The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 315

Olive’s biological father
Olive was shocked. She learned that the mysterious girl was her mother, Joyce Brown!
But isn’t her mother from Imperial? Mr. Paulo says her mother suddenly came to Imperial, so where is
her mother from?
Mr. Paulo turns out to be her mother’s secret disciple. So is Sebastian Robert. Judging by the timing.
Derrick Domino must have been the youngest and last disciple that her mother accepted.
Olive now feels suspicious, maybe Derrick Domino knows something. But since she arrived at the
Imperial, Derrick Domino hasn’t appeared.
She asked Tom and Mia. They were gangsters, had a very wide network, and it was easy to find
people, but they had never heard of Derrick Domino.
Derrick Domino said that she would wait for her at Imperial and bring Aunt Rebecca, her mother’s ser
vant, but he disappeared in Imperial without any news.
Things got more confusing.
The face of Mr. Paulo became extremely complicated. He muttered. “I have great respect and love for
my master. Her medicine and wonderful ideas made me consider her a goddess, but we soon had
differences. She said that I was feisty and stubborn, that I was power addicted, lost, and obsessed.
She warned me many times but I didn’t listen. Then she said… that she would clean up everything on
her own, so we were up against each other.”
It turns out that Mom and Mr. Paulo have such a tortuous story. Although Mr. Paulo is very brief, Olive
still feels thrilled.
The Paulo family in Imperial has practiced medicine for generations. Each generation of heirs has a
unique medical talent, which is why Joyce Brown recruited Mr. Paulo as a secret disciple.
But Joyce Brown didn’t expect that Mr. Paulo would eventually go astray, and was one of the four great
families with deep roots and great power in Imperial. The Paulo family also strongly resisted, maybe at
that time, there were other forces involved. But now she had no way of knowing. In short, Joyce Brown
and the Paulo family fought, Joyce Brown withdrew from the Imperial, and the Paulo family was nearly

annihilated. They took the last twenty years to slowly recover. And they even raised Jean Paulo, who is
good at poison.
At this time, Mr. Paulo turned his head to look at Olive, “I know, I know why you look familiar, because
you seem to have her shadow on you!”
Olive felt Mr. Paulo was talking nonsense. She is her mom’s daughter, so she definitely has her mom’s
shadow on her.
But now she can’t reveal her identity. Olive doesn’t want to put herself in these vortexes. Her primary
goal is to retrieve the second treasure box left by her mother as soon as possible.
There is one more thing, one very important thing. Who is her biological father?

Aunt Rebecca and Mr. Hart are all close to her mother, but they don’t even know who her father is, only
preliminarily concluding that she was horn from her mother’s genetic stealing. Perhaps her father was
unaware of her presence either.
Now Mr. Paulo was in front of her. As a close disciple of her mom, Mr. Paulo has been with her mom.
all these years, does he know her life experience?
Olive became agitated inside, but her expression was very calm, not seeing any ripples. She said, “Mr.
Paulo, I don’t know if the woman you mentioned has descendants. You can find them.”
The Substate Bride Dard by My Billionaire Uimaha
Chapter 315 Olive’s biologiral father
Speaking of descendants, Mr. Paulo looked away. “Yes, that year my master gave birth to a daughter.
I’ve been looking for that girl’s whereabouts for years, but I can’t find out.”
“Then you can change the clue, from her biological father!”
“Nonsense, young master, he doesn’t even know…” Mr. Paulo suddenly stopped. He raised his head
and stared at Olive with an extremely sharp pair of hazel eyes.
He almost said it out loud. Mr. Paulo looked warily at the girl in front of him, he felt a thin layer of sweat
on his palm.

Olive felt so sorry. Young master? Which young master? Who is the young master that Mr. Paulo
talking about?
Olive is sure that this young master is her biological father!
Sure enough, she guessed right. This time Mr. Paulo knew the story. He knew her background!
Now Mr. Paulo was staring at her warily and fiercely as if he wanted to drill two holes in her face. Olive
smiled faintly, and looked at him with innocent bright eyes, “Mr. Paulo, what’s wrong?”
In some minutes, Mr. Paulo suspected she cheated on him. She gradually broke through his
psychological defenses, almost making him reveal the secret.
The girl’s background wasn’t disclosed.
But now Olive looked at him innocently and calmly, with a hint of surprise, as if she didn’t understand
anything, and Mr. Paul hesitated.
Whatever the case, Mr. Paulo won’t let Olive into the Academy of Sciences. He even had to ask her to
leave Imperial!
“Olive, as I told you, you can’t get into the science academy.”
“Mr. Paulo, I want to tell you, too. I must enter the science academy. You won’t be able to stop me. If
there’s nothing else, I’ll go out first.”
Olive turned and left.
Mr. Paulo watched Olive leave mockingly, feeling overwhelmed.
Mr. Paulo went out, too, and ordered his subordinates, “Call Alicia, the girl next to Olive, and tell her I’m
looking for her.”
Olive really wasn’t as optimistic as she looked. She and Mr. Paulo talked about giving up. Mr. Paulo
was currently the president of the Academy of Sciences, he wouldn’t let her in, so it’s been really
difficult for her.
What method should she use to enter the Academy of Science?
At this point, Olive realized that Alicia was missing. She asked a classmate: “Excuse me, have you
seen Alicia?”
“Olive, Mr. Paulo just called Alicia.”

Olive’s slender eyelids suddenly trembled, she turned and went to look for Mr. Paulo.
But just as she turned to a corner, she ran into Alicia from Mr. Paulo’s room and came out, “Olive, who
are you looking for?”
“Alicia, I’m looking for you. Mr. Paulo isn’t making trouble for you, is he?”
11:39 O
The Substitute Bride, Doted by My Billionaire ela
Chapter 315 Clive’s biological father
“No, Mr. Paulo just gave me our Watson student rankings and the order of admission later.”/Alicia held
up the list in her hand.
Was that all?
Olive had a strange feeling inside. She said, “Alicia, let’s go back first and then talk.”
The two girls lifted their feet to leave, and Olive had only taken two steps when she suddenly felt a pain
in the back of her neck.
Her vision quickly darkened, and her whole body became weak. As soon as Olive fell, she saw Alicia
standing behind her, holding a silver needle in her hand.
Olive fainted on the ground.
The selection of the Academy of Sciences has officially begun, but Watson’s students discover that
Olive has suddenly disappeared,
“What about Olive? Have you seen Olive?”
“I haven’t. What should we do? Olive will have to show up soon. If she misses this selection to the
Academy of Sciences, she will have to wait until next year.”

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