The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 410

Olive shone brightly

Olive stood on the sidelines watching the show. She has to open a breakthrough in everything, to
regain the initiative.

So in the Paulo family, she chose Nora. As for Marvin, maybe she was kicked out before doing
anything, so she chose Lily, who always wanted to protect her son.

With Lily helping her take the lead, the next thing would be a lot easier.

Now Lily, seeing her son who had worked so hard to raise was fascinated by Charlotte, pushed her
away and yelled at her to get out. Today Lily and Charlotte had a feud. With Lily’s temperament, she
wouldn’t let Charlotte live peacefully in the future without bloodshed.

Olive suddenly felt that as long as Lily did a good job, it would be easy.

At this point, Marvin stepped forward. He bent down to help Charlotte up, and held her in his arms,
“Charlotte, are you alright? Never mind that mad woman.”

At this point, Lily was so mad that her teeth were starting to tremble. She looked at Olive, shouting,
“Olive, what are you doing? Save my son!”

Only then did Olive lift her legs, step by step onto the stage, to Marvin’s side, “Marvin, come with me, I
will save you.”

Marvin looked at Olive with disgust and coldly threw Olive a sentence, “Get out!”

Lily at the side suddenly felt much more comfortable,

Olive looked regretfully at Marvin, “Marvin, I didn’t mean to be… violent with you, but…. were very


After-saying that, Olive quickly raised her hand, and when Marvin reacted, a silver needle in Olive’s
hand was dug deep into Marvin’s acupuncture point.

Marvin closed his eyes and passed out.

“Marvin! Marvin!” Lily worriedly stood beside Marvin, she raised her head to look at Olive, “Olive,
Marvin was killed by you. If you don’t do this much, the Paulo Family won’t have a chance to sneak in
and harm him. You must save him. This is what you owe Marvin!”

Olive nodded. She doesn’t deny that if Marvin hadn’t been hurt by her, Jean would never have
succeeded with his talent.

Olive looked at Lily, and said, “Mrs. Augustine, I’ll save him.”

At this moment, the door was pushed open, and a group of medical staff dressed in white coats ran in
and carried Marvin on a stretcher.

Seeing the changes in the facial expressions of these medical staff, Mr. Paulo immediately narrowed
his cloudy eyes, asking her, “Olive, who are you?”

Olive curled her red lips into a shallow curve, “Who am I? Paulo will know after watching.”

“Where are you going?”

“Underground Scientific Research Facility.” Olive slowly spat out a few words.

Mr. Paulo was shocked. In fact, he saw that these medical staff weren’t ordinary doctors at all, they
were all like frontline scientific research workers.

Furthermore, he had just seen Olive act. This is the first time he’s seen Olive use acupuncture needles,
and Olive’s acupuncture skills are amazing.

Chapter 416 Olive shone brightly

She stayed in Imperial for so long and didn’t reveal her medical skills. Until now Mr. Paulo knows she
has amazing medical skills!

Olive looked into the unpredictable eyes of Mr. Paulo and smiled, “Mr. Paulo, you must come because
your grandson, Jean, is drinking tea there.”

After saying that, Olive and her men left.

As soon as Olive left, the audience exploded with questions,

“God, who is Olive? She can use a needle.”

“Her aura was so strong, the medical staff seemed to listen to her.”

“Let’s all go and see. Let’s go to the scientific research facility!”

All the wedding guests left one by one, and everyone went there to join the fun.

The heart of Mr. Paulo has sunk to the bottom. Olive not only had medical skills but also invited his
grandson Jean to come.

Jean went to get Olive, and now Mr. Paulo could easily infer that Jean was trapped and captured by

It looks like this big show would be performed in the underground scientific research facility.

Alpha looked at Damien beside him, saying, “Come on, let’s join the fun!”

Damien pushed Mrs. Robert’s wheelchair, replying. “Okay.”

Alpha curved his thin lips. The person who just teased him about gossiping is unlike before. Olive
successfully caught Damien’s attention.

The parking lots outside the underground scientific research facility were full as people rushed in.

Mrs. Robert was in the wheelchair, and Damien was pushing. Alpha and Lily were standing together,
Mr. Paulo and Charlotte were here, and of course, Elvis was here too.

Elvis knows that Olive will definitely save Marvin. If he doesn’t come and watch, he will always be

Everyone waited for a while and didn’t see any sign of Olive, Lily impatiently asked: “Where is Olive?
Why hasn’t she come yet? Won’t she play tricks on us?”

Then people started whispering,

“Olive won’t lie, will she?”

“Let’s wait and see what Olive is up to.”

At this moment, the underground door of the scientific research base suddenly opened. A group of
scientists dressed in white came out, respectfully standing on either side as if waiting for someone

At this moment, a black nanny car galloped forward, then stopped. The back door opened, and Olive’s
beautiful slender figure came into view.

Olive is here!

Olive walked forward without looking back, and Elle quickly walked in front of her, saying reverently,
“Professor Hart, you’re back. We’re waiting for you.”

Olive nodded, then stretched out her slender white hand to zip the zipper around her neck to the end,
taking off her black coat and handing it to Elle, revealing a clean white coat underneath

Chapter 410 Olive shone brightly

Everyone watched Olive approach. How to describe this scene?

This is the first time Olive has appeared in front of everyone wearing a white coat. Underneath her
white coat was her slim and delicate figure, with jet-black hair tied back into a low ponytail. She joined
the group of scientific researchers walking in front, holding a medical information leaflet in her hand,
whispering something to Elle. At this time, bright sunlight poured in from the floor-to-ceiling windows,
covering her with a layer of magnificence.

She walked forward step by step, her white dress swept up in the air by the wind, drawing a beautiful
and graceful are. At this moment, her aura was completely open, like a jade in the dust, revealing an
amazing light.

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