The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 567

Princess Olive Is Really Awesome
Liam held a white chess in his hand. He glanced at Olive. Today, Olive wore a baggy trousers, and a
white shirt. On Olive’s ears were a pair of earrings which had a design of a safety lock. Her long pure
black hair fell obediently over her shoulders, and her milk-white skin exuded a lustrous luster.
Right now, Olive held a black chess in her hands.
Liam smiled and said, “Princess Olive, I found out that your clothes and ornaments in Visionary are
exquisite and eye-catching and very beautiful. For example, I have never seen this safety lock earrings
in the market.”
As the King of the Gold City, Liam had seen a lot of rare things, but he had never seen this style of
earrings that Olive wore.
Olive blinked mysteriously, and replied. “Of course, you haven’t seen it on someone else, because my
aunt customized it for me.”
“Oh, I don’t know who Princess Olive aunt is. I know quite a few top jewelry designers.”
“My aunt is amazing. I can’t mention her here. I’m afraid that it will scare King Liam,” Olive responded
with a laugh.
Liam knew that Olive was unwilling to reveal her aunt’s identity, so he did not force it.
“Visionary is a paradise. The girls in it all dress like me. They are beautiful. My mother said that girls
are born beautiful, so my mum specifically designs our outfit. While the accessories are designed by
my aunt,” Olive straightened her chest and exuded a little pride.
Liam listened carefully, but he did not utter a word in response. In the past, Visionary was close to
Greenland, but for some unknown reasons, Visionary completely disappeared.
This disappearance was about a hundred years ago.
This time, Olive had chosen to cooperate with him for some purpose..
“Princess Olive, you’re calmly playing chess here with me, are you not worried about the Arthur’s family
at all? Early this morning, Aaron’s dowry was delivered to the Arthur family. I heard that there were

dozens of dowry gifts. The boxes all contained high-quality jewelry. It seems that the marriage will be
finalized very soon,” Liam said.

Olive dropped a chess piece. She smiled calmly. “King Liam, don’t worry.”
“I also heard that Princess Olive visited the Arthur family last night and met with Trixie,’ Liam continued.
Olive raised her eyes and looked at Liam. She nodded, “King Liam is really well-informed.”
“Wouldn’t it be too hasty to put all the bets on Trixie?” Liam asked with furrowed brows.
Olive looked at her chess piece. “I have no regrets. I chose Trixie for my own reasons. I don’t need to
suspect anyone. I believe her.”
Liam looked at Olive’s clear eyes. Her eyes were really beautiful, and they shone with intelligence and
“Okay, then I’ll wait and see, Liam replied in surrender.
GH 17
The two of them focused on playing the chess. Soon, Liam’s confidant rushed over and whispered at
few words in
Liam’s ear.
Liam’s hand suddenly froze.
Liam looked up at Olive, “Princess Olive, congratulations, you’ve won the bet.”
Olive put down her chess piece and looked at Liam, “Inform me,” she muttered.
“I just got the news. Aaron sent dozens of boxes of dowry to the Arthur family. However, the Arthur
family’s backyard was on fire. It turned out that Trixie set her boudoir on fire and left a letter, and then
she disappeared.”
Olive raised her delicate eyebrows. “What was the content of the letter?”
“In the letter, Trixie scolded Aaron. She listed all of Aaron’s romantic affairs over the years. She said
that she would rather die than marry someone like him. Everything he had done that had been
suppressed, Trixie exposed all of it in details. Now that this story has been ruthlessly exposed,
everyone is talking about the crimes of Aaron.”

Olive wasn’t surprised. When Derrick Domino chose Trixie for her, she knew that Trixie would be of
great value to her.
Olive picked up her black chess, and now, a few strands of her hair fell from behind her snow-w hite
ears, covering her face slightly.
“Prince Liam, I won’t be leaving today, let me prepare a delicious meal. I’ll be having my friend over,”
Olive informed.
“Your friend? What friend?” Liam asked curiously.
Olive did not look up. “King Liam, don’t worry, my friend will be here soon.”
At this moment, a series of footsteps sounded, and Sadie walked in with someone.
“Princess Olive, your guest has arrived.”
Olive raised her head and looked at Liam, “King Liam, my friend is here already!”
The person behind Sadie stepped forward, “Princess Olive, King Liam, I’m here.”
Liam’s black eyes shrank slightly, because it was no one else but Trixie!
Trixie had burned down her boudoir and left a letter exposing Aaron’s numerous
At this juncture, Olive brought Trixie to his palace.
evil deeds.
Liam had always maintained a neutral position. He was the most capable of fighting for imperial power
by cooperating with Olive, but he did not agree to cooperate.
Now that Olive had openly brought Trixie to his palace, he was afraid that the royal family would have
gotten the news and he would now be on their enemy’s list.
Liam looked at Olive with sharp eyes and smiled.
“Originally, you had no advantage, but you actually stirred up the entire situation with one person’s
strength, throwing the entire Royal family into a state of chaos. You’re really amazing!”
“King Liam, don’t be ridiculous. Now, there is no turning back for King Liam. He can only choose to
Chapter 357 Princess Dive is Really Awesome
cooperate with me.”

As she said that, Olive lowered her eyes and took away his chess piece. Her beautiful voice was
sonorous and powerful, revealing a bit of courage,
“I have already paved the way for King Liam. Why are you still hesitating about running towards
imperial power?!”
Liam looked at Olive’s clear eyes. Now that she looked at him, her eyes gradually revealed it’s
sharpness, as they exuded an incomparable brilliance.

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