The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 373

1 Just Like Playing With Her
Olive had received the hotline call on Radio D. This was the first time she had received an enthusiastic
listener. Olive’s eyes lit up and she quickly connected the hotline. She invested all of her enthusiasm on
this caller. “Hello, I’m your evening romance anchor, Olive. May Lask if you have encountered anything
recently? And if you’re emotionally confused, i’m here to to help you.”
There was no response.
There was silence.
Why didn’t the caller speak?
“Hello, are you still there?”
Elvis who was in the luxury car listened to Olive’s voice. Her voice was so tender and professional, but
she had never spoken to him with such a sweet voice,
Elvis pursed his lips, but remained silent.
Olive quickly noticed something. Her eyes widened, as she looked at the caller ID, it was Elvis,
Was he so bored?
Was he so idle and lonely, that he had to call an evening romance host?
“Tll hang up now if you don’t want to speak.” Olive said impatiently.
When she was about to hang up, a deep and magnetic voice suddenly sounded from the other end.
“As an evening anchor, is this your level of patience with a caller? Aren’t you here to converse with the
caller want you to chat with me. I’m not feeling too good tonight.”

Sure enough, he spoke in his usual arrogant and domineering tone.
Olive really wanted to make Radio D a success. Before so many people, she couldn’t afford to offend
him, so she smiled and replied,
“Sir, can you tell me why you’re not feeling good tonight?”
“I met a girl sometime. This girl injured me on my cro tch, causing me to have no sexual feelings for
any woman. As a matured man, even if I wanted to have some fun at night. I really can’t. Do you think I
can get better?” Elvis questioned shamelessly.

Olive really didn’t expect that he would bring such a private matter to the radio. Olive concluded that he
was crazy! Because only a lu natic would be that shameless!
“I’ll suggest you carry out a personal examination, sir.” Olive responded calmly.
Elvis snorted coldly, and said, “That girl, when I first saw her, she was staring at my car at her school
gate. The second time I saw her, she was in the bar, and she had bumped into my arms. And the third
time, she wore my t-shirt and laid on my bed. Anchor Hart, do you think that she is deliberately trying to
seduce me?”
Olive remained quiet, as she didn’t know what to reply.
“Since you were seducing me, why then did you give up halfway? I had already taken the bait.” Elvis
added. Olive didn’t understand what he implied by taking the bait.
“Anchor Hart, what do you think the girl think about me? There are many men around her now, and
they’re all fascinated about her. Why does she have to deal with so many men? Could it be that she
thinks that I’m out of her league? If so, then I’ll tell her now that I’m already h ooked. Do you think she
can cut off contact with those men and seduce me wholeheartedly?” Elvis questioned.
Olive was speechless. The more she tried to draw a clear line between herself and Elvis, the more she
became entangled with lum.
“Sir, I’m sorry, the signal here isn’t very good. What are you saying, sir? Hello? Are you still there?”
Olive pretended to not hearing him, and ended the call.
In the Rolls-Royce phantom, Elvis heard the call got disconnected. He was so angry that he wanted
smashing his phone against the window, but he had restrained himself.
bde: Dated by My
Chapter 3731 Just Like Playing With Her
At this moment, his phone vibrated indicating several messages.
Because Elvis wanted speaking with Olive, he had downloaded the radio’s station app and registered
an account. Now his account was public, and many netizens left him ton of messages.
“Who are you? Are you a per vert? If you’re sick, why not go to the hospital? How can you play a rogue

with the anchor?”
*I know a doctor who can treat your impotence, bro, I can contact him to help you.”
“Hello, sir. I’m Genevieve, an eighteen years old nursing student. I want to be your friend.”
Tons of messages flooded Elvis’s phone.
A frown appeared on Elvis’s face. He was born into a wealthy family, and his circle of friends consisted
of other wealthy kids, like Raven and Harry.
Elvis’s phone was used only for business, and personal affairs.
Today, in order to call Olive’s hotline, he downloaded and registered an account.
Instead of uninstalling the app, Elvis went on to reply the messages that were sent to him.
“Well, I’m just teasing her. What’s the problem with that?”
“I’m fine. Thanks for your help!”
“Have you seen how beautiful the anchor is? Are you as beautiful as she is? If not, where do you derive
your confidence from?” Elvis replied the messages one after the other.
Just after he replied the last message, countless messages flooded into his phone.
Elvis felt reluctant to respond to more messages. He threw his phone into the passenger’s seat, then
he opened the car door and walked out.
After Olive ended the call with Elvis, she excused herself to the bathurgont
In the hallway, she happened to meet Nora and Crystal who were about to get off work.
Nora turned to Crystal, and praised, “Crystal, your performance in the evening emotional program was
very good today. The audience rating will be out in two days. Then we’ll see your total score.”
Crystal smiled happily and replied proudly.
“Well, I’m very happy. I’m certain that our radio A will win over any other radio station.” She turned and
eyed Olive.
Nora kept to Mr. Paulo’s instruction and didn’t want cause any trouble. She stared at Olive coldly, then
she pulled Crystal away.
“Crystal, let’s go home.”
“Okay, mum.” Crystal happily followed Nora

Olive stared at the mother and daughter who were exiting the radio station. She felt a little worried
about Radio D’s audience rating.
However, she quickly diverted her attention to what she had to do.
Everyone was off work. As night fell, Olive was about to enter the forbidden area!

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