The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 491

My wifel
The man came out of the bathroom and entered the room. Very quickly, a graceful figure jumped up,
wrapped around the man like a water snake, and enticingly said, “Let me serve you well tonight.”
The two hugged each other and rolled over on the large bed.
The wedding guests were jaw dropping. This is not a romantic movie, it is clearly a porn ographic film
and the genre isn’t suitable for children.
Crystal’s face changed dramatically. She was shocked. What’s happening? Why is the video changed?
The question is, who is that man?
Who is that?
Crystal knows that this is the only video of her and Elvis making love. The woman in the video is her,
but the man seems…not Elvis!
How can it be?
Crystal suddenly realized something. She shook her head in disbelief, her hands and feet freezing.
Now people are whispering.
“What’s going on? What about the love movie that we agreed on? Could it be a benefit for us?*
The woman in this depraved video is the princess. Unexpectedly, the princess looked elegant and
dignified, but when closing the door, she lacked tact and was s loppy. It could be seen that she couldn’t
wait any longer, as if she had never seen a man before.”
“Who is the man in this video? He looks like the groom, but he’s not.”
As everyone was discussing, the camera suddenly zoomed in. Through the bright moonlight outside
the window, people saw the real fare of this man.
This man is not Elvis at all!

Although his appearance is similar to Elvis, his face is different.
“Oh my go d.”
Everyone gasped, exploding. The Princess actually had sex with another man, and nakedly cuc kolded
the groom?”

Crystal felt like five thunderbolts fell on her. Her pupils suddenly constricted, she didn’t want to believe
The woman on the screen is her, it’s a video of her making love to Elvis, but why isn’t this man Elvis?
This man looks like Elvis, but he’s not Elvis!
Crystal was like being pushed from heaven to hell. She always assumed Elvis was sleeping with her,
but in fact, she slept with another ina
Well, then the child in her belly is not Elvis’s. It is that b astard ‘s!
She finally knew why Elvis had turned off the lights that night. He did it on purpose. He surreptitiously
changed men and asked another man to sleep with her.
It must be him!
Crystal looked at Ilves in front of her. The tall man was standing there. Ilis deep eyes gently scanned
the big screen, his handsome face was calm. Apparently, all of this was arranged by him. Perhaps
noticing her gaze, he glanced sideways, and his gaze fell on hers.
Elvis stood in front of her silently looking at her, with cold eyes that made people shiver.
The whole wedding scene was very quiet, strangely quiet, making the vague sound on the big screen
even clearer. After returning to Greenland, she was a cold and arrogant princess, and now her image
has suddenly collapsed. Crystal woke up. She shouted: “Turn off the big screen! Turn it off quickly!”
Chapter 491 My wife!
The big screen doesn’t turn off, the frenzy is still going on. She rode on the man’s waist and shouted,
her voice very sweet. “All Elvis, I love you so much… You’re finally mine.”
Crystal was about to go crazy because everyone’s eyes on her have changed, filled with ridicule, and
contempt as if they were watching a good play.
This wedding is truly a stunning reversal. Logan put on such a big show, now turning into a large-scale
insult for the grand princess.

Now the whole of Greenland knows that the princess has a bad personality and will be considered a
prostitute from
now on.
“What a pity for my groom! Let go of my groom! My groom deserves better!” A girl shouted.
It’s over!
She’s done!
Crystal’s beautiful face paled. This horrible wedding was televised simultaneously online, and now her
ugly face and corrupt nature have been exposed
She has become the laughingstock of thousands of households, how will she live in the future?
At this time, a distinguished guest said:
“Princess, now that the video of you and a lewd man having an affair has been revealed, what do you
want to say?”
“Princess, according to folklore here, anyone who commits adultery will he drowned in the pigsty.”
People started asking her questions.
Crystal panicked, loudly saying: “It’s not true. I was harmed. Dad, please save me!”
Crystal looked at Logan beside her as if catching a lifebuoy
Logan looked very unhappy. He kept Crystal because she was useful, now that she did such a thing
almost dishonored him. He said seriously: “The wedding is stopped. Go home, everyone.”
Logan wanted to take Crystal away.

Crystal wanted to avoid the limelight first. She had to get out of here first, and then slowly think of a
way. She could still overcome it.
The scene caused an uproar. At this time the door of the wedding hall suddenly opened, and a man
Crystal raised her head, trembling all over. This man was the man she slept with.
This man has a good body, but he is very ugly, with a few scars on his face. He looks very hideous.
He ran over, and lunged at Crystal, shouting “My wife!”

Crystal hastily hid belund Logan, exclaiming, “Shut up. Who’s your wife?”
“Princess, you slept with me, you are my wife. You can’t deny it. Do you want me to remind you of that
night? | served you well that night… Scar Man said. He’s just a local thug. He looked at Crystal pitifully,
the corners of his mouth lifted, revealing yellow teelli
Crystal looked at him and wanted to vomit. How could she sleep with such an incompetent man? That
was her first time. It’s so disgusting
Crystal has been pampered since childhood, normally mostly despised men from lowly backgrounds.
At this time. she desperately shouted: “Get out! Get this man out. Hurry up!”
The guards in black quickly ran over and grabbed Scar Man. Scar Man reacted very quickly. He sat on
the ground, his butt crouched down, saying, “You dare hit people! The princess hits lowly people! When
she slept with me, she wobbled a lot, every time she screamed. Currently, her helly has still carried my
seed, and I am the biological father of her child.”

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