The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 382

Kicking Olive Out of the Radio Station
Elvis closed his beautiful eyes, throat rolling up and down. He tried to shake off all the memories in his
head and stop thinking about it.
There was a hint of mockery at the corner of his lips. If she thinks it will end like this, then she is so
wrong. Everyone has to bear the consequences of what they do.
Olive returned to Radio D, the evening emotional broadcast began, and she wanted to continue
broadcasting. Because of Elvis, Radio D was currently getting a lot of attention. Olive shared a love
poem in a sweet and soft voice and was about to call the hotline.
At this time, a few people appeared in front of D station, the first one was Crystal.
Crystal was brimming with confidence with the report she heard on Radio A. expecting Olive to lose
miserably, but who expected Olive to beat her with an overwhelming advantage?
Crystal really felt unconvinced when she thought about it. Radio A’s listener rate has been exchanged
for the sex scandal of her grandpa and Alicia, who also lost face, but when it came time to compete for
ratings, Elvis came out right away, sending Radio D’s ratings skyrocketing.
Crystal felt that she was really flogging a dead horse.
At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in her ear. “Crystal ”
Crystal hastily turned her head, seeing the person coming, her heart was filled with joy, “Bro Jean!
You’ve finally

Jean Paulo is here!
Today Jean wears a black windbreaker, puts his hands in his pockets, his handsone cheeks are pale,
and his whole body shows an unreadable gloomy look.
Crystal ran over, and grabbed Jean’s arm. Jean finally came out of the mountain, Crystal suddenly felt
like she had a backbone.
Crystal quickly complained, “Jean, look, she’s Olive!”
Crystal pointed to Olive on Radio D and said.

Jean’s blue pupils fell on Olive, and he looked at Olive with a hint of amusement. It turns out that she is
Olive, who in such a short time robbed Crystal’s fiance and Charlotte’s lover.
Really interesting!
Jean smiled slightly.
Seeing this, Crystal learned that Olive had successfully piqued Jean’s interest. A person targeted by
Jean is like being entangled by a venomous snake. Jean wouldn’t let her die quickly but would use a
rope to trap her and play slowly until she was exhausted, he would tear her to pieces.
This is Jean’s style!
“Crystal, I know about what happened recently. I also heard about the report, actually what happened
between Elvis and Olive isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing!” Jean said casually.
Crystal was puzzled, “Jean, what good about it? She’s taken the spotlight now.”
Jean glanced at Crystal. In fact, whether it’s Crystal or Charlotte, he looks down on them. They’re all
too stupid. Jean didn’t want to waste time talking much, he just looked at the staff next to him and
whispered: “Later on, arrange for some people to pretend to be listeners to call the hotline of D station,
ask her why she seduced someone else’s fiance. Radio D’s audience is so big right now, and a lot of
them are watching good shows. As long as we lead on this first and label Olive a temptress, the public
will follow us.”
The staff was stunned for a bit, then quickly nodded in praise: “You are worthy of Young Master Paulo,
your attack is so powerful. If Radio D hears thut, it will explode, but so what? We just need to direct
public opinion. She will be blackmailed by the whole network, then she’ll be a rat across the street.
People will call and beat her up, and every time they will call the hotline to scold her.”
Chapter 382 Kicking Ole Out of the Radio Station
Crystal finally understood, her eyes shining. “Yes, yes, follow Jean’s orders. Hurry up. I want to see
how Olive ends up.”
“Okay.” The staff quickly went to do the job.
Crystal stood at the door and smiled triumphantly, “Jean. I finally get what you mean.”
Jean pouted. “Olive is at its peak now, as long as we take advantage of the opportunity, the public

opinion will be like a storm, getting bigger and bigger. The city has been quiet for a long time, let’s see
the fierce storm coming this
Crystal almost clapped her hands in approval, because she knew that this was only the first step of
Jean and that Jean still had a lot of tricks to use. Olive will be experiencing them soon!
On Radio D. Olive opened a hotline. At this time, a “ding” sounded, and a call came in, Olive quickly
connected: “Hello listener, I am the host of your evening emotions program Olive Hart. May I ask what
trouble you have? Hope I can help you.”
The audience on the other side quickly said: “Olive, are you really shameless? Don’t you know Elvis is
Crystal’s fiance? What right do you have to seduce someone else’s fiance? Is this the upbringing and
training you received?” At this time, another hotline called, also scolding: “Olive, you not only seduced
someone else’s fiance but also deceived Academician Augustine. You cheated to marry Academician
Augustine, did he know that? Are you a licentious and shameless woman by nature?”
The Radio It’s hotline quickly exploded, and the scolding became more and more severe. “Olive, do
you know Elvis and Marvin are brothers? Flirting with both brothers isn’t embarrassing for you?”
“I want to complain. I want to complain about Radio D. Radio D really used such a morally decadent
person to be the host of the evening’s sentimental program to solve our emotional troubles. What she
could teach us was the best joke I’ve ever heard.”
“Shut down D! Get Olive off the station! Get Olive out of the Academy of Sciences”
After that, the condemnation became more and more intense, and Olive didn’t even open her mouth to
speak, she was drowned by the sound of saliva.
At this point, there was a “beep”, and all Radio D equipment was cut off. Nora aggressively walked in
with the station’s senior manager, “Olive, it’s all your fault. Now all of our radio complaints were blown
up, and the audience demanded that we shut down Radio D immediately and take you seriously. We
can’t protect you anymore!”

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