The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 484

The two men fought for her
Alpha’s eyes sudden lit up. He knew that the person he was waiting for was here!
At this moment, someone slowly walked out of the darkness. It was Derrick Domino.
Every other people came in groups, but Derrick came alone. He slowly walked into everyone’s sight
from the
Elvis’s narrow scarlet eyes quickly landed on Derrick Domino. He quickly recognized that he was
Olive’s ex-fiancee, Derrick Domino.
Back then, when Joyce took Olive away from Canada to Los Angeles, she had personally handed Olive
into Derrick
Domino’s hands.
Olive and Derrick Domino grew up together as childhood sweethearts.
Although it was Elvis who broke Olive’s virginity, he was insecure and hostile towards Derrick Domino.
Because the son-in-law that Joyce had chosen was Derrick.
Elvis looked at Olive. He forcefully asked. ‘Did you call him over? When did you get in touch with him?
Do you want him to take you away or do you want to leave with him?
Elvis pulled her wrist fiercely. Olive felt the pain and frowned.
Derrick Domino was dressed in a black outfit, and his hody displayed a powerful and mysterious aura.
He glanced at Ilvis’s hand and said in a warm voice, “Elvis let go, you’re hurting her.”

Elvis was out of control. He never wanted to hurt her, especially since she had just miscarried and was
still in confinement.
Elvis released his fingers almost instantly. But in the next second, he curled up with his fingers and
pulled her tightly. He did not dare to let go. He was afraid that if he let go, she would follow Derrick
Domino away.
It was as if a sharp knife had been inserted into Elvis’s heart, but he could not and did not dare to let go
of her hand. He was afraid that she would really leave him behind.

Olive trembled as stared at Elvis. “I’ve been looking for Derrick. I borrowed Crystal’s phone to contact
Derrick. I want him to take me away. I’ll go with him”
The moment she finished speaking. the veins on Elvis’s forehead had already started to throb violently.
Olive looked at him and said softly, “You know. Derrick was my fiancee. Hark then, my mother
entrusted my lifelong happiness to Derrick, so I will be with Derrick in the future. 1 will marry him and
have children with him.”
Elvis’s expression was gloomy. He gritted his teeth tightly, as his chest pounded heavily.
Olive could not bear to look at him anymore. She turned to Derrick, and said. “Derrick, take me away.”
Derrick Domino’s gaze fell on Elvis. He said indifferently. “Elvis, control your emotions. Although Olive
used an ancient method to regenerate you, your paranola is very likely to return, and it will get worse.”
He really knew everything.
Derrick Domino was like an invisible man, nothing could escape his eyes.
Elvis and Derrick Domino looked at each other. The two equally handsome and powerful men stared at
each other fiercely.
Derrick Domino said again, “Now, Elvis, let go of her and allow Olive came with me.”
Elvis sneered. “What if I don’t let her go?”
Suddenly, Derrick’s figure flashed before Elvis in an instant. No one saw how he did it. His figure was
like a ghost.
Derrick wrapped his arm around Olive’s waist and attacked Elvis with one hand.
Derrick’s palm seemed to contain the most unfathomable power in the world. Elvis lost his balance, and
Derrick’s palm had already hit his chest.
Elvis took a step back, and Peterson quickly supported him. “Young master, are you okay?”
As the protector of Elvis, Ray was very skilled. He immediately wanted to step forward, but Derrick
hugged Olive
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and warned indifferently. “Retreat, your master is not my opponent.”
At this moment, many men who were clothed in black descended from the sky, and they slowly settled

down with incomparable strength, quickly surrounding all of them.
This was Derrick’s men.
Derrick’s handsome face was calm, but he had already controlled the situation.
Elvis felt like he had received a slap in the face. He lowered his head and spat out blood.
“Young Master!” Peterson called out and his expression changed drastically.
Seeing that Elvis was vomiting blood, Olive quickly reached out and grabbed Derrick’s sleeve, and
whispered, “Derrick, you are not allowed to hurt him!”
When Elvis looked up, he saw this scene. Olive was in Derrick Domino’s embrace. She raised her face
and whispered something to Derrick.
Elvis felt deeply hurt by the scene.
Derrick hugged Olive, and said, “Olive, let’s go.”
He took Xia Xiwan and left.
Did she just leave?
Elvis raised his hand and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.
Derrick Domino did not look back at all.
Elvis swiftly ran to him, but Derrick turned and hit Elvis’s on the chest again.
Elvis was shocked and he spat out another mouthful of blood.
“Young master!” Ray called out and ran towards him.
Olive bit her lips as she stared at him. She knew that Elvis must be seriously injured.
Elvis was definitely amongst the richest men in Canada, And he was also leader of the Red Mafia. But
when it came to fighting, he would definitely not defeat Derrick Domina,
Olive’s face was pale. “Derrick, I told you before, you are not allowed to hurt him!” she whispered to
him again.
Derrick replied indifferently. “It’s not that I want to hurt him, but should I just watch him attack me?”
Elvis shook his body from Ray’s grip and ran towards Derrick again. This time, Derrick’s palm hit Elvis’s
chest again.

Elvis was injured by the force of Derrick’s palm, and with a thud, he immediately knelt on the ground,
The blood from his mouth spurted onto the ground.

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