The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 332

The Rodriguez Family Delivered The Wedding Presents To The Hart Family
Mrs. Robert laughed and said, “Why? You can come and celebrate Master Hart’s birthday but I can’t?”
This word has just been said, everyone was excited. Mrs. Robert came to celebrate Tom’s birthday,
Mrs. Robert looked at Tom and Mia, “Mr. Hart, Mrs. Hart, I didn’t have an invitation. I came here
uninvited. You won’t welcome me and kick me out right?”
Tom and Mia glanced at each other. They didn’t expect Mrs. Robert to suddenly come. In Imperial,
although the Hart family is the eldest, rich and powerful families despise them and don’t want to
associate with them. That was also the reason why Olive couldn’t get among the famous people in
The Hart family and the four giants of Imperial have never been in contact with each other or get along
well. Today, when Mrs. Robert arrived, everyone was amazed.
But a guest is always welcomed, Tom clasped his hands in greeting: “Old lady, welcome.”
Mrs. Robert smiled and sent someone to deliver a gift, then her gaze fell on Olive, and she couldn’t
wait to rush over, “Little Fairy, I’m here!”
“…” Olive hurriedly reached out to help Mrs. Robert’s arm, “Mrs. Robert, why are you here?”
Mrs. Robert looked at Olive from top to bottom, smiling lovingly, “I haven’t seen you in four months, my
fairy is getting more and more magical. Tell me, why don’t you come and play with me? You came to
Imperial but didn’t come to me, so I have to go to you.”
Everyone’s eyes widened, their eyeballs almost falling out. What was the relationship between Mrs.
Robert and Olive?
They understand that Mrs. Robert went to Tom’s party to meet Olive.
The Robert family is the backbone of Imperial, extremely rich. Currently, the monarch of Robert is
Damien, son of Mrs. Robert. If the Robert family stomped their feet, the whole city would be shaken, so
the actions of the Robert family would be applauded by these upper-class nobles.
Now Mrs. Robert was hugging Olive affectionately. She kept saying she was a little fairy, and

everyone’s gazes on Olive changed rapidly.
Tom and Mia were both surprised, Mia quickly said: “Olive, are you and Mrs. Robert old

Mrs. Robert looked at Mia in a friendly manner and said, “Mrs. Hart, today is Mr. Hart’s 50th birthday. It
was a happy event. Would you like more good news?”
“Madam, what are you talking about?”
As soon as Mrs. Robert went up, she took Mia’s hand, politely smiled, and said: “Mrs. Hart, you gave
birth to a good daughter. I love Olive so much, I want to adopt Olive as my granddaughter. You and Mr.
Hart won’t object, will you?”
Tom and Mia were stunned, not expecting that Mrs. Robert would adopt Olive as her granddaughter,
which means they suddenly have a “mom”!
Whispers sounded.
Everyone present gasped. They couldn’t believe their ears. Did Mrs. Robert want to adopt Olive as
The Substime Bride: Doned by My Talionaire Husband
Jelivered The Wedding Presents To The Hart Family
her granddaughter?
One person quickly and friendly asked,
“Madam, two days ago at the Augustine and Robert family’s engagement party, you said you wanted to
adopt a little fairy as your granddaughter, is this fairy Olive?”
Mrs. Robert nodded. “That’s right!”
The princesses in Imperial were stunned, unable to calm down for a long time. They originally wanted
to see Olive as a joke, but now the joke has become a reality. Mrs. Robert busted into the Hart family’s
birthday party, adopting Olive as her granddaughter!
How could it be? What kind of magic did Olive use on the old woman?

Would Olive have the surname Robert? Then she would fly to the sky and become a phoenix!
Did Crystal know about this?
These famous women quickly shot another short video and sent it to Crystal
At the moment Crystal was still with Charlotte. She clicked on the short video, a mouthful of juice
almost splattering out of her mouth.
“Crystal, what happened? What joke is Olive doing?” Charlotte looked at her phone, and when she saw
Mrs. Robert, her expression suddenly changed.
Charlotte immediately jumped to her feet, “Crystal, did your grandma go to Olive’s house? The
granddaughter she wants to adopt is Olive, right?”
This was a lightning strike for Crystal and Charlotte. Their minds, which had wandered to heaven a
second ago, fell to hell in an instant.
They never thought this person was Olive!
Why Olive?
Crystal’s face paled. Her eyes quickly showed discontent, jealousy, and resentment: “When I was
young, my grandma didn’t seem to like me, didn’t kiss me, I could bear it, but she ran to Hart’s house.
and praised Olive for no reason. Olive is my sworn enemy, but she wants to bring Olive home to share
in my glory!”
Charlotte gritted her teeth in anger, too. She said, “Crystal, you absolutely can’t let her accept Olive as
her granddaughter, and absolutely won’t let Olive into Robert’s house. Don’t worry, the Paulo family will
be on your side. Your grandpa and your mum will listen to you. They will definitely stop your grandma!”
Crystal’s mother is the eldest daughter of the Paulo family, Mr. Paulo’s daughter, and Charlotte’s aunt.
Mrs. Robert has a son and a daughter. Her son, Damien, the richest man in the world, married the
eldest daughter of the Paulo family. Her daughter married into the Rodriguez family, giving birth to her
grandson Derrick.
Thus, the royal families in Imperial Robert, Rodriguez, and Paulo had a very deep relationship of
interest, and they were all related to marriage.
Crystal’s eyes were on fire. She couldn’t let Olive into the house, she wanted her parents to reconcile.

If her mother knows this, she will definitely find her grandmother, and she will ruin everything!
At the Hart house.
Tom and Mia were temporarily unable to decide because it was too sudden. Olive was sober. Although
she didn’t ask, she could roughly guess that Crystal is Mrs. Robert’s granddaughter. It will
The Wedding Presents To The Hart Family
be difficult for Mrs. Robert if she gets stuck in the middle.
Olive smiled and said, “Mrs. Robert, thank you for your love, but I haven’t thought of accepting
Grandma yet. Let’s talk about that later.”
Mrs. Robert wasn’t surprised at this answer, nor did she want to force Olive, “Little fairy, think carefully
about this matter. It will certainly not be wrong to accept me as a grandma, anyway, it will
very beneficial. From today on, I consider you my granddaughter. In the future, if anyone dares to hurt
you, tell Grandma, Grandma will beat them up for you!”
Everyone looked at Mrs. Robert. She’s already affectionately calling herself “grandma”!
At this time, Tom’s subordinate rushed in again, “Master, madam, it’s not okay, outside… someone’s
coming outside!”
Tom was just about to step forward, but Mrs. Robert has already stepped forward, looked at his
subordinate, and reprimanded him: “Why panic? Stand up and curl your tongue before you speak!”

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