The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 283

You have to ask your flance about this!
The Bright Star students under Crystal’s leadership were arrogant. Everyone knew that the Augustines
and Roberts were engaged, and some time ago, Elvis even took Crystal to school. With Augustines
and Roberts were engaged, and some time Crystal by their side, they were very confident.
Alicia and Jimmy were furious, but they also knew that Elvis, the president of the Augustine family, was
a noble, mysterious, and powerful being, and they had no chance to come into contact with him. “Olive,
don’t listen to them. We all know you tried your best. It’s okay if we can’t get the surveillance video. We
can find another way.” A Watson student said.
“That’s right. Olive. Let’s report the case now, and we’ll definitely find out who the culprit is.”
Olive’s clear eyes landed on Crystal’s beautiful face. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Who said I
couldn’t get surveillance video?”
Olive was holding a USB flash drive in her small hand.
Jason and the others saw the USB flash drive, their expression changed dramatically.
Crystal was surprised, too. She hurriedly walked over, asking: “Where did you get this USB? Show
Crystal reached out her hand to take it.
But Olive raised her hand and was out of reach of Crystal, “Crystal, what are you doing? What do you
take it for?”
Saying that, Olive’s bright clear eyes swept over the faces of the Bright Star students.
“Weren’t you arrogant just now? Now that you’ve become st upid? Are you guilty?” She asked. The
faces of Jason and the others changed continuously, with panic, shame, and worry in their eyes. They
looked to Crystal for help: “Crystal, what happened? Isn’t President Augustine your future fiance? Why
was the video given to Olive? Was he helping others deal with us?”
Crystal clenched her fist and stared at the USB drive in Olive’s hand, asking, “Olive, the USB in your
hand must be fake. Elvis won’t give you surveillance video. You’re definitely lying to us!”

Olive looked at Crystal, her eyes calm and impassive, and a bright smile on her face. She said, “You
have to ask your future fiance how I get him to give me the video.”

Crystal stuck her fingernails into the palm of her hand. Her eyes fell on Olive’s bright red lips and found
that Olive’s lips were red and swollen.
She went to find Elvis, and when she returned, her lips were red and swollen, there was only one.
possibility. They kissed!
Crystal looked at Olive’s small, palm-sized face, especially her sparkling clear eyes, pure and slender
but seductive. A look that men would love.
Crystal learned that Elvis’s interest in Olive was the kind of sexual desire a man had for a woman.
Now Olive took the initiative to go to Elvis and rush into his arms. Many images popped up in Crystal’s
head. Elvis couldn’t resist Olive’s temptation, at least he kissed her and made her red lips
Just thinking about the many vaguely intimate things the two of them had done in places that Crystal
didn’t even know made her heart burn like fire.
The Sumilin
Chapter 203 You have to ask your fance about thist
Crystal stopped talking, Jason and the others looked at the USB in Olive’s hand, the panic and worry in
their eyes growing stronger.
Olive watched their change and knew that she had successfully tricked them. She turned her head to
look at Watson’s basketball players, and said in a clear and powerful voice, “Guys, I’ve got the USB. If
the surveillance video is open, those culprits will be caught right away. But if it goes on like this, the
basketball match will be over. We’ll win without playing, that won’t be fun.”
“My opinion is temporarily not disclosing information in the USB, start the match first. Currently, captain
Jimmy is injured and can’t play anymore. Based on you guys, are you confident you will win the
The members of Watson’s team, who had just received discrimination and injustice from the referee,

were now encouraged by Olive, their faces were all red, hoiling with blood and fighting spirit.
“Yes, we are confident!TM
“Olive, we all listen to you, first compete and beat them on the field first!”
Alicia grabbed Olive’s slender arm, saying, “Olive tried her best to get us the USB. Each of us will work
hard too, and now we must unite and move forward!”
At this time, Jimmy said: “Count me in. I will play, too.”
Olive hastily refused, “No, your arm…”
“Olive, I only broke my right arm, I also have my left, I will guide them on the field. With me, they have a
backbone. Rest assured, I will be careful.” Jimmy promised.
Olive didn’t insist anymore, she nodded, “Okay.”
“Come on, let’s try together!”
Everyone reached out their hands one by one and overlapped each other and cheered together.
Compared to Watson’s frenetic frenzy, the Bright Star here was lifeless. The referee whistle blew, and
they entered the arena with many thoughts.
The match began.
Olive was still watching the match. Although Jimmy was injured in the right hand, everyone had good
chemistry, and they quickly scored two points.
The audience clapped their hands,
“Watson’s captain’s right arm appears to be injured.”
“It’s admirable that he’s still on the pitch after being injured.”
“I find Watson so energetic, more radiant than Bright Star. Watson’s different.”
“Perhaps, Watson isn’t as bad as we thought.”
Principal Harris was always there, watching everything happen but didn’t intervene and just wanted to
make these rebellious children even more frustrated, so that they could quickly grow up.
Principal Harris walked to Olive’s side and smiled softly, “Olive, is the USB in your hand fake?”
Olive looked at the basketball court. Watson scored four more points. She nodded, “Yeah, it’s fake.”

“Girl, you tricked the whole Bright Star with a fake USB. Now they’re starting to panic and can’t hit a
Chapter 284 You have to ask your dance about this!
good ball. This is when the spirit of our team is exploding. Olive, your trick is amazing!”
Olive licked her red lips, and a cold glint flashed in her eyes, “They send people to beat our captain, if I
don’t hit them back with a stick and make them cry bitterly, won’t they be disappointed?”
Mr. Harris looked at the girl beside him. She is only 20 years old, and now the wind blows her long hair,
adding a touch of elegance. It’s so moving, one can’t help but want to adore her.
What a wonderful girl!
Maybe, she can make Watson different from now on.
At this point, the audience cheered. It turned out that Jimmy was on tiptoe, using his healthy left arm to
throw the last basketball perfectly.
The referee whistle sounded Watson with a score of 43-21 crushed Bright Star, crowned champion.

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