The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 335

Be My Fiancee For Three Months
Olive lowered her head slowly. She had always known about Marvin’s intentions towards her. She
ought to be excited by the thought of being with the talented and handsome son of the Augustine
However, she didn’t have such relationship with Marvin. In addition to that, she had been married to
Elvis for a short time and had been his sister-in-law. Now that she realized that she was his fiance, the
feeling was strange to Olive.
Tom and Mia walked over.
“Olive, this marriage was initiated by your mother herself. We know that Marvin is good guy, and he
won’t make you sad, my dear.” Tom said kindly
“Olive, I think that the past should be buried, and that you should be optimistic about the future. I think
the future will be very beautiful, my Olive.” Mia added with a smile.
Neither Tom nor Mia liked Elvis. Elvis was engaged to Crystal. They didn’t want Olive to be trapped
between them.
Olive was still very young. She was bound to meet more better people in the future. Marvin was that
better person!
Olive sighed slowly, as she heard the duo speak. Yes, she had always held Mr. Augustine tightly and
was unwilling to let go.
However, Mr. Augustine was no longer alive, it was just Elvis Augustine.
Olive understood perfectly about Marvin’s intentions. For such a long time, he had been silently
protecting her from afar. Even in the few months she disappeared, he had searched the entire world
and didn’t hesitate to confront his father for her sake.
Olive felt that the situation she found herself in was complicated.
Marvin looked at Olive’s face, his cold black eyes had softened a little bit.

“Olive, i don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to do. In the next three months, you’ll be
my fiancee. Let’s try and see if things will work out between us. I’ll try my best to make you fall in love

with me. If after three months you still don’t love me, then I’ll give up…”
Olive didn’t expect Marvin to say this. He only needed three months to make her fall in love with him. If
after that period she hadn’t fallen in love with him, then he would break the engagement.
Marvin had willingly retreated to such a lowly position because of Olive.
Olive was extremely moved by his kindness.
“Okay, I agree.” Olive agreed to the three-month agreement.
A smile had quickly appeared on Marvin’s handsome face. He used the Jade token to win himself a
Irregardless of what the outcome would be, Marvin was happy that Olive would be his fiancee for the
next three months.
Tom and Mia were excited. They were very optimistic about Marvin.
Old Mrs. Robert walked forward and looked at Marvin with a smile on her face. She said to Marvin,
“Marvin, I didn’t expect fate to bring us together this way. Now work hard so you can win my
granddaughter’s heart!”
Chapter 335 Be My Fiancee For Three Months
Olive was yet to recognize Mrs. Robert as her grandmother, so she couldn’t understand what Mrs.
Robert implied by that.
“Olive, you can now return with me to Augustine family’s home. I’ve found my fiancee, and I think my
family needs to know.” Marvin requested gently.
Olive pondered about it. Back then, her mother and Elvis’s mother had signed this engagement. The
entire Augustine family starting from the Old Mrs. Samantha, to Alpha Augustine, and then Lily Midas,
they all should know her mother.
Olive’s heart ski pped a beat. She felt like she had found another path that her mother had traveled.
“Okay, Marvin, I’ll go with you.” Olive nodded in agreement.
At this moment, Mia swiftly said,
“Second master Augustine, it’s okay for you to take Olive with you to your family, but you must protect
my Olive, your mother…”

“Mum, Mia!” Olive quickly interrupted Mia..
Although Mia didn’t complete her sentence, Marvin had already sensed what she wanted saying. He
knew his mother very well.
Marvin let out a sigh, and then whispered to Olive,
“Olive, trust me, my mother won’t trouble you. Infact, my mother will never make anymore trouble for
you. After today, we won’t see them again, okay?”
Mia nodded in satisfaction. She felt happy that Olive wouldn’t be treated wrongly anymore by Lily.
Olive didn’t need Marvin to stand up for her. But now that she was his fiancee, her relationship with Lily
ought to be different.
“It’s okay.” Olive replied with a light smile.
The Augustine Family.
Marvin had called to inform that he would be bringing home his fiance tonight. Lily had personally
entered the kitchen very early and had began to prepare a sumptuous dinner.
Lily was extremely ecstatic. Her face was covered with a smile. She looked at Alpha in the living room
and said to him,
“Alpha, what do you think Joyce Brown’s daughter would look like now?”
Alpha lowered his eyes and looked at the financial newspaper in his hands, then he replied
“She shouldn’t look bad.”
“Yea, true. Thinking about how beautiful Joyce Brown was back then, her daughter should be
extremely beautiful. Moreover, Joyce Brown was of a noble identity…” Lily’s words had came to an
abrupt end. Just now, she had almost leaked the identity of Joyce.
Lily glanced at Elvis. Elvis had already arrived. He was leaning on the sofa lazily with his phone in his
hand. It was obvious that he didn’t care about anything that she said.
Lily breathed a sigh of relief.
Elvis really didn’t hear what Lily said.
“Was a prestigious family present at the birthday party? Did Olive go on a blind date? Did she have a

new lover?” These questions swirled in Elvis’s mind as he couldn’t help but think about Olive.
The Substitare Bride Intella Ma
Chapter 335 Be My Hance For Three Months
Elvis didn’t want to pay attention to the Hart family’s birthday party at all, but his mind still drifted to
The doorbell had suddenly rang.
Lily quickly ran over.
“It must be Marvin and his fiancee!” Lily announced happily as she opened the door.

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