a low voice,
Crystal’s red face was stunned for a moment. He refused without hesitation, he dismissed all possible
vague developments.
Crystal looked at him. He closed his beautiful eyelids, pulled out a cigarette from the pack, put it on his
lips, put his right hand with a luxury watch on the steering wheel, and lit a cigarette on his left hand.
The lighter crac kled, the red flame danced, he frowned and took a puff of his cigarette.
At this point, he was a bit moody and careless, with a nonchalant attitude. And the cold and dissolute
attitude of a business magnate was vividly depicted.
Crystal couldn’t refuse such a man, and now Elvis was especially interesting to her.

But obviously his concern wasn’t her, but the old lady.
The relationship between him and the old lady was deeper than the normal grandma and grandchild
relationship. Originally, she also wanted to use the old lady to win his heart.
Unfortunately, she failed.
“Elvis, don’t worry too much about Mrs. Samanta. I’ll think of a solution and do my best to save her.”
Crystal promises.
Elvis exhaled a mouthful of smoke and said softly, “Yeah”
Then he said nothing more.
Crystal was a little embarrassed, and could only say: “Elvis, then I’ll go home first. Bye bye.”
Crystal got out of the car and left.
Elvis didn’t leave immediately, but quietly finished his cigarette. He was not happy. The fact that his
grandma’s health had deteriorated was like a large rock pressing down on him, making it impossible for
him to breathe.
He was afraid. He was very afraid. He was afraid that his grandmother, after many years by his side,
would eventually leave him.
However, he couldn’t do anything.
The doctor said it was a psychological problem. He tried many ways but she still couldn’t eat. He didn’t
dare to pressure her, he could only take care of her late at night by himself.
After a cigarette burned out, Elvis pressed the gas pedal and drove off.
Elvis returned to The Red Villa. He went to see grandma first, but grandma was already asleep.
Grandma often had trouble sleeping, Elvis didn’t dare to disturb her, so he covered her grandmother
Chapter 212 Olive The was on his bes
with a blanket, closed the door and returned to his bedroom.
He went to the bathroom and took a cold shower, then went to sleep.
But at this moment, his hand someone’s soft skin, soft as silk.
denly touched something soft under the silk blanket. It was
Elvis’s pupils strank, he hurriedly sat up and threw off the blanket.

He saw Olive Hart.
Turns out it was her!
Elvis looked at the girl who sudde
appeared on his bed. She was already asleep, her slender body curled up. She slept very well. She
wore his white shirt, the loose shirt pulled up and down, showing off her lovely curves, especially her
slim waist. When her slim waist tightened, like the mouth of a fragile porcelain vase, it made people
want to pinch.
The shirt could have covered her knees, but now it was raised and lowered on her thighs, and her long,
straight white legs underneath were close together, in a docile sleeping position.
Elvis’ throat was as dry as if it had been burned. The girl’s skin was as white as milk, just now the palm
of his hand touched it, making the corners of his eyes red.
Recently, his mood has been bad because of his grandma’s sickness. As a grown man, he actually has
a lot of ways to relieve stress.
Women are a way to entertain and relieve pressure.
In front of Robert’s house, Crystal invited him in. Although he had no interest in sex, looking at the girl
who suddenly appeared in his bed at this moment, lust quickly welled up from the corner of his scarlet
Elvis’ gaze fell on her petite face. She had lifted the veil, and now her entire beautiful little face was in
his eyes.
Elvis had seen a lot of beauties, but now he was a bit stunned. Not only is she beautiful, but she is
extremely beautiful. Because she fell asleep, her thin eyelashes like a small fan quietly covered her
beautiful eyes.
Her small nose is like a tube of jade, and underneath are her sexy red lips….

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