The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 374

If I Die, You’ll Die with me.
After everyone got off work, the entire station was turned off. With the key in her hand, Olive headed to
the station’s backyard and stood in front of the dark, red door.
Her heart was pounding fast, as she could already feel a terrifying and mysterious force calling out to
Olive inserted the key into the door lock and turned it gently. With a click, the door lock opened.
Olive pushed open the door and walked in.
It was cold and chilly, and there was an endless darkness lingering inside.
Olive walked in tensely, and she was on high alert, guarding against any danger that might happen to
But she walked all the way and found nothing.
Olive continued walking, and it seemed to her as the road had no end.
She wondered where she was heading, and where the second treasure box was.
At this moment, Olive suddenly halted because she saw something under the big tree in front of her. It
was a small treasure box made of a red sandalwood!
She found it!
She found the second treasure box that was left behind by her mother!
Olive quickly ran over. Seeing that she was getting closer to the box, she reached out to get it.
Suddenly, a big hand swiftly grabbed her wrist from behind.
A low and angry voice sounded in her ears, “Olive, what are you doing?”
Olive halted, then she turned around. Elvis’s handsome face was before her.

Olive was a little bewildered. “Why are you here?” She found herself asking.
Elvis scoffed, as he stared at her unbelievably.
“If I didn’t come here on time, you would have jumped off the cliff, and you would have been dead by
now!” He answered furiously.
What cliff?

Olive raised her eyes and saw that the big tree and treasure box that she had just seen had
disappeared. Before her was a bottomless cliff.
Now standing at the edge of the cliff, the soil under her feet cracked, and a piece of it collapsed
“OMG!” Olive let out a cry of surprise.
A fountain of sweat had instantly appeared on her forehead. She swiftly smuggled into Elvis’s arms,
holding tightly
to lus waist.
“I’m afraid.” She whimpered.
“I’ll pull you down, you won’t fall, okay?” Elvis assured.
Olive was shocked. “But I didn’t see the cliff just now. I clearly saw a big tree, and beneath it was the
second treasure box. She whispered to him.
“Where is the treasure box now?” Elvis questioned.
“I…I don’t know.” Olive replied, her face still buried in his warm chest.
She had clearly seen the treasure box.
Olive felt that what had happened wasn’t ordinary. Could it be that there was some mysterious power
here? One which made anyone who entered the place see what their heart longed for, hence tricking
them into jumping off the
Olive’s heart was agitated for a moment. There was something weird in here. She knew that the trip
down there was a dangerous one.
Teeling Olive’s body surrender in his arms, most of Elvis’s anger subsided. He stretched out his long
arms and
Chapter 374 [ Die, You’ll Die with
hugged her body, protecting her in his arms.
“Olive, why do you like to cause trouble so much? Can you stop for a while?”

A thought suddenly crossed Olive’s mind. She raised her eyes to look at Elvis.
“What did you see when you came over just now?” She inquired.
If she could see the illusion of what she longed for, what then did lie ser?
Elvis lowered his eyelids and stared at Olive.
“What did I see? It was you who I saw, I saw you running towards the c litt
Olive was shocked. What Elvis saw was her. Could it be that he yearned for her the most?
“What are you thinking about? Don’t tell me you’re still fascinated by me at this moment.” Elvis
stretched out his hand and held her face.
Olive quickly realized that she was still clinging to him. She quickly let go of him, and took some steps
“That’s not what I meant. You can go back now. I still need to find the treasure box.” Olive said to him,
then she turned around and left.
However, Elvis quickly stretched out his arm and hugged her waist, pulling her into his embrace.
Olive was caught off guard, and she fell into his arms.
“Elvis.” She made to protest.
“Shut up!” Elvis interupted her fiercely.
Olive quickly noticed an abnormality. She took a deep breath, as she stared firmly at the two pair of
green eyes in the darkness before her.
Suddenly, two wolves howled terrifying and appeared before them.
This was the first time Olive had seen a wolf. She was so frightened that her legs wobbled.
Her two hands were tightly wrapped around Elvis’s waist.
Elvis threw his arm around her shoulder and hugged her tightly.
“Elvis, are we going to die here?” Olive asked in fear.
Elvis stared at the two wolves warily.
“I don’t know. If you die, I die. If I die, you die with me.” Elvis replied calmly.
Olive raised her head and stared at him.
“Why isn’t there a third possiblity? Is that how you want to die? Can’t you be the hero and save my

“I, Elvis Augustine, have never been a hero. I won’t start now, Olive. If 1 die, then you must die with
me!” Elvis replied domineeringly.
Olive chuckled. Her two hands hugged him tightly, and she suddenly felt at ease.
When he was present, all the fear and anguish that was in her heart disappeared leaving no trace.
At this moment, the two wolves rushed over like lightning, trying to tear them apart.

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