The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 447

Her biological father
Elvis looked up at Jean.
Jean, dressed in black, walked over with a cold demeanor and asked, “Where’s Amelia?”
Elvis and Jean, two equally tall men, were standing in the airport lobby and instantly became the
brightest and most eye-catching figures.
Elvis looked at Jean, sparks glimmering from their silent gazes, then he slowly curled his lips in a slight
arc, “Amelia’s gone, and I have the recipe for One Snap.”
Jean looked at the French window in front of him. In the blue sky, a plane quickly disappeared from his
sight. He frowned, then turned away, looking at the recipe in Elvis’s hand, “Elvis, I heard Damien locked
my grandpa and Crystal in a prison.”
Elvis narrowed his eyes deeply and replied, “Yes.”
“Oh.” Jean showed a sickly but evil smile, “So now you go and let go of my grandpa and Crystal
because the potion in this recipe requires Crystal. Without Crystal, Olive can’t live.”
Elvis’s eyes quickly splattered like ink, and two dangerous little storms accumulated in them.
Turns out the antidote is on Crystal.
“Elvis, do you think that my grandpa who has plotted for so many years can easily lose? You looked
down on him.” After saying that, Jean led his men to leave.
In the prison.
Mr. Paulo told Crystal about the antidote, Crystal opened her mouth in surprise: “Grandpa, you say the
antidote is on me?”

Mr. Paulo grinned, replying. “Yes, you are the key to saving Olive’s life.”
Crystal remembers that her grandfather would occasionally p rick her finger with a needle and bleed a
drop of blood. When she asked him why he was taking her blood, he just acted mysterious and told
Crystal it was a gift given to her by her grandfather. The greatest gift.
Crystal now knows that her and Olive’s fates are tied together, and only she can keep Olive alive.

Crystal seemed to have found an oasis in the middle of the desert, and she woke up, asking, “Grandpa,
what should I do?”
“Elvis will come to you later, Crystal. Now that Olive’s life is in your hands, you can have anything you
want.” Mr. Paulo smiled.
Crystal was so happy that she almost jumped. Does that mean she can do whatever she wants?
Great, this is simply a pass token.
At this time, Nora frowned and worriedly said, “Dad, Olive’s background has been revealed, Damien
won’t stand by and watch. Alpha hasn’t taken action yet, but he’s also watching from behind. Elvis, too.
Now we’re the equivalent of officially breaking up and confronting them. They’re the three biggest
figures in Imperial. Aren’t we throwing a straw against the wind? Maybe we were killed by them before
we got what we wanted.”
As Nora reminded her, Crystal suddenly felt a chill on her neck. Her father, Damien, could make the
Chapter 447 Her biological father
Paulo family disappear from the Imperial in one night, and it would only be a snap of his fingers to
make her disappear.
In addition, they couldn’t provoke the Augustine father and son, the myths that govern the economy.
Mr. Paulo calmly sat down, saying, “We can’t go back to Paulo’s house. Damien always keeps his
word. There will be no more Paulo family at the Imperial, but we have a better place to go.”
“Grandpa, where are we going?” Crystal asked curiously.
Nora looked at Mr. Paulo. She knew he was coming to an important point. He’s been very unusual
lately, probably related to the person he’s been in contact with.
Nora had an intuition that the person was definitely not a good one but a villain.
Mr. Paulo looked at Crystal, asking. “Crystal, do you know who your biological father is?
Crystal was stunned, her biological father?
She never thought about this matter. She just wanted to be Damien’s daughter, the daughter of the
richest man in the world. The daughter of the Robert family is such a glorious and supreme glory. Could

there be a better identity than that?
If her biological father were an ordinary person, she wouldn’t want to know who he is, much less listen.
Crystal has always felt that she has noble blood. Until now, she still feels that way.
Seeing Crystal despise and dislike his biological father, Mr. Paulo felt funny, laughed, and said:
“Crystal, your biological father is a very important person. He is from Greenland.”
Crystal knows Greenland, a very powerful neighboring country.
“Grandpa, what does my biological father do in Greenland? Is he also in business?” Crystal asked.
Mr. Paulo’s shining eyes looked at Crystal. He smiled and said: “Doing business? Crystal, you look
down on your biological father. Your father is the king of Greenland, and you are the princess of
Crystal took a deep breath and stood up, looking at Mr. Paulo. Her head was about to explode.
Her… Her biological father is the king of Greenland?
She… She is the Noble Princess?
Oh, G od!
Nora was taken aback, too. In fact, for all these years she had no idea who the man she slept with was.
In order to marry Damien and gain higher status, Nora followed the arrangement of her father, Mr.
Paulo, to sleep with a man. Due to Mr. Paulo arbitrarily arranged, that night she didn’t turn on the light,
lying in bed waiting for the man to come.
That night made her pregnant.
Nora’s heart was filled with Damien’s figure, and she never noticed the man, nor asked about him.
How could she think that man was the king of Greenland?
Why would a king come to sleep with a little maid?
Nora’s terrified eyes looked at Mr. Paulo. She realized that she had never understood her father. Did he
hide many things from her?
Chapter 447 Her biological father

Her father, Mr. Paulo, was Joyce Brown’s chief disciple at the time, and he knew too many secrets.
“Dad, is Crystal’s father really the king of Greenland? We only met once…
Mr. Paulo directly interrupted Nora, “No, you didn’t just meet once. You forgot that after marrying
Damien and becoming Mrs. Robert, you lived alone in an empty room for many years. There was a
year you drank in the bar and had an affair all night. The man who slept with you was the king of
Greenland. He came back and cu ckolded Damien.

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