The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 394

Close the door and let the dogs go!
At this time, there was a knock on the door, “knock knock”. There was someone outside the door.
Jean said. “Come in.”
The door was pushed open, and Charlotte entered.
“Bro. everyone is messing around at Hart’s house right now. There are our people over there. They’ll
post a live video soon. Let’s watch it together.”
Charlotte was very happy. She had many images in her mind. By then the whole Hart family would be
stashed. and Olive would be slapped, hair pulled, and beaten all over the place.
Wow, what a wonderful sight!
Jean looked over at Charlotte, agreeing. “Okay, let’s watch it together.”
Today must have been the busiest day in Imperial, because the people filled with righteous indignation,
tied white ribbons on their heads, and they walked the streets for a long time with banners in their
hands that said. “Catch Olive and drive her out of the Imperial”. Their team got bigger and bigger.
Everyone came to Hart’s house in anger. Because Harr’s family is a g ypsy, everyone is good at martial
arts, so they are a hit scared, next to deal.
“We made such a fuss, the Harts must have lacked the gate. We’ll break down the Harts’ gate in a
“When we come into Hart’s house, we’ll smash it with rocks and smash Hart’s house to pieces
“Remember, our ultimate goal is Olive. We have to find Olive!”
People discuss countermeasures, then shout: “Come on, break their gates!”
Everyone rushed towards the Hart house, but as soon as they reached the door, everyone suddenly
Because the door of the Hart family was wide open.

The Hart family is relatively majestic, at the entrance there are two lions, and in the middle is a red
sandalwood gate. Now the gate isn’t clused, but widens in all directions, opening brilliantly, as if to say
“The Hart family welcomes you!”

Everyone glanced at each other. Compared to their chaos, the entire Hart family was extremely quiet,
so quiet that there was no sound at all
This is quite odd, completely different from what they imagined.
What the hell is the Hart family doing?
“Come in and have a look!”
“Be gentle, watch out for traps!”
The initially aggressive crowd gently entered the Hart house. They looked left and right, afraid that
there might be some kind of trap.
Their appearance was… completely like thieves!
At this time, a person suddenly came out from the Hari family. It was the butler of the Hart family. The
butler loudly said. “Hey, who are you?”
At first, everyone was nervous and cautious, but now the butler’s rough voire suddenly shunted,
making everyone jump in fear!
The buder came over, pointed at them, and asked: “Hey, who are you?”
“We… Call your master out! We want to talk to him!”
The butler loudly said: “The master and the madam are not at home. They went on a trip yesterday.”
Did the head of the Hart family go on a trip?
The Shute Bride:
ted by My Hifiammaire Haband.
Why not sooner or later? Why are they leaving now? Is it intentional?
“What about your lady? Call Olive out, let’s talk with her!”
“My young lady has also gone out, and isn’t at home right now.”
“You….. you mean. Olive isn’t at home, is she on vacation? Did she run away early?”
The builer quickly frowned, not allowing others to speak ill of Olive, “What do you say? The young lady
has just been out for a while, still in Imperial. She said she went out to take care of some things, and
she’ll be back when she’s done

Everyone froze in place, looking at each other, not knowing what to do now.
They rushed over, wanting to make a deal with someone, but Tom, Mia, and Olive weren’t there.
Tom and Mia went on a trip. Where did Olive go?
Has she disappeared?
“Now we are here. We can’t come here in vain, otherwise, it would be embarrassing, I think Olive just
ran away. She was frightened, and such an evil woman with such corrupt morals didn’t deserve to stay
in Imperial anymore. Now let’s smash the Han family, as well as warn her harshly!”
“Okay. I’ll go first!”
A man in blue directly smashed the stone in his hand against the glass of the Hart house.
However, it failed, as the butler stretched his legs and flew forward, blocking the stone in mid air.
Everyone was stunned. They have heard that the Hart family is famous, and the ser vants of the whole
Hart family, from the housekeeper to the gardener, are all masters of martial arts. Now they really…
know it.
The butler stopped the ice, and coldly looked at the man in blue, who was dumbfounded, “Dare to
cause trouble in the Hart family area, do you want to die? Come here!”
As soon as the butler finished shouting, a group of people ran out, all of them from the Hart family, all
tall and strong, with a large bodies that could crush a person to death.
Everyone was scared to the point of becoming weak, didn’t dare to touch the gangster, seeing such a
spectacular scene just wanted to run away.
This has nothing to do with them. They came here only for Crystal, now their own safety is threatened,
and those less courageous are all running away. “Run! Run!”
The butler sneered, “So you want to run away now? Is our Hart family a place where you can come and
go easily?” The braver people restrained the fear inside, pretending to calmly look at the butler, “You..
what do you want?” The butler ordered, “Close the door and let the dogs go!”
With a clang, the rosewood door of the Hart family’s house closed, and soon there was the sound of
dogs barking and people screaming
The cry was pitiful, almost echoing half Imperial.

Outside, a passerby heard the voice, “Hurry up, who dares to provoke the Hart family?”
At Paulo’s house.
Charlotte was anxiously waiting for her men to send her a video when there was a “ding”, a small video
dip appeared.
“Bro, come see Olive’s tormented form!” Charlotte hastily called out to Jean.
Jean came over, the two brothers watched the video together. When they clicked on the video, all they
saw were large wolves that were taller than people, and these large wolves darted toward the camera
with a “swoosh”, and opened their bl oody mouths.
Charlotte screamed in terror and immediately dropped her phone.
It’s terrible.
What is this?
Charlotte had waited for such a long time, never expecting to receive such a horrifying video. Her
beautiful face was pale with fear, her whole body was shaking

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