The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 462

Kill Me!
Elvis felt helpless. He did not know how to coax Olive.
Over the years, he had attended several international conferences and gave speeches at summit
forums. His life had been calm and orderly, and everything was under his control.
But now, he was panicking. There was nothing he could do. Olive was his little nemesis. His heart was
badly hurt.
“Olive dear, please stop crying.” Elvis kissed the tears on her face and swallowed it. He bent his head.
and kissed her red lips again.
This time, his kiss was gentle and soothing.
Olive slowly stopped crying. She looked up at him with her eyes which were blurred with tears. “Elvis,
can you leave now? I don’t want to see you.”
“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I feel very sad by just seeing you. I don’t want you to be controlled
by Crystal because of me. I don’t want you to marry Crystal. I don’t want Crystal to touch you. I know
that everything you did was because of me, I shouldn’t blame you, but I just can’t accept it. She spoke
“Elvis, do you know that I’d rather die just because of my predicament than for you to get entangled
with Crystal When you did this, you didn’t think about me at all. You don’t even know what I want!”
“Elvis, I’m sorry, just let me go. Maybe one day I’ll heal the scars in my heart, but by your side, I’ll never
be healed. I’m very jealous right now, as long as I think that Crystal is already your wife, I feel like I’ll
explode with jealously.” Olive sniffed, and pushed him away. She took a step back, and turned and
walked away.
However, Elvis chased after her. His strong arms tightly wrapped around her slender waist and he
tightly hugged her from behind. He messily kissed her hair.
“Olive, I know. But you don’t have to be jealous of anyone. You will always be my wife. The only Mrs.
The words ‘Mrs. Augustine’ felt very harsh in Olive’s ears. She didn’t want to hear it at all.

Olive turned around and forcefully pushed him away.
“Elvis, thank you for reminding me once again that you are already married. Please leave. immediately
and stop pestering me. What do you from me? You want to keep me outside as a mistress, is that it?
You better don’t even think about it!” She snapped angrily.
“I came to your wedding party and tried everything I could to get you back. But you didn’t want to come
back. I don’t want your pills. I don’t want you either. I honestly wish you and Crystal a happy marriage.”
She added.
Elvis quickly stretched out his fingers and held her face. “Olive, take back what you said. I think you
should know that I’m very angry right now, and I’m the kind that can’t be coaxed!”
“I don’t want it, Elvis, I don’t want you anymore…”
Elvis bent over and covered her red lips with his. He was wrong to have allowed her speak.
Olive struggled hard, but Elvis hugged her waist and pushed her back. They both stumbled into the
Olive quickly became alert. “Elvis, what are you doing? You’re married now. Don’t touch me with your
dirty hands. Get out!”
Elvis grabbed her two wrists with his hands. Then he pressed her to the bed.
“If I’m to leave you, then I have to leave my imprints on you. I want any man that comes close to you in
the future to know that you’re my woman!
“Elvis, if you want to have sex, then go meet your Crystal! Don’t touch me!” Olive retorted.
Elvis clasped her wrist, his legs pushed open her two tight legs with an unbearable domineering force,
and squeezed his waist in.
“Olive, be good, be obedient, or I’ll hurt you.” Elvis warned and kissed her cheek.
Olive’s body was already tightly suppressed. She could only hide her face and prevent him from kissing
“Elvis, do you want to force me? If you force me, I won’t forgive you!” Olive vowed.
Elvis stretched out his big palm and pulled her face up from the soft pillow. Then he placed the pill in

her mouth.
“Your body is under mine, let me see if you want this or not.” Elvis’s palm slid down her body and
picked up the hem of her white dress.
Olive was caught off guard and she had swallowed the pill.
Olive couldn’t understand why he was on her bed when he was now married to Crystal.
Olive was an emotional perfectionist and could not accept such a thing.
In the dark room, Olive and Elvis gasped for breath.
“Go away. Elvis, I won’t forgive you, I hate you!”
Olive’s words didn’t seem to affect Elvis at all. With a click, she heard him unbuckling the helt around
his waist.
Tears rolled down Olive’s eyes. She felt cornered by Elvis. She reached out and took out a knife from
the bed drawer.
She held the knife tightly in her palm and looked at him with sharp eyes. “Elvis, get out. If you don’t get
out, I’ll kill you!”
She stared at him with reddened eyes, as if she was staring at her own enemy.
The sharp light of the knife flickered in Elvis’s deep cold eyes.
Elvis used his knuckles to hold onto her cold hand and helped her place the tip of the knife against
his heart.
“Kill me. Otherwise, as long as I live for another day, I won’t let you leave me!”
Olive’s body began to tremble. The pain in her body suddenly became nothing. She felt like her heart.
had been shattered in pieces.
Elvis was so arrogant, he was relying on her love for him.
Why did he have to force her?
Olive gritted her teeth and she pressed her hands so hard that the sharp point of the knife sank directly
into the Elvis’s heart.

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