The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 473

I miss you so much

Olive closed the door, leaving him outside alone.

Elvis’s hand slowly clenched into a fist. He slowly raised his hand and knocked on the door.

The knock on the door was steady and rhythmic.

“Olive, you’re not willing to open the door. It’s alright. Tonight, I’ll stand outside and knock on the door
until you open, okay?”

In the room, Olive heard the knocks on the door. She sat on the ground with her knees bent.

She would not compromise.

She would not compromise anymore.

Elvis was a master at playing tricks. In fact, he was good at playing games.

“Olive, I feel so hot. It’s getting worse. I really miss you.”

Elvis’s body temperature was scorching hot. Even his breath was hot. The medicine that Charlotte had
gotten was the best.

He swallowed hard, as his Adam’s apple moved up and down. He tried to suppress the heat from his
body, but his head began to churn.

This medicine was like an illusion. The first thing that appeared in his mind was the woman he wanted
the most and that was Olive.

“Young Master, are you alright?” Peterson asked worriedly.

Peterson’s gaze fell on the closed door in front of him. He felt that his young master had really played a
bad game this time.

Crystal couldn’t wait anymore. She quickly rushed over and tightly hugged Elvis’s waist from


“Elvis, Olive doesn’t want you. I want you. My heart is all for you. My heart beats for you. If you don’t
believe me, feel it. My heart is beating right now for you.

Crystal held Elvis’s big palm and placed it on her chest.

In the room.

Olive heard the voice outside the door clearly. She knew that if there was a bed outside, Crystal would
have pounced on Elvis already.

“Elvis.” Crystal called out tenderly

“Elvis, you’re hurting me.”

Olive quickly raised her hand and covered her ears. She did not want to listen.

She knew that Crystal was deliberately trying to provoke her.

“OMG!” Crystal yelled in ecstasy.

“Elvis, where are you taking me? Why don’t we go to my room? My room is next door.”

Outside, Elvis took Crystal away.

Soon, all Olive could hear was silence.

She slowly took down her hand, and there was no sound from outside.


The Substitute Bride: Dated by My Billionaire Hushand


Chapter 473 I miss you so much

He was gone.

And he took Crystal with him.

He had already slept with Crystal, was he going to sleep with her for the second time?

Olive stretched out her small hand and pressed it against her heart.

She had a nosebleed.

Olive knew that she was having another seizure.

She rolled out a tissue paper and wiped off the blood under her nose and her hands, and then she
threw the used tissue paper in the trash can.

She knew that the toxins from the old woman had already spread, and she needed Crystal’s blood.

Because of this, Olive would be entangled with Crystal for the rest of her life.

Olive’s eyes became teary, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Suddenly, she bursted into a loud cry.

The silent room echoed with her cry.

“Why are you crying? A low, h oa rse voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

Olive swiftly raised her eyes. In front of her stood a tall and straight body.

Elvis was here.

He did not leave with Crystal, and he had secretly entered the room. She remembered that she had

locked the door.

“How did you get in?” She inquired.

-There was a small wire in Elvis’s hands.

“I used this. Olive, ever since I met you, I’ve become a master at lockpicking. Now, nothing can stop
me, so Olive, next time you lock me out, I will come in by myself.”

Elvis was a man of honor. He did not expect that he would learn how to break into people’s room. It
was so unlike him, but anything for Olive.

Olive couldn’t help but laugh.

She was actually amused by him.

Elvis slowly squatted down and held her face with his big palm. “Olive, tell me now, why were you

Olive touched her chest. “It hurts.”

“Is it because of me?”

“Yes.” Olive replied and turned her face away.

Seeing that she avoided his gaze, Elvis lightly narrowed his handsome eyebrows and covered all the
emotions in his eyes. He stood up, carried her up, and placed her on the big soft bed.

“Don’t worry, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you.” He said hoa r sely.

“I thought you left with Crystal.”

“No, she’s too loud. I was afraid that you won’t be able to hear my voice since she was so loud, so I just
took a moment to drive her away.”

“Don’t you want a woman?” Olive asked.


The Subetinuta Deida. Daud bu Ms. Dill.

Chapter 473 I miss you so much

Elvis raised his eyes and looked at her.

“The only woman I want is you. I don’t plan to touch Crystal. I’ll go to the bathroom later and take care
of myself. Olive, I won’t force you, okay? As long as you stay with me, then it’s okay by me.”

Olive’s heart ached as she listened to words.

“Go to sleep. I’ll go take a cold shower in the bathroom.” Elvis stood up.

But in the next second, a hand reached out and grabbed the sleeve of his shirt.

Elvis halted as he lowered his eyes to look at her. “What are you doing? Olive, I’m feeling very
uncomfortable right now. I can’t stand your flirtation.”

Olive looked away. Elvis turned around. He bent and kissed her lips.

When she was suddenly kissed, Olive froze for a moment. He kissed her soft lips and bit her lightly. His
heavy body directly pressed her into the soft bed.

The masculine scent of his body was overwhelming, and it aggressively invaded all of her senses.

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