The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 486

Olive was pregnant with twins
Derrick looked at Olive, replying. “Olive, no matter how well I hide, I will be caught by you. You
performed well today. People from all walks of life gathered, and they were all from the stand to see
you clearly on stage.” Olive doesn’t deny that these guys always loinw more than she does. She is in
the light, but they are all in the dark. They all have their own plans for her and want to take advantage
of her and push her forward.
Olive doesn’t like this. She likes to take the initiative, and after the penalty aren today, she regained the
“Derrick, do you know how to find my mom? Do you know the way home?”
Derrick shook his head, “I don’t know.”
Disappointment quickly flashed into Olive’s bright eyes, she asked, “You’re my mom’s close disciple,
and didn’t she tell you the way home?”
“Master said that only you knew the way home. Olive, in this world, only you can find your way home.”
Olive frowned, looked out the window at night, and didn’t speak for a while.
She was sure the way home was still within that restricted area.
She must first undergo the technique of centering the glass flower and the moon.
Olive gently closed her eyes. All the paths she had memorized today were spinning in her head. She
felt very confused but also felt that she was about to break through.
Unfortunately, she hasn’t made it yet.
At this time, nausea suddenly rose in her stomach, Olive rushed in the bathroom, bent over the toilet,
and threw up.

Because she didn’t eat, all she vomited was acidic water. This unpleasant feeling seemed to want to
swallow her. Olive sat on the soft woolen carpet, then slowly reached out her small hand, resting it on
her still flat stomach.
Although uncomfortable, her beautiful eyebrows and eyes had the tenderness of a mother.
Derrick came to the door, asking “Olive, you didn’t kill your baby, did you? You just staged a play in

front of Elvis, made him think you had an abortion, and made him think you didn’t want the baby
Right, she didn’t harm the baby, and now the baby is safe in her womb.
She is a dorter. Before rolling down the stairs, she gave herself pregnancy medicine and moved the
needle, leaving the baby cnmpletely unharmed.
The hospital was packed with her people, and the treating doctor who performed the surgery told Elvis
in her words that the baby was gone.
All of this was a play for Elvis to sec.
“Olive, you love Elvis so much, don’t you? Derrick Domino asked.
Olive’s small hand gently stroked her belly, the dim light shining on her body, imparting warmth. “As he
said, if he knew I was pregnant, he’d take care of my body too. I don’t want him to make such a painful
choice to kill this child.”
“This is our first child. I really want to bring it to this world safe and healthy. If this child is a boy, I hope
he will be more like him.”
“If I stay by his side, Crystal and Logan will always hold this weakness. This is a knot that can’t be
undone. I can only cut the knot directly. They will continue to attack, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t
have much time left, I can’t be with him anymore. I hope he will forget the, move forward, never look
back, and he happy.”
Even if she didn’t say it, Derrick knew what she was thinking. He took a step forward, squatted down,
touched Olive’s head, and said, “But your body will be pierced by One Snap, you may not be able to
deliver this child safely.” Olive looked up at Derrick, her pupils shining brightly, as beautful as the stars
in the sky. She said, “Therefore, I’ll do my best. Based on my current body, I shouldn’t conceive, but a
baby’s still coming. I can feel him healthy and strong,”
Derrick heartbrokenly rubbed Olive’s long hair, “Okay, I’m here to protect you. As long as it’s what you
want, I’ll support it,
“Derrick, thank you.”
The Schistiture Iide. Doted by My Hiliaire Hmhand

Olive is in this palace, but it’s been a long time since she last took Crystal’s blood, and Olive’s rosy face
paled as expected
Derrick ordered his men to put away all the mirrors in the palace so that Olive couldn’t see herself now.
Women love beauty, and no one can accept that they are old before their time.
But Olive felt that that was a bit unnecessary because she could see the skin on her body. Her skin had
become loose and wrinkled over the years.
The only good thing was that the baby was fine, and Derrick arranged an ultrasound for Olive.
In the morning. Olive opened her eyes very early. She was a little excited because it was her first
ultrasound and she could meet the tiny baby in the video.
At this time, there was a knock on the door. “Clack” sounded, the maid pushed the door in, saying.
“Miss Hart, you’re awake. Here’s the stewed bird’s nest for you. When it’s still hot…”
With a “hang”, the bowl in the maid’s hand fell directly onto the carpet, and the maid looked at Olive in
Olive had never met any guests. She knew that she would frighten people to death. The maids who
took care of her food and her daily life were arranged by Derrick himself and were very stable. This is
the first time Olive has seen this maid.
At this moment. Derrick heard the sound and entered. He glanced at Olive, a few seconds later turned
away and reprimanded, “Go out!”
“Yes sir.” The maidservant lowered her head in fear, cleaned up the mess on the carpet, and hurriedly
retreated out. Derrick stepped forward and approached the bed.
Olive stretched out her small hand to cover her face, she knew there were wrinkles on her face,
“Derrick, I’m older today. It must be scary.”
Derrick grabbed a hair tie and tied Olive’s long hair up. Now she has lost a lot of hair, but she is
determined not to cut her long hair.
“Olive, can I help you cut your hair today?”
Olive shook her head, saying, “No. I don’t want to cut my hair.”
“Why not?”

“Because…” Olive curled her red lips into a sweet smile, replying. “He likes me with long hair the most.”
Derrick knew. Because Elvis liked her long hair, she kept it and didn’t want to cut it
“Okay, let’s pack up and go to ultrasound room B.”
In ultrasound room H, Olive lay down and the doctor performed an ultrasound on her.
Immediately the doctor was amazed and said: “Miss Hart, you have two babies in your belly. You are
pregnant with

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