The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 415

Let’s Make a Deal
Olive was determined to push Marvin away. First, Marvin’s health really needed to be restored.
Second, she didn’t want Marvin to get involved in her business again, otherwise, she really couldn’t
stand it.
Marvin and she are not only friends but confidants, Marvin could understand her so he accepted all
arrangements and left.
He asked nothing because he knew everything.
After seeing off Marvin, Olive turned to look at Jean, she curled her red lips, saying. “Of course I have
to think for myself. I’m afraid of death, and I don’t want to die, so I want to ask Major General Paulo to
hand over the antidote for The Old Lady.
Olive w
went in front of Jean, and directly spread her slender white hand, asking for Jean’s antidote. Jean
shook his head, “I have no antidote, Olive. There’s always no antidote for The Old Lady.”
“Okay, then please give me the recipe of The Old Lady. I’ll make the antidote myself.” Olive raised her
delicate willow leaf eyebrows.
This time Jean showed a playful smile, “Olive, do you think I’ll give you the recipe? Don’t waste time.
You absolutely can’t take the recipe from me. Maybe you’ll come up with a solution, but I don’t have a
weakness, you can’t threaten me.”
What Jean said is true. He is a person with no weaknesses.
If there is love, there is a weakness. Like Olive, she has a fatal weakness to save her friend Marvin.

Jean is an extreme and sick person. In his heart, there is no love, only games.
Now that the game had reached its climax, he had spent years researching potions against the
bloodline of immortality. He wanted to praise his achievements, how could he give the formula?
Standing beside Jean, Mr. Paulo snorted coldly, “Olive, don’t dream anymore. Jean won’t give you the
“That’s right Olive, you can’t take away all the good things in the world. If you saved Marvin, you’d have

to die!” Charlotte said viciously.
Olive wasn’t in any mood swings, because she wasn’t surprised. She has studied Jean’s imperfect
personality, and she knows exactly what Jean is like.
Olive pulled out her little hand and curiously asked: “Jean, do you really have nothing to care about?
Don’t you have any weaknesses? So how about Mr. Paulo, your grandfather, and Charlotte, your
sister? What are they?”
Mr. Paulo and
arlotte were very arrogant just now, they were waiting for Olive’s death, but now Olive asked, and the
two of them immediately froze.
Their eyes both fell on Jean’s handsome face.
Jean’s eyes flashed, revealing a hint of coldness. He asked, “Olive, what do you mean?”
Olive held her small hand behind her back, “Actually, Young Master Paulo, I know that you don’t care
about anything, but you have something to lose, and now I’m going to destroy what you have, and you
can’t do anything about it.”
Jean pursed his thin lips, he didn’t know what trick Olive was up to.
At this time, “Ah,” Mr. Paulo suddenly groaned in pain, reached out to hold his heart, and suddenly
collapsed on the carpet.
Suddenly something happened to Mr. Paulo, Charlotte’s pupils shrank, and she rushed over, “Grandpa,
what’s wrong?”
Jean immediately squatted down to take Mr. Paulo’s pulse, and Mr. Paulo… was poisoned by Ne cro!
Jean looked up at Olive, asking. “Olive, what have you done?”
“I just treat your people your way. At the wedding. I poisoned Mr. Paulo by N ecro, and the poison is
different from the one on Marvin. N ecro is used for manipulation, and the poison in Mr. Paulo’s body is
even stronger than Nec ro, and the person infected with this poison will feel like being bitten. by insects
and ants. They can’t stand the pain.”

“As for N ecro, I don’t need to introduce you anymore, Young Master Paulo. Poor Mr. Paulo, he’s so old
that he has to endure this kind of pain. I wonder how many days he can live.”
“Young master Paulo, now Mr. Paulo is my bargaining chip. We can make a deal. How about this? I’ll
help Mr. Paulo detox, and you give me the recipe, okay?”
Mr. Paulo didn’t want to give the recipe to Olive, he wanted to say, but right now his heart ached, like
something was gnawing at his flesh and blood. This pain made his old face pale, he directly fell to the
ground, arching in pain.
“Grandpa! Grandpa!” Charlotte cried out in fear. For so many years, Mr. Paulo has been the pillar of the
Paulo family, now that this pillar has collapsed, she feels like the sky is falling.
“Olive, how dare you poison my grandpa? You are so cruel!” Charlotte turned her head to scold Olive.
Olive wanted to laugh. She doesn’t know who the real villain is. If she didn’t have a backup, how could
she spend the rest of her life fighting with the Paulo family?
“Charlotte, you have been a pampered lady since childhood, now Mr. Paulo has failed, you are scared.
Once Mr. Paulo falls, the whole Paulo family will fall. At that time, you will fall from the sky to earth, and
you probably wouldn’t even be able to make a living. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste time cursing now,
but would beg your brother to hurry up and give me the recipe to save your Grandpa and the entire
Paulo family!” Olive kindly reminded her.
Charlotte was taken aback. She hurriedly looked over at Jean, reached for the corner of Jean’s shirt,
and said, “Bro, give Olive the recipe. It’s just a recipe, Olive might not come up with a solution. You
don’t even know how to make a cure, how can she make it?”
“Grandpa is our biological grandpa. Our parents passed away when we were young, Grandpa raised
us. Grandpa loves you the most. He spent his whole life raising you. How can you see Grandpa in such
pain? Please save him. Hurry, bro, hurry!”
Jean slowly put Mr. Paulo down. He stood up. There was something so dark in his blue pupils, which
was terrifying. He looked down at Mr. Paulo on the ground, saying, “Grandpa, didn’t you always want
Joyce Brown’s daughter to die? I’m helping you achieve your long-cherished wish. Don’t worry. You
won’t be alone on your way to heaven, because Olive will soon come down to accompany you, so don’t

blame me.”
Charlotte looked at Jean at this moment, she felt cold hands and feet, bones trembling. She mumbled,
“Bro… Bro, you…
Mr. Paulo was abandoned, curled up on the ground in pain, his old face covered in a cold sweat. He
slowly reached out his hand towards Jean, “Jean… Jean…”
Olive looked at Mr. Paulo on the ground, “Mr. Paulo, you can see clearly. This is the good grandson you
trained. You created a l unatic, a monster.”

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