The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 326

Elvis, let’s kiss.
Some of Crystal’s classmates were engaged, too. Betrothed isn’t married. After the engagement, the
woman will still live in her biological family, and the man will live in his own house, too.
But now the lifestyle is very modern. For young people, getting engaged is equivalent to getting a room
card, moreover, the vast majority of people have started to live together.
Crystal doesn’t know what Elvis’s plan is, now she’s probing, she’s really looking forward to tonight.
Before getting engaged, Elvis told her he didn’t like her, but so what? Now she can have his body. he’s
hers already!
Elvis was driving looking straight ahead, big hands on the steering wheel, wearing expensive
wristwatches, accelerating, turning, changing lanes, gliding away. His thin lips pursed, and he said in a
deep voice, “I’ll take you home now.”
Take her home?
Crystal felt like she was splashed with cold water, and he didn’t even intend to get intimate with her,
which put a girl to shame.
Crystal is very confident in herself. She’s pretty and has a perfect body. She is young, and there are
loads of men who like her, but now that she’s lowering herself to imply to him, he’s not moved either.
“Elvis, we are engaged now. We will get married in the future. Should we prepare the wedding
Elvis has a lot of real estate, so preparing the wedding room is easy. He said, “Okay.”
Crystal’s eyes lit up, and she impulsively hit the railing, “Actually, no matter how many houses there.
are, we have to prepare a wedding room. This wedding room is only for the two of us. Its meaning is
different. When are you taking me to see the wedding room? I want to choose what I like, and the
interior decoration is up to me.”
Elvis’s face was expressionless, his handsome face cold and distant. If he was engaged to Crystal, he
would provide her materially, so he replied, “Okay.”

The luxury car Rolls-Royce Phantom quickly stopped at the lawn of the Robert family. Crystal
unbuckled her seat belt and said: “Elvis, I’m going home.”
Elvis glanced at her, “Yeah.”
Crystal was a little disappointed. They just got engaged, tonight they would go to their own house,
didn’t he say anything before parting?
Crystal decided to take the initiative. She rushed over, and used her small hands to wrap around Elvis’
neck, “Elvis, let’s kiss.”
She wanted to kiss.
An eye-catching beautiful girl about 20 years old hugged him, coaxing him to kiss, any man wouldn’t
refuse, but Elvis subconsciously avoided it. Today Crystal put on makeup, and there was a scent of
perfume on her body. In short, all kinds of artificial fragrances made him bored.
Elvis suddenly remembered Olive’s sweet, feminine scent, making him fall in love.
Why did he think about Olive?
Elvis was a little irritated, reaching out to push Crystal away: “It’s late, hurry back home.”
Crystal was shocked, her red lips pursed and she looked at him reproachfully, but Elvis’s expression.
showed a hint of impatience, as if all his patience had been exhausted tonight. If she didn’t-leave,
The Substitute Bride: Inted for My Hillimaire Husband.
she would be even more embarrassed.
“Elvis, I’m really going. Drive carefully.” Crystal reluctantly got out of the car.
Elvis pressed the accelerator, and the luxury car Rolls-Royce Phantom sped away without any regrets.
Crystal angrily stomped on the spot. As the daughter of the richest man in the world, since when did
she receive such cold treatment? Elvis was the only man who could make her humble before such a

Olive went back to the hospital. The doctor came to see her, she will be discharged tomorrow. Olive
was very upset, ate some millet porridge, and then fell asleep. This time she really fell asleep. Tom and

Mia sit together, discussing Olive’s marriage with a serious expressions.
Mia said: “Elvis is just a jerk. We can’t let Olive be sad like this anymore. They say the best way to
forget someone is to start a new relationship. We really want to help Olive have a happy life with her
chosen husband!”
Tom hesitantly said. “But with Olive’s personality, she would never agree to choose a husband.”
Mia said, “You’re stu pid. In two days it’ll be your 50th birthday. We’ve gone viral for the heroes. On the
surface, we’re calling on everyone to come to celebrate your birthday, but in reality, we’re helping Olive
choose a husband.”
Tom was confused and said, “Honey, it’s not my birthday in two days.”
Mia told him, “I said it’s your birthday, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.”
Tom exclaimed. “Oh! My lady is so smart. This is a good idea. Now everyone outside is gossiping about
Olive, thinking that she would be embarrassed in the face of others, so let’s have a great birthday. In
the invitation, invite all the sons of different families into the arena. We’ll hit those gossip people hard in
the face, so they will know that Olive will choose a husband, and be jealous to death!”
Mia happily concluded, “Honey, you’re finally smart.”
Tom flatly said: “No, it’s all brought up by my lady!”
Olive left the hospital. She has just returned to the Hart house, and Mia pulled her into the car, “Olive,
let’s go, Mom will take you to the mall and buy you some nice dresses.”
“Mom, I already have clothes, I don’t need to buy more.” Olive refused.
“No way, Olive. Tomorrow is your father’s 50th birthday, and a lot of people will come to celebrate your
father’s birthday. Shouldn’t we dress up to save his face?”
Olive heard that, confirmed it was true, and nodded: “Okay.”
Mia smiled openly, “Let’s go to the mall! Let’s go to the biggest mall in Imperial!”
Olive and Mia arrived at the largest shopping mall in Imperial and entered a women’s clothing store,
Olive quickly spotted an acquaintance, Alicia.
Beside Alicia was Crystal.
In the Academy of Science selection competition, Crystal, Alicia, and a girl from another university were

chosen together.
Seeing Alicia, who was previously on good terms with her but stabbed her in the back, and how is with
Crystal, Olive looks over at her with clear eyes.
Alicia and Crystal saw Olive, too. Alicia met Olive’s eyes. Her eyes were very quiet, silently looking at
her, but in them, there seemed to be a stream that was cold to the bone.
This coldness made Alicia shiver for no reason.
“Oh, what a coincidence. Olive, wasn’t Alicia your good friend before? It turns out that some people
don’t want to be human, but just like to be other people’s little tails, begging for mercy.” Mia came up
and angrily teased Alicia.
Alicia’s expression immediately turned very unsightly, but she refrained from speaking.
At this moment, Crystal walked over, smiled sweetly, and said: “Olive, I’m engaged to Elvis, I’m so sorry
that you didn’t come to our engagement party.”

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