The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 327

An Encounter
Crystal quickly showed off her engagement to Elvis in front of Olive to hurt her.
Before Olive could speak, Mia snorted coldly, “Olive doesn’t have time to attend your engagement
party. Tomorrow, Olive’s father’s 50th birthday, will be attended by many famous young people. Olive
will be admired by everyone.”
Of course, Crystal had also heard about Tom’s 50th birthday, the Hart family hero post went viral. In
fact, everyone knows that this is a disguised date party for Olive to choose a husband.
It’s just that Olive’s reputation is so bad now, it’s rumored that she was raped by men in black. The
most important thing for a girl is her reputation, now she has lost hers, tomorrow’s 50th birthday no one
from a famous family will dare to show their face.
Crystal and Alicia looked at each other. They didn’t really say anything, but they were both waiting to
see the Hart family joke tomorrow. The Harts have caused such a stir, but if no man is willing to come,
then the Hart family joke will be enough to keep everyone in Imperial laughing all year.
Olive didn’t know about choosing a husband. At this time, the cat’s meow suddenly sounded, “Meow
It was… Ploche!
Olive quickly recognized Phoebe’s voice. She turned, and the tall and handsome figure at the door
entered her line of sight.
Elvis is here!
Elvis didn’t know when he came here. His tall frame stood at the door, holding Phoebe in his lap.
Olive glanced at Elvis and saw his deep narrow eyes fall on her face, and they looked at each other.
Olive first turned away, and she looked at Phoebe.
Phoche has lost a lot of weight. When she left The Red Villa, she was as fat as a ball, but now Phoebe
is thin and slim, and her men tal state isn’t good, either. She looks very bad.
What happened to Phoebe?

“Elvis, are you here? Crystal happily ran over, “Have you taken Phoebe to the doctor? What did the
doctor say? Phoebe hasn’t eaten recently, and I don’t know what happened.”

Elvis looked at Olive. He hadn’t seen her in days. Today she wore a white knee length coat, and a pair
of black boots under her feet, she looked as pure as water.
Her black hair fell down, revealing a small, beautiful hand-sized face, milky white skin, and bright red
lips. White, black, and red, the intense collision of colors on the face is deeply stimulating the human
Elvis never denied that he liked her and would be attracted to her beauty, for example looking at her
now, he was still very moved.
“Phoebe, Jet me hug you.” Crystal reached out and hugged Phoebe.
Phoebe suddenly stood up and stretched out her small paw to grab Crystal
The hiss sounded.
Crystal stepped back in fear. She is afraid of being scratched by an animal.
Elvis looked at Crystal, asking. “Did you gel scratched?”
Crystal shook her head: “No, I luckily dodged it in time.”
The Subhute Bale: linted by My Billionaire Husband
Chapter 327 An Encounter
Crystal was very frustrated. No matter how much she tries to please Phoebe, no matter how
expensive cat food she buys for Phoebe, Phoebe still doesn’t appreciate her, highly rejects her, and
never lets her get close.
Crystal felt that Phoebe was a little shameless. If it weren’t for Elvis’s pet, and Elvis loved it, she
wouldn’t have liked this cat.
At this moment, Phoebe seemed to have telepathy, and when she lifted her head, she saw Olive in
front of her.

“Meow meow!”
Phoebe quickly jumped down from Elvis’s arms, as if she had come to life, and ran straight to Olive’s
feet, softly and flattered “meow~”
This scene startled Crystal. She couldn’t stand Phoebe at all. She was almost scratched by Phoebe
just now, but what did Phoebe mean to run to Olive’s feet to coax her?
How could it be?
Olive saw Phoebe was getting thinner, she felt heartbroken. She squatted down, reaching out her
slender white hands to stroke Phoche’s hair.
Phoebe loved it, she put her face in Olive’s palm and rubbed it-
Phoebe was trying to say, “My lady, I’m hungry.”
Olive stood up, her shining eyes looking at Elvis’ handsome face, “How long has Phoebe not eaten?”
Elvis looked at her, and replied, “It’s been a few days.”
“So can I give her something to cat? Olive asked for his opini
Elvis nodded, “Yes.”
Olive went out and entered an import-export snack shop. Phoebe wagged her tail, completely forgetting
about Elvis, hurriedly following Olive.
Soon, Olive returned, she bought a small bag of fish crac kers, opened the bag of cookies, and gave
Phoebe a cookie.
Phoebe opened her mouth to eat, her face full of joy, wagging her tail as she ate.
Crystal froze in place, her face turned very ugly. Phoebe is Elvis’ pet, which, like its male owner, very
Crystal couldn’t handle Phoebe, but her mind was still balanced, she couldn’t handle it, and the other
woman couldn’t handle it either.
But now Olive has appeared and she is taking care of Phoebe.
Crystal looked at the little fish crac kers in Olive’s hand. The cookies weren’t very high-end, and they

weren’t at all comparable to the cat snacks she’d carefully selected, but Phoebe loved them.
Crystal’s two hands hanging at her side quickly clenched into fists. Why does it feel like someone
slapped her so hard in the face?
Elvis looked down at Olive, half-squatting on the ground, feeding the cat, a gentle smile on her pretty
little face. He suddenly felt that she was very much like Phoebe, soft and harmless. She was just a little
At this moment, Mia coughed loudly. She walked over, directly blocking Elvis’ line of sight, stopping him
from looking. An engaged man kept staring at Olive, what was going on in his mind?
Mia held a long skirt, telling her, “Olive, stop teasing the cat. We have to get to work. I picked a dress
for you, come in and try it on.”
Olive looked at the long dress. It was a long, champagne-colored silk dress, with an apron and lace
Olive often dresses modestly and has never worn a long backless dress. She said, “Mom, this dress
isn’t appropriate, is it?”
“Why isn’t it appropriate? Olive, you are the main character tomorrow, and you still have to overwhelm
the audience. I think it’s very appropriate, come in for me!” Mia couldn’t help but tuck the long skirt into
Olive’s arms and pushed her into the changing room.

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