The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 287

Olive is Marvin’s fiancee!
“Olive, I thought you were dead. You gave your life to save Elvis. I really thought you were dead. I’ve
been searching for you like crazy for the past three months. I got your news from my dad, but you’ve
disappeared from this world, I can’t find you no matter what.”
“I think every day that I want to find you as soon as possible. As long as I find you, maybe you can still
be saved. I will do my best to save you. I will save you like you saved Elvis. Olive, I’ve never hated
anyone so much except Elvis. You made me hate him so much!”
Marvin hugged her tightly, his dark eyes red. He pressed his handsome cheek against her long hair
and whispered to her in a h oa rse voice.
Olive felt the strength of his arm, even his arm was shaking a little. He was afraid, very afraid that she
would disappear again.
A warmth enveloped Olive’s heart. She was very happy to suddenly meet her old friend again, too. In
her heart, Marvin has always been the proud Son of Heaven, but in the three months since she
disappeared, he has been searching for her. If he could do this for her, anyone would be touched.
“Marvin, I’m fine, I’m fine now,” Olive spoke softly, slowly raising her small hand and patting his
handsome back.
At this time, a luxury car Rolls-Royce Phantom parked on the side of the road. Elvis has arrived. He
couldn’t sleep, so he took the car keys to the bar to find her.
As soon as he arrived, he saw the scene before his eyes.
Elvis was in the driver’s seat, big hands pressed to the wheel. He looked at Marvin and Olive
embracing each other in front of him through the shiny windshield, which had been pulled to the point
of whiteness.
He didn’t know how these two were related!
His younger brother is arrogant, completely different from his mother Lily Midas. He never despised the
trickery of infighting in the house, let alone fighting over the property of the Augustine family. Marvin is
very clean, the favorite man of the famous women in Imperial.

If he remembers correctly, Marvin has very high standards. He has never had a crush on a girl, nor has
he ever been in love.

But now, on the bustling streets of Imperial, he held Olive tightly in his arms.
Elvis’s gaze fell on Olive’s slender figure again, and she reached out and patted Marvin’s back, as
gently as a child’s comfort.
What is their relationship?
Elvis slowly curled his thin lips in a mocking arc. It seems that he came at the wrong time, she already
has someone to pick her up.
She really showed him a good performance, no, it must be impressive!
How many men are by her side? Not only Noah and Jimmy, but now even Marvin is pursuing her, or
are there more men…
So what is he?
The corners of Elvis’ long, narrow eyes were covered with a fierce scarlet color, and his whole body
was filled with terrible hostility. He didn’t understand why she came to provoke him.
He was living a good life, a peaceful life like a stagnant pool of water, without waves, but her
appearance stirred his heart and turned all his life upside down.
Elvis felt himself showered with cold water, fully awake. It’s ridiculous indeed.
It was a joke he drove here tonight.
From now on, he will never bring himself to the door for her to tram ple at will.
Elvis pressed the accelerator, the Rolls-Royce Phantom sped away.
After Elvis left, Marvin slowly let go of Olive, looking her up and down with concern, “Olive, is the
poison on your body gone?”
For the past three months, Marvin had focused all of his attention on Los Angeles and neglected
Imperial. He didn’t expect her to quietly come to Imperial until he heard that the Hart family had found
the youngest daughter. This is the youngest daughter who has become the beauty queen of Watson

School, famous in the basketball arena. Now, after listening to the crowd talking, he has found her.
At that time, the poison of the Datura flower was extremely strong. Marvin felt it was unbelievable that
she could now stand in front of him unscathed.
“The poison on my body has been completely cured. It’s a long story. I thought I was going to die at the
time, thanks to my mom leaving a medicinal pill.”
“Your mom?” Marvin asked. This was the first time he heard about her mother. “Olive, is your mom also
a doctor?”
“Yes, my mom is very skilled in medicine, but my mom left when I was nine years old. There are many
things about her and this medicinal pill that I still don’t know.”
Marvin is a doctor, and his attention is immediately drawn to Olive’s mother, who can bring people back
to life with a single pill, such a feat of medicine.
“Olive, I know a lot of famous doctors. I have friends who are at the top of the medical field in the world
right now. What’s your mother’s name? I can find her.”
This sentence is very true, Marvin is the son of heaven, the youngest scholar in Imperial. He started.
traveling and giving presentations very early. Living up to his reputation, he naturally made many
friends. His experience and vision were both much better than Olive’s.
Olive’s eyes light up, ever since she learned from Mr. Hart that Mom may not have died but
disappeared, she has been trying to find her whereabouts, maybe Marvin can help her.
“My mom’s name is Joyce Brown,” Olive said.
Her mother’s name was Joyce Brown….
This sentence reached Marvin’s cars. What did she say? Her mother was… Joyce Brown? Joyce
Brown was her mother?
Marvin was very familiar with the name Joyce Brown because he had heard it so many times from his
mother, Lily Midas.
His mother said that the daughter-in-law she wanted the most was the daughter of Joyce Brown.
Twenty years ago, Joyce Brown left an engagement and married her daughter to the Augustine
Chapter 287 Dive is Marvin’s fiancret.

Turns out she was his fiancee!
Marvin suddenly understood everything. That engagement gift was later taken away by Grandma, who
then used this engagement item to marry Olive to Elvis!
It turns out that for this reason, the grandmother secretly took away the betrothal. Olive was his
fiancee, but his grandmother stole his fiancee and married her to her beloved grandson Elvis.
Everything was wrong.
It was wrong from the start.
Marvin felt heartache. From a young age, he knew his grandma adored Elvis, it didn’t matter. But she
took her away and gave her to Elvis?
He had never been involved in the affairs of the previous generation, and Elvis was always favored.

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