The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 293

Seems my son had a game for nothing
Seeing Marvin, Crystal froze for a moment. She didn’t expect him to appear here.
Marvin is the second youngest son of the Augustine family, but he rarely stands in the Augustine aura.
He himself is an arrogant son of G od, cold and distant. From childhood to adulthood he has never
been with the people surrounding her, so Crystal isn’t very familiar with him.
Crystal quickly took out her cell phone and sent a text to Charlotte Paulo, daughter of the Paulo. family,
“Your lover is coming.”
With a ‘ding’, Charlotte texted back after a few seconds. “Marvin is back? Crystal, quickly make a video
for me to see.”
Crystal opened Messenger, shot a short video, and sent it to Charlotte, as a delicate and beautiful
figure stepped forward, “Marvin.”
Crystal’s hand stiffened, she quickly raised her head and saw Olive walking up to Marvin’s side.
Marvin quickly straightened up, and a small smile appeared on his handsome and cold face: “Olive,
you’re here.”
Whispers sounded.
The audience was h ooked, watching this scene in disbelief,
“Oh my go d, senior Marvin drove his luxury car to Watson, and he came looking for Olive!”
“What is the relationship between Olive and Senior Marvin?”
“Look, senior Marvin is smiling. It turns out that such a famously cold young man can also smile so
tenderly. Why did he smile at Olive?”
“I want to put my soul on Olive’s body!”
Crystal thought that Marvin drove the luxury car to Bright Star, Bright Star is his alma mater But how
could she expect that he would drive to Watson and that he was looking for Olive?

Crystal looked at Marvin’s cold and arrogant body. He is very indifferent to people, especially to girls
who like him. Everyone knows that he has a very high vision, and so far no one has caught his eye.

But now he smiles warmly at Olive.
She has Elvis in the front, and Marvin in the back. Crystal really didn’t expect that Olive would involve
the two proud sons of the Augustine family.
Crystal scoffed, then took a video of Marvin and Olive standing together, and sent it directly to
Charlotte has liked Marvin since she was a child, and every year at her birthday party, she declares
that her greatest wish is to marry Marvin. This would be a great show.
Olive didn’t know all this had happened, her bright eyes fell on Marvin’s handsome face. She asked
him, “Marvin, why did you come to the school gate looking for tue, did something happen?”
Marvin looked at her hand-sized beautiful face, and shook his head: “Don’t worry. It’s okay. I just came
to say goodbye to you. I’ll leave Imperial for Los Angeles for a few days.
“Going to Los Angeles?”
That was right. He was going to Los Angeles to get the betrothal back from her mother that year. He
Chapter 201 Seens my ses had a game kir uothing
wanted to find out all these things.
But Marvin didn’t tell her about that. He just said, “Yup, I have to go to Los Angeles to take care of
some things, and I’ll be back in a few days.”
Olive smiled and said. “Okay, then go.”
Marvin glanced at Watson University behind her, “How did you get into Watson? But to you, Bright Star
and Watson are nothing different. Olive, so I’m going. Bye.”
Olive waved her slender hand, saying. “Goodbye.”
Marvin got into the silver Maybach, and as the luxury car sped away, he watched Olive’s slim figure
through the rearview mirror. He knew that from the moment he returned from Los Angeles, his
relationship with her would be different.
After watching Marvin leave, Olive turned her back and walked back into the school. She heard the
discussion of the crowd behind her.

“Senior Marvin wouldn’t like Olive, would he? How can she be worthy of him?”
“Olive is a real temptress, using her pretty face to flirt with men everywhere. She really seduced Senior
These students at Bright Star didn’t like Olive from the start, now that they’re irritated by Marvin, they’ve
become even more hostile towards her.
Olive paid no attention to this. She was just about to enter the school, but at this moment, a car horn
sounded “ding”, and a luxury car stopped.
The driver’s door opened, and the driver came up and said, “Excuse me, are you Miss Hart?”
Olive didn’t know this person, she nodded, “Yes, I’m.”
“Miss Hart, don’t worry. My Madam invites you to the cafe to talk about you and the second young
Olive almost immediately thought of Lily Midas, the mistress of Alpha Augustine, Marvin’s biological
Marvin’s just left and Lily Mi da s’s already came, this coffee wouldn’t be good. Olive curls her red lips.
saying, “Lead the way, I’ll go.”
In the coffee shop.
Olive sat down in a chair by the window, looking at Lily Midas opposite her with shining eyes.
Lily Midas and Anabelle Midas come from very similar backgrounds. They are twin sisters. Anabelle.
was the most beautiful woman in Imperial that year. Wearing her crown, Lily in front of her was pretty
and heartwarming. The traces of time on her body are indeed very faint, and so light that one may not
notice lier age.
Today, Lily wore a long floral dress, her gesture was filled with the lavish elegance of an upper-
aristocrat, and her hair was pulled up in a delicate bun. She took a sip of her coffee and said, “Miss
Hart, I heard that you are the lost daughter of the Hart family. You lived abroad, and you were recently
found, right?”

Chapter 201 Seeins my son had a game for nothing
Lily was telling her that she had sent someone to investigate her in detail.
Olive smiled neither modestly nor overbearingly, replying. “Mrs. Augustine, you invited me for coffee,
you certainly don’t want to hear about my life experience. If you have something to say, just say it
Lily put down her coffee, then pulled out a check from her bag, and gently pushed it in front of Olive,
“Then I’ll interrupt. I don’t know what happened between you and Marvin. I’m not interested, either. You
can fill in as much as you want, just leave my son.”
Olive looked at the check in her hand, she didn’t expect to find herself in the kind of situation where a
woman holding a check asked her to leave her son.
“Mrs. Augustine, you’re worrying too much. Marvin and I are just friends, not the relationship you.
“Oh, is that so?” Lily took another sip of coffee and calmly said, “I see a lot of girls like you, thinking that
they can play carefully, thinking that as long as they can control the Son of Heaven, they can be in a
high position and marry into a rich family as a lady. Miss Hart, I’ll be clear. You can’t enter Augustine’s
door. Want to be my daughter-in-law? Maybe you have to wait for the afterlife.”
Saying this, Lily casually glanced at the check, “Miss Hart, you have to be smarter and know that you
should accept it when you see it. Of course, if you really don’t want this check, then I’ll take it back and
treat it as if you let it go. My son had a game for nothing.”

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