The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 497

Elvis has the blood of the chosen child
Logan didn’t expect Alpha to know so many things. This was a royal secret in Greenland, but he knew.
Looks like Alpha did a lot of work to find Anabelle all these years.
That’s right. Every single king in the history of Greenland had the blood of the chosen child flowing
through his body.
When Logan’s father was still in office, the palace was filled with countless women, and of course they
also gave birth to many sons. These sons openly fought silently in the dangerous inner palace, all
pointing their swords towards the supreme position in the palace.
On the day Logan was horn, the sky across Greenland was covered with red clouds, which is an
auspicious sign.
Logan’s father was overjoyed. He happened to pass by a prominent monk who was wandering around.
This eminent monk wore a beard on his face, his actions had a sense of enlightenment and immortality.
Then the eminent monk looked up at the sky, pointed to the sky, and said: “Logan, congratulations, the
next king of Greenland with the blood of the chosen child has been born. This is the emperor star.”
Logan’s father looked in the direction the eminent monk pointed. As expected, in the sky, there was a
particularly dazzling star, the sword qi soared into the sky, illuminating the whole sky, shining brightly.
At that time only Logan was born, so the emperor star was of course only him.
Since then, Logan’s father treated him like a treasure, later letting him inherit the throne.
In fact, there was another incident that happened at the time, and this one was Logan’s secret.
He wasn’t the only one born at that time, there was another one, but a girl.
His father was very romantic, there weren’t enough concubines in the ha rem. During this period, he
even favored a maid who gave birth to a girl in the hut that day.
Logan knew a daughter couldn’t have the blood of the chosen child, but as a precaution, his mother
killed the maid who had just given birth. She intended to execute the little girl, but she was handed over
to another maid, and she escaped the palace for one night and disappeared.

Now that Logan’s mother has passed away, he is the only one who knows this secret.
Logan knows very well that he doesn’t have the blood of the chosen child.

Then there was a vision in the sky at that time, and it was a liute girl with the blood of the chosen child?
The blood of the selected child is male.
This question always gave Logan a headache. In fact, Logan had been looking for the girl all these
years but couldn’t find her.
He learns that the one of the chosen child’s blood is the real king of Greenland.
Over the years, Logan was also searching for the eminent monk who traveled the world at the time, but
the eminent monk disappeared without a trace.
Now that the story of the past is mentioned by Alpha, Logan hastily pursed his lips and said: “I have the
blood of the chosen child, but my status is extremely dignified, can’t be easily risked. Do you want me
to guide you?”
At this moment, a deep voice came from behind: “Then Mr. Theodore will guide us.”
Logan turned, Elvis walked over.
Tonight’s Elvis is dressed in black, tall and handsome. He came from the vast night, his stiff shoulders
were covered with night dew. He looked profound and mysterious.
At this point, Elvis’s deep eyes stared at Logan’s face.
Logan’s heart trembled. Elvis’ eyes were sharp, his aura was strong. Logan didn’t expect mortals to
have this kind of
“Elvis, I’m the king of Greenland. You’re so arrogant. Want me to show you the way? Let me tell you…”
Chapter 497
Before Logan had finished speaking, Ray’s shadow flashed past him, grabbing Logan, “Your Majesty
Theodore, I have to offend you.”
Ray directly threw Logan into the formation.

Elvis showed no emotion, stretched his long legs and entered.
Damien and Alpha looked at each other and followed.
Everyone has arrived in formation.
Logan was thrown into the formation completely stunned. He didn’t have the blood of the chosen child
at all, he would definitely die here.
“I want to go out! I want to go out! Logan exclaimed, turning to run..
At this moment, a big, sharp hand reached out to grab him, in a cold voice carrying a hint of sarcasm:
“Logan, stop barking, take a closer look”
It’s Elvis.
Logan opened his eyes and looked around, but apart from the darkness, he saw nothing.
What happened?
He had entered the formation, and he should have seen a reflection, an illusion, but everything around
him was quiet, peaceful and safe.
This isn’t normal.
There is only one way to break this formation, and that is the blood of the chosen child.
He doesn’t have the blood of the chosen child. In order to enter the formation, someone must have the
blood of the chosen child. That is the real king of Greenland
Logan looked around. Following were Damien and Alpha. Judging by the age of these two, it’s
definitely not them. Then this person is.
Logan locked his gaze on Elvis beside him, his gaze suddenly arousing a stormy sea…
Olive and Derrick entered the lineup first, and they were also unharmed.
Derrick looked at Olive in amazement, “Olive, how did you have the blood of the chosen child?”
“The blood of the chosen child?” Olive repeated.
“Yes,” Derrick nodded, “Master once said that the only thing that can break this formation is the blood
of the chosen. child, and that child is the true king of Greenland.”
“Actually, not every king of Greenland will have the blood of the chosen child. The last one with the
blood of the chosen child was a hundred years ago. A hundred years later, the chosen child will appear

again, and he will rule the world.”
Olive frowned slightly, spreading her palm, now there was a drop of blood quietly lying in her palm.
This is the blood of the chosen child.
“Olive, whose blood is this?” Derrick asked.
This is… Elvis’ blood!
When Olive first entered the restricted area, she discovered that this mind-absorption technique had no
effect on Elvis, and she was skeptical at the time.
Her other purpose of coming to Greenland this time was to take a drop of Elvis’ blood, and she wanted
to verify her thoughts.
In the room at that time, Elvis was very angry and punched the wall, bleeding so much, and she
grabbed a drop. Now that she holds this drop of blood and moves freely in the formation, it seems that
Elvis’ blood is… the blood of the chosen child!
The Sulut Bride: floted by My Dellunaire Husband
Chapter 997 Elis has the blood of the chosen child
“Olive, you don’t want to say this person’s name because you want to protect him, don’t you? Well, I
won’t ask, but if the chosen child reappears, Greenland will have a bl oody battle. Greenland and
Ancient Visionary Kingdom has a deep history and It should certainly be implicated.”

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