The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 509

He severely insulted her
Hazel immediately got excited, she pouted her red lips and looked at Elvis. “President Augustine,
you’re so bad-” With that. Hazel lifted her foot, arrogantly asking Olive to help her change her shoes.
Olive’s little face was expressionless. She obediently changed Hazel’s shoes, then stood up, looked at
Elvis with shining eyes, and generously said. “President Augustine, it’s done. Can I leave now?”
Seeing Olive’s calm demeanor, neither modest nor overbearing, Elvis’s deep eyes filled with icy
coldness, but he calmly said, “Very good waitress. Just follow Hazel.”
Elvis took Hazel into the Emperor’s Club.
The manager quickly said beside Olive, “Why are you standing there? Hurry up and follow. Miss Hazel
is now Mr. Augustine’s new favorite mistress. You must serve Miss Hazel well, understand?”

Olive didn’t want to talk. Elvis ordering her to change Hazel’s shoes wasn’t enough, and now he has
ordered her to be Hazel’s little maid.
She knew Elvis was trying to embarrass her. After three years, when the two met again, he insulted her
severely. All his past passions and loves were gone, and now all he has left for her is hatred.
If it made him feel better, she would happily accept it.
Olive followed.
Elvis took Hazel to the golf course. As soon as Elvis stepped out, several business executives
surrounded him and flattered him.
“Mr. Augustine, you are really a rare guest. Today you came to the Emperor’s Club making us feel like
a dream. Normally we text your secretary to invite you, but we can’t get your schedule.”

“Yo, isn’t this Miss Hazel, the music queen, the new mistress of Mr. Augustine?”
“It’s good to replace the old one, the new one will come.”
Hazel was very happy inside. Although she has now made a name for herself in the music world, there
is a wall between the music world and the upper nobility. She has never been to a high class
entertainment place like the Emperor’s Club. She could only see famous businessmen on the Internet,

but she didn’t expect that she was so lucky to be standing here and he recognized by these people.
Of course, Hazel knew all this because Elvis was by her side.
“President Augustine, then please take your time. Here the sun is shining, I’ll go to the tent to rest.”
Hazel said. smiling thoughtfully.
Elvis pursed his thin lips, replying, “Go.”
Hazel walked on high heels and wriggled her butt into the milky white tent on the lawn. She sat on the
chair, then turned her head to look at Olive, asking, “Are you the dead one? Can’t you see that I’m
thirsty to die? Come and open the bottle of water for me.”
Olive remained silent, and when Hazel gave her orders, she said nothing, just walked over and opened
the bottle of mineral water for Hazel, “Here’s yours.”
Hazel was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She deliberately provoked Olive twice, but she still
refused to take action. Hazel felt all her strength go into the cotton ball.
“What kind of water is this? It’s bad!” Hazel raised her hand and splashed water on Olive’s face.
Olive’s long hair was more than half wet, water ran down her cheeks, she was a little embarrassed
“Oh, I’m sorry, my hand just slipped. Are you okay?” Hazel smiled happily, but she pretended to take
out soone papers and give them to Olive.
Olive didn’t reach out to them. She lifted her slender eyelashes to look at Hazel, her clear voice
showing a hint of coldness, “Does this make you happy?”
Olive’s expression was always calm, but invisible, there was a strong aura, which startled the arrogant
The Substitute Bride: Dobed by My Billionaire Husband
Chapter 501 The severely ulted her
But Hazel quickly regained her composure. She is now Elvis’s new favorite, who is she afraid of? She
yelled, “How dare you a litle maid, talk to me like that? Do you know who I am? I am Mr. Augustine’s
new girlfriend. Would you believe that if I complain to Mr. Augustine, tomorrow you will disappear from
the Imperial?”

Olive slowly curled her red lips into a sarcastic arc, “You should worry about yourself first. I’m afraid
you’ll be old tomorrow, and Mr. Augustine will have a new mistress.”
“You!” Hazel exclaimed. She discovered that Olive was really good at arguing. Everyone knew that
Elvis’s shelf life was very short, Olive had stepped on her sore spot.
Olive stopped looking at her, turned to leave, and prepared to change into clean clothes.
“Stop!” At this point. Hazel angrily called out to her, “Did I allow you to go? That’s right, your clothes are
wet. How about this? I see it’s very hot outside, you can stand out in the sun and your clothes will dry
It’s very hot and scorching hot today. It’s like killing people outside, but Hazel asked her to stand
outside and bask in
the sun.
Olive ignored Hazel and was about to leave.
But at this moment, Olive felt a gaze fall on her, and when she looked up, she met Elvis’s deep eyes.
She didn’t know when Elvis noticed the movement here, her eyes were lowered. Maybe it was because
she offended his new mistress and made her unhappy, so at this time, he pursed his thin lips and
looked at her. His eyes were like poisoned ice, calmly piercing her heart as if he wanted to kill her.
Olive felt pain in her heart. She always knew that he was heartless and that all those who betrayed and
offended him wouldn’t end well.
Now he is slowly torturing her, letting her stand here and watch him and his new mistress. This trick is
too bad.
If he wants to break her heart, then congratulations, he won.
Olive curled her slender fingers, but in the end, she didn’t leave. She stood outside the tent, basking in
the sun. listening to Hazel’s words.
On the other hand, perhaps Elvis gaze was fixed on Olive, some of the bosses around him looked over,
too, and soon saw Olive.
The bosses couldn’t help but light up their eyes.
“Mr. Augustine, who’s the little beauty standing there? Is she Miss Hazel’s little assistant?”

“No, I see this liule beauty wearing the Emperor’s Club uniform, just like the ones here.”
“Since when did such a gorgeous beauty join the Emperor’s Club? Tsk tsk, look at that face, that
These bosses have been through the wind and fog, they are all like beautiful women, now seeing Olive,
they are surprised. It is difficult to take their eyes off Olive.
Elvis is looking at Olive now, too. Just now, when he saw her exposed face in the fast-moving hall, he
was surprised.

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Chapter 509

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