The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 489

Crystal was pregnant
The guard in black laughed at Olive mercilessly and even pushed her with his hand.
Olive took a step back. At this moment, strong arms wrapped around her slim waist, and Derrick held
her in his
Derrick raised his head, and those cold black eyes fell on the face of the black-clad guard.
Just a glance, but the black robed guard shivered for some reason. His gaze began to avert, not daring
to look at
Derrick gently withdrew his gaze, looking down at Olive in his chest, “Olive, let’s get out of here. I’ll take
you to the palace to meet Elvis and Crystal.”
Royal Palace.
Olive has no idea what method Derrick used to get her into this heavily guarded palace. Derrick has
been hiding here all these years, and his influence has spread to every nook and cranny. This was
beyond her imagination. “Olive, come inside and change into this maid uniform, then go upstairs with
the maid. Elvis and Crystal are upstairs. There’s half an hour to the wedding reception.” Derrick said.
Clothes were given to Olive,
“Okay.” Olive took her maid uniform and went into the changing room.
There were some maids in the dressing room, and those maids were quietly gossiping.
“Have you seen the groom? I saw from afar. The groom is very handsome. I have never seen such a
handsome man!”
“I heard the most beautiful thing about the groom is not his face but his purse. He’s super rich.”

“Just now, I saw the eyes of the second and third princesses surrounding the groom. I guess they all
fell in love with this brother-in-law.”
“Shut up. Keep your voice low. Don’t talk nonsense. Be careful of what you say. Today is the wedding
of the Grand Princess and her prince, we must wish them a hundred years of happiness!”

After Olive changed into a maid outfit, she could already hear the sour smell from the voices of these
maids. She feared that not only the so-called second and third princesses loved Elvis, but also these
As the years went by, Logan had many women. These women bore him several children, both sons,
and daughters. but they were all concubines. The position of the main wife is always vacant.
Olive had always known that Elvis was attractive, the great boss at the heart of the global economy,
and his status was extraordinary. No woman could refuse such a man.
Looks like he became a favorite after entering Greenland. The peach blossoms on his body have
bloomed one by one. Lately, he must have been living like he was in his element
Thinking of this, Olive’s bright eyes flashed in the dark.
At this time, someone shouted: “Everyone goes out! The wedding party is about to start. First, bring the
food upstairs, and bring it to the room of the Grand Princess.”
Olive went out. Someone brought her a bowl of medicine, saying, “Bring this bowl of pregnancy
medicine! The princess must drink it while it’s still hot.”
Pregnancy medicine?
These two words exploded in Olive’s head. Why does Crystal take pregnancy medicine?
Olive bowed her head to smell the bowl of pregnancy medicine, which contained very expensive
medicinal herbs, indred used to nourish the pregnancy.
What happened?
Olive made a bold prediction in her mind, but she quickly denied it. No, it shouldn’t be.
Chapter 489 Crystal was pregnim
Even though Elvis slept with Crystal, he probably wouldn’t let Crystal get pregnant with his child.
But why should they use this bowl of pregnancy medicine?
Olive carried the bowl of medicine upstairs, pushing out of Crystal’s room.
As soon as she entered, Olive heard vomiting coming from the bathroom.
“Princess, the early pregnancy will more or less feel morning sickness, please bear with it for the time

being. The cook has prepared delicious dishes of all kinds, you can eat them later. Right now your body
is extremely tired, you can’t be careless.” The maid said.
Olive came over, and she saw Crystal in the bathroom, and now Crystal is holding the toilet.
Olive was also pregnant and had morning sickness, so she could catch a glimpse that Crystal was
really pregnant!
Crystal was pregnant!
At this point, Crystal almost stopped vomiting. She rinsed her mouth and walked out, her steps quickly
halting because Crystal suddenly saw Olive.
Even if Olive now turned to ashes, Crystal would probably recognize her.
“Put the pregnancy medicine there and go out.” At this time, the maid beside Crystal instructs Olive.
Crystal quickly pursed her red lips, revealing a smug smile, and glanced at the maid beside her: “You
go first”
The maid was taken aback for a moment but quickly backed out.
Now only Olive and Crystal are left in the room.
Crystal smiled and said: “Olive, you have finally come. I know you will definitely come.”
Saying this, Crystal put her hand on her still flat helly, provocatively saying: “Olive, I happen to have
some good news to share with you. I am pregnant, and I am pregnant with Elvis’s child!”
Crystal was actually pregnant.
This child belongs to Elvis.
So Crystal was also waiting for her, waiting to scold her.
Faced with Crystal’s provocation, Olive’s pretty face turned cold, and then she let out a cold laugh. “So
So what?
Crystal’s smug expression froze. She looked at Olive in surprise. She imagined Olive’s different
reactions after learning she was pregnant: anger, grief, sadness, jealousy. So she just didn’t think Olive
would react by speaking softly.
“Olive, don’t you understand? I said I’m pregnant!”

“Your pregnancy is your business, what does that have to do with me?“
I’m pregnant with Elvis’s child.”
“It’s about you and Elvis, nothing to do with me.”
*..* Crystal felt herself punch the cotton. Olive really doesn’t feel hurt.
“Olive, I know you were also pregnant with Elvis’s child not too long ago, but you aborted his baby. We
all know that Elvis takes his child very seriously. Now Elvis has seen your true face, he considers me
and my child as his treasures. His treasure is our child, the eldest grandson of the Augustine family. I
really want to thank your son for making a way for inc!
Speaking of which, Crystal took out a B ultrasound from the hospital and gave it to Olive, “Olive, take a
good look at it. My baby is very healthy, and he will come into this world soon. He will have parents who
love him. The three of us will live happily together. As for you, you are in the past, and will definitely be

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Chapter 489

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