The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 459

I like to turn off the lights!
He actually agreed?
Did he agree to sleeping with her?
At this moment, Elvis pointed to the room beside him. “Go in.” He ordered.
Crystal had completely surrendered to his domineering and powerful aura. She immediately. entered
the room shyly, and was full of anticipation.
In the room.
The maid brought over two set of pajamas.
“Ma’am Crystal, the pajamas are here.”
Crystal raised her eyes and stared at Elvis who was standing on the balcony. He took off his suit jacket
and the black shirt he wore inside was now visible. His tall and handsome body was about to be
drenched by the dew.
Crystal took the Pajamas and dismissed the maid. Then she called out to Elvis.
Elvis turned around and stared expressionlessly at her.
Crystal blushed and quickly walked into the bathroom with her nightgown in her arms.
In the bathroom.
Ten minutes later, Crystal stood naked in front of the washstand. She stared at her face and body in the
mirror before her. Small droplets of water slid from her fair skin.
She took a towel and gently wiped the tiny water droplets off her body.
Thinking of Elvis’s cold and powerful aura and his tall and handsome hody, Crystal felt a tingling
sensation flow across her body.
Tonight, she was finally going to have a taste of him.
She was about to actualize her dream.

Crystal was very proud. She concluded that she had defeated Olive since she was the one who got
Elvis in the end.
She planned to use her phone and record a video and send to Olive.

It would be interesting!
Crystal was very confident. She felt that Elvis only had a crush on Olive, and soon, he would
completely abandon Olive and be with her.
Crystal put down the towel and then wore her silk nightgown.
Crystal stared at the mirror again. After she was certain that she was perfect, she exited the bathroom.
Elvis, who should have been on the balcony, was already sitting on the sofa. He was still smoking.
When Crystal walked before him, her entire body felt numb.
“Elvis, I’m done showering.” She informed him.
Elvis raised his eyes and stared at her. His cold eyes flickered in the smoke.
Chapter 459 I like to turn off the lights!
“Take off your clothes, I want to have a look.”
As the daughter of the Robert family, the numbers of men that wanted her were enough to fill a big hall.
But it was only Elvis who had caught her attention.
Elvis was a twenty eight years old man, and his power, status, and wealth had reached a certain peak.
His sexual life was also perfect. He understood women in bed and enjoyed them.
Crystal raised her hand and brushed off the shoulder strap from her shoulders. The red silk nightdress
fell to her feet.
She stared shyly and timidly at Elvis. Elvis stared at her body, and exhaled the puff of the cigarette.
“Elvis…” Crystal called out seductively.
Elvis stood up and approached Crystal. “You can’t wait, right?”
Crystal moved back slowly. Elvis hadn’t touch her yet, but she could already smell his scent.
“Elvis, I love you. I loved you for so many years. You like me too, right? You were just bewitched by
Olive. Now that we’re married, I know that you’ll fall more in love with me.” As she spoke, Crystal
stretched out her hand to touch Elvis,
But before she could touch him, Elvis lifted her and threw her onto the soft bed.
“My gosh!” Crystal exclaimed.

She looked up and saw that Elvis had taken away the cigarette that was in his mouth. He raised his
fingers and unbuttoned the buttons on his shirt. Then he climbed onto the bed.
Crystal shyly and nervously closed her eyes. Her entire body ached for Elvis’s touch.
She took the initiative to pout for a kiss.
However, the light in the room was suddenly turned off.
It turned out that he did not want to kiss her, but he wanted to turn off the lights.
Crystal opened her eyes. Her vision was pitch black. “Elvis, why did you turn off the light? I can’t see
you anymore.”
Elvis laughed softly. There was a hint of evil in his voice, “I like to do it with the lights turned off.” He
replied in a whisper, as he licked his lips.
Crystal quickly closed her eyes. She felt that Elvis was too charming, and she really couldn’t stand his
She leaned towards Elvis, and said to him, “Elvis, touch me.”
Elvis retracted and avoided her touch.
“Hang on, I’ll have a shower first.”
Crystal had been waiting in the room. Five minutes had elapsed and Elvis hadn’t still returned.
She stood up and walked up to the bathroom.
“Elvis, are you done yet?” She said from outside,
Some seconds later, the bathroom door opened.
In the darkness, Crystal could not see the man’s face clearly, but his body was still strong. She threw
herself into his embrace.
Crystal stood on tiptoe and kissed the man’s lips. The man held her close, as he fiercely kissed her
The Substimir Brides Boted boy My Billionaire Husband
Chapter 459 I like to turn off the lightst

Crystal was filled with joy.
“Elvis, I love you so much…” She mumbled.
The man lifted her and placed her on the bed.
An hour later.
Crystal got up from the bed. She endured the pains that she felt and picked a long dress and wore it
Elvis stood up and went out.
Outside the door, Elvis wore a white shirt and stood at the carved railing. When he saw her, he asked in
a deep and strange voice, “Are you satisfied?”
“Elvis…” Crystal called out shyly, and threw herself on Elvis again.
Elvis didn’t evade, but at this moment, two bodyguards who were dressed in black stepped forward and
grabbed Crystal. One of the bodyguards took out a sharp knife.

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Chapter 459

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