The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 328

Two girls fighting over a dress
The dressing room door closed, and Mia breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at the staff in the store
and said: “Girl, I still want to buy long dresses, come here and introduce me.”
The staff enthusiastically walked over, “Ma’am, your daughter is born as beautiful as jade flowers. Her
style is unlimited, she can try on all the clothes in our store. But madam, with a keen cye, the color of
the champagne dress just now suits your daughter. Soft and warm colors such as lavender, pale
yellow, and turquoise will enhance her clear beauty.”
Mia was so proud that she almost blew her nose, “Then let’s take all these dresses down and let Olive
try them on one by one. Tomorrow, there will be a lot of guests, especially famous gentlemen. They
must be surprised when they see Olive. They all have good eyesight, unlike some people with poor
Mia intentionally said these words to Elvis, and she was also making fun of him. Mia almost ran over to
Elvis, pointed at his nose, and scolded him for having a low taste!
Naturally, Crystal also realized that Mia was referring to her. In fact, Crystal is pretty scared to deal with
Mia, because Mia can be a shrew, but she can’t.
Regarding the 50th birthday party tomorrow, Crystal lifted her red lips in disdain and sarcasm, and said
in a low voice, “Elvis, let me show you something.”
Crystal gave the Hart family hero post to Elvis.
Elvis glanced down at the red hero sign, on which the Harts invited heroes from all walks of life to bring
their unmarried son to his birthday party tomorrow.
This heroic post is full of gy psy spirit. Most importantly, the two words “unmarried men” are capitalized
and bold, fearing that others won’t understand the Hart family’s determination to let their daughter
choose a husband.
Elvis’ brows furrowed, and his thin lips formed a cold, white arc.

Crystal smiled and said, “Elvis, everyone knows about the Hart family’s birthday party tomorrow.
Everyone knows that they want to choose a husband for Olive during that party, so Mia hurried to bring

Olive here to buy clothes.”
Elvis didn’t know about it, but now he understood. Is she going blindly dating to find a husband?
Does she still feel that there aren’t enough men around her?
At this time, the dressing room door opened, and a clear, soft voice sounded in his ear: “Mom, I
changed the clothes.”
Elvis raised his eyes and immediately saw Olive coming out of the dressing room, his deep pupils
constricting violently.
Olive has changed into that champagne long dress. This Champagne color is very picky, just a little
dark skin will make it darker, but Olive’s milky white skin is now so white that it is highlighted by
champagne color. Her gorgeous body was fully shown, her lower belly was flat with no excess fat. her
limbs were slim, and her s-curve was full of charm.
Elvis looked at her, his pupils now filled with her reflection.
Mia exclaimed, taking Olive’s small hand, “Olive, you’re so pretty in this. I’m in love with you. Turn
around so I can have a look.”
Olive was pulled by Mia and turned around, revealing her beautiful back.
Elvis saw her beautiful slender back, too. This is a long backless dress that should reveal half of her
beautiful back. The girl’s snow-white back, and her long smooth bones made it hard for people to
Elvis had never seen her wear such a s exy long dress. His gaze lingered on her beautiful back, then
he moved forward. The apron-style top of the dress hugged her ruddy neck. His throat rolled up and
down twice. He wanted to reach out to caress her beautiful back, and… to reach out his large hand to
rest on her slender arm…
Elvis’ throat was like burning coals, and his body temperature immediately increased.
“Oh my go d Olive, your body is so hot! I can’t say anything. How many people will fall in love with you
when you show up like that at tomorrow’s birthday party? We will buy this.” Mia said firmly.
Olive looked at herself in the mirror. Actually, she didn’t like this long dress. She always felt it was too

revealing. Although girls will consider this type of backless when attending events, it is still hard for her
to accept it.
At this moment, Olive met Elvis’s gaze in the mirror. He was standing behind her, staring at her.
Perhaps conscious of her discovery, Elvis raised his handsome eyelashes, his gaze falling on her
small, beautiful hand-sized face. He didn’t feel embarrassed but looked at her casually, his eyes were
very calm. He looked at her with the eyes of a man.
Olive’s slender eyelids trembled. She was no stranger to him, of course, she knew who he was. He
looks serious on the outside, but on the inside was… full of lust.
Now that he was staring at her with dark eyes, inside were two dancing red flames. She knew what It
meant, of course.
Before, he liked her in champagne nightgowns.
He likes beautiful women, the prettier the better. Straightforward handsome men also like purity, his
preferences have never changed.
Her aesthetic has matured a bit. Look at what she wears, he likes it. She deliberately seduced him, no
wonder he always misunderstood.
Olive turned her face away and didn’t look at him anymore.
Crystal looked at Elvis beside her. Ever since Olive stepped out of the dressing room, Elvis’s gaze
hadn’t left hers.
As a girl, Crystal admits that Olive is beautiful in this champagne color dress. She is so beautiful that it
takes people’s breath away.
But Elvis is always restrained, his private life is quite clean. The temptation around him never stopped,
but he was like a monk studying the scriptures, completely unmoved.
On the night of the engagement, she took the initiative in the car, but he wasn’t very interested in sex.
Crystal daimed that he was actually a vegetarian, with no interest in women.
But at this point, Crystal knows she was wrong because Elvis now looks at Olive as if… wanting to take
off her long dress!
For the first time, Crystal tasted jealousy, envy, and hatred.

At this time, the staff smiled in surprise, too. She said, “Ma’am, your daughter is so beautiful in this long
dress. I have never seen such a beautiful person. I’ll go to pack it for you.
Mia requested this dress and the staff would pack it.
“Wait a minute!” Crystal suddenly spoke.
Chapter 388 Two girls lighting over a dress
Olive and Mia turned to look at Crystal, only to see Crystal smiling with red lips, “Sorry, I want this
champagne dress!”

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