The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 352

Olive, what are you looking at?
Olive’s face was beautiful and clean. It was just her forehead that had been injured by the egg that was
thrown on her. A piece of her skin was torn, and the blood inside had seeped out.
Elvis took out a scarf from his pocket and pressed it on her bleeding wound.
The thought that Olive had been surrounded and attacked by multiple people, made a terrifying aura
well up in his
He felt that Olive deserved to be beaten, but it was only him that should deal with her.
No one else was qualified to touch her!
Olive winced in pain, and looked at him with pains in her eyes.
“Mr. Augustine, be gentle. You’re deliberately hurting me!” she accused.
“If you like, be mean to me, bully me, bully others, but never be bullied by others.” Elvis replied and
massaged her forehead.
Olive didn’t understand what he meant. She had never bullied him, she wouldn’t dare.
“Mr. Augustine, why are you here? Are here to pick up Crystal?” Olive changed the subject.
Olive’s forehead was no longer bleeding. Elvis had subdue the blood.
Elvis took off his handkerchief from her forehead. I came to find you.” he replied indifferently.
“You came to find me?” Olive pointed at herself.

“Mr. Augustine, it’s not suitable for you to do this. Your fiancee and I are both in the same radio station.
You by passed her and came to me?”
Elvis scoffed and asked, “Did you receive my lawyer’s letter?”
Olive almost forgot about the lawyer’s letter. Her eyes moved down from his face, and she stared at his
waist suspiciously,
Elvis’s eyes darkened when he saw what she was doing.
“Olive, where are you looking at?”
Olive quickly retracted her gaze. She frowned and responded, “Mr. Augustine, I already received your

lawyer’s letter, but did I really injure you down there? You have no evidence.”
Olive suspected that he lying.
Although she was very angry and had kicked him at his family house, she didn’t expect him to be so
weak and get injured so easily.
With a bang. Elvis suddenly propped his hand on the wall beside her, and used his strong chest to slam
her against
the wall.
“So are you trying to say that I’m lying?” Elvis’s h oar se voice questioned.
“That’s not what I meant…”
Before Olive could finish speaking, Elvis directly grabbed her hand and pressed it against his body.
Olive’s eyes widened, as she shook off his big hand as if she had been electrocuted.
“Elvis, are you crazy? I should sue you for sexual harassment!” Olive muttered in shock.
“Don’t act so decent, isn’t this what you’ve always wanted? I just made your dream come true.” Elvis
“You’ve been wanting this all along. You claim that I’m lying because you want to check me out, isn’t
Olive quickly shook her head, not accepting his claims.
“I already asked you to verify it. Olive, do you know what you did to me? You’ve ruined my sexual life.
Crystal has already made trouble with me over ilds matter, and she even threatened to call off our
marriage. You have to be responsible for this and give me a treatment!” Elvis added.
Olive tried her best to stick to the wall, not wanting her body to touch his.
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The Sulatuvis heade Merd by Myl
Chapter 352 Olive, what are you looking at?
She was a doctor, but andrology wasn’t what she specialized on. He had to find an expert in adrology
for his treatment.

Olive stretched out her hand and touched his chest. “I’ll think of a way. Let me go first, okay? I’m so
dirty, let me take a shower first, okay?”
She was indeed dirty from all the things that were thrown on her. Elvis stepped back and allowed her
Olive quickly ran to the radio station office.
Olive took a shower in the bathroom of her office. She changed into some new clothes which she found
in the bathroom.
Once she was done, she exited her office through the back door, as she tried to avoid Elvis. once she
was out, she headed to Nora’s office.
The office was devoid of humans. Olive closed the door and started looking for the key to the
mysterious room.
However, she found nothing.
The key to the forbidden area was extremely important. Nora must have kept it close to herself. If it
wasn’t in the office, then it could be at her home.
Olive wondered if Nora lived in the Robert family’s house or the Paulo family’s house.
Irregardless of where Nora lived, Olive knew that it would be extremely difficult for her to break into her
Olive only wanted getting the second treasure box that was left by her mother, she didn’t want to break
into anyone’s home, but it seemed that the only way for her to retrieve the box, was for her to pay an
unexpected visit to either the Robert or Paulo family’s house.
Olive closed the drawer and was about to leave, but she heard some footsteps approaching, and the
door of the office was pushed open.
Olive was caught off guard. She quickly hid behind the door. When she saw the man walked in, Olive
clenched her fingers into a fist and was ready to defend herself.
But the man was even faster than her. A big, sharp hands grabbed wrist her swiftly, and pressed her
against the wall.
Olive raised her eyes and met Elvis’s deep, narrow gaze.

It was Elvis.
Olive shuddered and asked, “Why is it you again?”
Elvis looked at Olive who wanted sneaking up on him.
“I should be asking you that. You left me outside and sneaked into Nora’s office. What are you even
searching for?” His cold voice questioned.

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