The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 395

Olive disappeared!
Something quickly flashed in Jean’s blue pupils. He bent down and picked up the cell phone on the
He clicked on the video and watched it again.
“Bro, what’s going on? Why are my friends sending me such a horrible video!” cried Charlotte, very
Jean calmly said: “Your friend is not mistaken, this is the Hart family, but… today something
unexpected happened.”
“What’s unexpected?” asked Charlotte in surprise.
At this moment, the melodious cell phone rang, it was Jean’s phone. Mr. Paulo was calling.
Jean pressed the connect button, “Hi Grandpa.”
The solemn voice of Mr. Paulo said from the other end, “Bad things happened. The people who broke
into Hart’s house today got no profit but were taught a strict lesson by the Hart family, scared to come
out. Tom and Mia went on a trip. Yesterday, Olive disappeared.”
Jean frowned. He didn’t expect Olive to suddenly disappear, “Where did she go? Did you find her?”
“I sent someone to check. All the airports in Imperial have no news of Olive, which means she hasn’t
left the Imperial, but there is no trace of where she has gone. She disappeared without a trace.”
Although Imperial is very large, the Paulo family, one of the four powerful families, can still find
someone easily.
But now Mr. Paulo is acting on his own but can’t find Olive. Where did she go?
“Now it seems Olive foresaw everything that was going to happen today. She prepared. We’ve been in
the dark these past few days, and she’s been out in the light, leaving her very passive. She is on alert
now, and she will act immediately. There was a counterattack, and she disappeared without a trace.
Jean, we must be more careful. I always feel that she is near us.”
Jean slowly raised his eyebrows but smiled instead: “Grandpa, now it’s getting more and more
interesting. Olive is very amazing.”

Charlotte heard the call and angrily stamped her feet. It was such a good chance but Olive
Her disappearance made people uneasy.
Charlotte quickly picked up the phone and said, “Grandpa, have you told the Augustine family about my
marriage to Marvin? How did Mr. Augustine respond?”
Charlotte was afraid that something unexpected would happen to her marriage. Now she doesn’t want
to wait five days, she wants to marry Marvin today.

Mr. Paulo said: “I told Alpha, but Alpha didn’t agree or refuse, he just said he needed to think about it.
Like I said earlier, Alpha is a very profound person, no one knows what he’s thinking about.”
At Augustine’s house, in the study.
The personal butler Aiden reported in a low voice, “Boss, Olive was gone.”
Alpha raised an eyebrow, asking. “Where did she go?”
“I still haven’t found her.”

Chapter 305 Olive disappeared!
Alpha was a bit surprised that even Aiden didn’t know where Olive had
“Boss, now a lot of people are investigating where Olive went, including Paulo’s family, but there is
no news.”
Alpha pursed his lips and smiled. Olive really lives up to his expectations, she can disappear in front of
Augustine and Paulo’s family without a trace.
It seems it’s not just the Augustine family and the Paulo family. Who knows if Mrs. Robert and Derrick,
the prince of the Rodriguez family, are looking for her?
But the results are all one, not found.
Now, no one can find her.
“Boss, Mr. Paulo just called to urge us to agree to the marriage. What’s wrong with the second young

master? Doesn’t he like Miss Hart? Why does he want to marry Charlotte?” Aiden wondered. He was a
very wise man who had picked up an unusual smell.
Alpha said nothing.
At this time, there was a knock on the door. “Clack” sounded, and outside the door came a maid’s
voice: “Sir, a postman has just arrived.”
“Come in.”
The maid pushed open the door of the office and entered, handing an envelope: “Sir, someone
knocked on the door just now. I went to open it, but when I opened the door, there was no one outside,
then I saw this letter on the ground.”
Alpha took the letter that someone sent him personally.
Someone sent him a letter by name, but they didn’t show up.
“Understood, go down.”
The maid stepped back respectfully.
Aiden looked at the letter suspiciously but remained silent.
He opened the letter. In the letter, there was a lovely little line, which said, “Let’s hold the wedding as
“Haha,” Alpha laughed.
Aiden asked in a low voice, “Boss, could it be… Is this a letter from Miss Hart?”
Alpha lit the lighter, then lit the letter and threw it in the ashtray, “It’s her.”
“Right now, all the Imperial forces and eyes are focused on her, wanting to search for her. No one
expects she will silently send you a letter at this pivotal moment.” Aiden said.
Alpha pouted, “Not only that, but she also uses me. In her letter, she asks me to agree to the Paulo
family’s marriage, and let Marvin marry Charlotte in five days.”
Aiden laughed, too, “Miss Hart is very interesting. Boss, what do you want to do?”
Alpha thought to himself that he had run the business for so many years, and no one would dare take
advantage of him like that. She definitely had plans of her own, and he would become her pawn.

Alpha nodded, “Go on. The Paulo family is like a wolf hunting for her. I want to see how she will turn
things around in five days!”
The Substitute Bride: Duted by My Billionaire Husband
In the bes
In the hospital.
Crystal learned of Olive’s disappearance, too, angrily knocking all the delicious and delicate dishes on
the table to the ground.
“Cra ck.”
On the ground was a mess.
At this time, Nora pushed the door in: “Crystal, how are you?”
“Mom, where did Olive go? Why hasn’t she been found? Did I cut my own wrist only to kill myself?”
Crystal had a feeling that Olive must have foreseen that she would harm herself, so she disappeared
without a word and left her performing here alone.
Now Crystal looks at the wound on her wrist and feels that she’s been beaten up by Olive. She was a
fool who performed for everyone to see.
Nora’s face was very unsightly, too. Who would have expected Olive to disappear? She softly
comforted Crystal, “Crystal, your grandpa, and Jean are looking for her. Don’t be angry, take care of
Crystal quickly reached out her hand to tear the white bandage on her wrist, revealing a wound that
wasn’t deep but very shallow.
Crystal was spoiled, she endured the pain of cutting her wrist, but she only cut it lightly, not wanting to
commit suicide.
But even so, she would still have a scar on her wrist. It was very ugly and embarrassing.
“Mom, I don’t care. Now find me a famous doctor, help me remove the scar. I don’t want to leave any

“Crystal, your grandpa and brother are both famous doctors.”
“They’re good at poisoning and don’t know about plastic surgery, Mom, help me find the mysterious
Doctor X!”

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