The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 289

Elvis’s estimate
Olive lowered her eyes and looked at the document on the table, “What is this?”
Elvis pursed his thin lips, answering. “A support contract.”
Olive’s bright pupils constricted, and she looked at him bewilderedly, “You want to… keep me?”
“Isn’t this what you want? I admit that your face is very attractive to me. You have gone to great lengths
to climb into my bed, and now I will let you do so.”
“But you have to be clear. It’s just a sex trade between us, I’ll call you later if needed. On the same
level, you can get all you want from me. Wealth, power, status, fame, I can give it all to you. But you
have to follow the rules of the game. There’s an important condition, you are not allowed to have a
close relationship with anyone except me. I’m a clean guy and I don’t want to share a woman with other
people. Do you know what I mean?”
His sturdy fingers pinched her small jaw, and now he looked at her with a condescending attitude, as if
she were already a commodity he could buy with money.
Olive’s slender eyelashes fell silently, covering her beautiful eyes with a silhouette resembling a small
brush. She slowly reached out her small hand, picked up the contract, and opened it.
He had so many demands on her, all bound by the contract. Olive read some, “First, I’m not allowed to
wear knee-length skirts. Second, I’ve to go home by eight. Third, no physical contact with any men is
allowed, and Fourth, you can check my information…
Olive’s slender willow-leaf brows furrowed, and she lifted her beautiful little face to look at the
handsome face of the man, asking, “Do you need to check your mistress’s cell phone? I think you’re
looking for a mistress by the standards of a wife.”
Elvis looked at her. Her eyes were clear and bright, she was recklessly laughing at him. He pressed
down with his fingers, rough fingertips rubbing the delicate skin of her jaw twice. He didn’t know what
she had eaten, but when she grew up, her skin was as white as milk and so smooth that it hurt his

“You just have to follow.” His voice was a bit h oar se.
Olive continued reading the contract. She turned to the back, there were still different requirements for
her, “Article 105, not to reveal the relationship between the two. Article 106, take every pill on time, and
don’t get pregnant. Article 107, When the man is bored with this relationship or has a new love, the
woman must not have anything to do with it and consciously leave.”
Olive looked down. No, this contract makes 107 claims against her, and she has to keep silent about it.
It’s a real foster deal, and it fits his usual authoritarian style, too.
Olive took the contract, looked up at him, and playfully winked, “Why doesn’t this have an expiration
date? How long do you want to sign me for? Three months, three years?
Elvis felt that she was very attractive right now, so he placed his large hand on her slim waist, easily
lifting her up, letting her sit on his waist, “The duration… depends on the situation..”
“What’s the situation?” Olive stretched her small arms around his neck. The situation in bed? We don’t
really sleep in beds anyway. President Augustine is a businessman, and can’t make a loss. If I can take
good care of you and serve you comfortably, Boss Augustine will probably not only keep me for three
years, but if I don’t serve you well, Boss Augustine will probably only keep me for three days, right?”
Chapter 299 Elvis estimate
Elvis was a grown man and normal, now that the two of them were face up, there was no need to
pretend anymore. He pinched her slim waist with his big hand, and looked at her with deep and
straightforward eyes, “Yeah, so what? Even if I lock you up for three days, I won’t mistreat you.”
He has always been generous to women and Olive believes in this.
Olive pursed her red lips and stammered, “But…”
“But what?” From Elvis’s point of view, she approved of the relationship.
Olive tilted her head, and replied. “But sometimes classes are very late at school, and I can’t guarantee
that I’ll be home by eight o’clock every day.
The two were so close that Elvis could smell her sweet, feminine scent. He had smelled this scent on
her before. Once he smelled it, he felt infatuated.
Elvis bullied her, placing his handsome face in her long hair. He closed his eyes, the image of Marvin

holding her outside the bar still playing in his mind. He knew she wasn’t a good girl, but he still wanted
her and even made a deal to restrain her.
As long as she breaks off with Marvin and the others, he can just ignore it and act like it never
But how did he live like this?
Living such a lowly life, what kind of woman does he want?
Elvis passionately kissed her long, fragrant black hair, his Adam’s apple rolling up and down. At this
moment he indulged in the most primitive lust in his heart, perhaps when he made love to her he would
fall asleep a few times. It is said that women have a shelf life, but he just wants to try something new.
“There are some cases, you can tell me in advance.” His voice was h oar se.
“But,” Olive paused, “I still have a problem. I’m allergic to birth control pills, so I can’t take them.”
Hearing that, Elvis’ long narrow eyes turned red. He said, “I definitely can’t have children. I don’t want
to have children, and I don’t like children, either. If you’re allergic to those pills, I’ll have someone take
care of your body.”
Elvis had a very bad childhood, he didn’t like children and never wanted to have children in his life.
“But…” Olive wanted to say again.
Elvis pushed her away slightly, opened his narrow red eyes filled with lust, looked at her coldly, and
asked, “Enough? You’ve said enough. Don’t challenge my limits again and again. Take advantage of
your time little by little.”
The smile in Olive’s clear eyes shrank little by little, her gaze becoming clearer. She looked at him,
softly saying. “The last one is, but did I promise you?”
Elvis’ tall and handsome body instantly stiffened. What was she talking about?
Her attitude was so vague just now, and now she told him that she disagreed.
“Want to keep me? You have to see if I give you a chance. If it’s a transaction, you’re willing to buy. but
I’m not willing to sell.”
“Olive, are you kidding me?” Elvis’ handsome face darkened, and a shrill sound came from his throat.

| Chapter 189 This’s estimate
Olive reached out and threw the contract straight into the trash. She reached out her small hand to
touch the man’s muscular chest, and forcefully pushed him back, then she leaned forward, asking, “Mr.
Augustine, you haven’t asked the market yet. If I want to sell, if I want someone to take care of me,
there are plenty of men available. Why you?”

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Chapter 289

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