The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 570

Have You Seen Her Yet?
Annabelle was coming back to see her biological mother one last time.
Though Annabelle’s mother was dying, Joyce had taken her to have a coffee.
Olive was about to go and find Joyce and Anabelle. Sadie opened the door of luxurious car, and she
said respectfully,
“Her Royal Highness, please get in the car.”
Olive was about to enter the car, but she suddenly stopped because she saw a tall and handsome
figure in front of her. It was Alpha Augustine.
Olive knew that Alpha had been looking for Anabelle all these years. Now that Annabelle had
appeared, Alpha had surfaced earlier than she thought he would.
Olive stepped forward and walked towards Alpha,
“Uncle Augustine, it’s been a while.”
There was an extended business luxurious car parked on the side of the road. Alpha stood tall and
straight beside the car. He was wearing a black suit. Alpha was a classy, handsome man.
Alpha was in his fifties this year. His handsome face also had wrinkles, but the wrinkles deepened his
sense of maturity. Standing before the former proud son of the Augustine family, and the founder
Augustine cooperation, Olive felt immature.
Alpha’s narrow and deep eyes fell on Olive’s face, then his eyes were fixed on the safety lock earrings
hanging around on Olive’s ears.
“Have you seen Annabelle yet?” he inquired.
The former daughter of the Midas family, Annabelle, had stunned the entire Imperial City. She broke
into the jewelry industry at the age of eighteen. In recent years, Fly jewelry was still a big brand.

Anabelle left an indelible mark on the jewelry industry.
So when Alpha saw the safety lock earrings that dangled from Olive’s ears, he immediately knew that it
was something Anabelle designed.

Anabelle was extremely talented. Her creativity was unparalleled in the jewelry industry.
Olive shook her head, “Not yet.”
Alpha’s deep gaze fell on Olive’s clear eyes again. He looked at her quietly.
Olive calmly met his gaze and did not flinch.
Soon, Alpha’s thin lips drew a shallow arc. “Really?” he asked with a smile.
“Uncle Augustine, I didn’t lie to you. I haven’t seen Aunt Annabelle yet. According to the plan and
itinerary, my mother and Aunt Annabelle should both come to my wedding with King Liam,” Olive
Though she was lying, there were still some truth in her words, as that was the initial plan. Alpha
nodded, “That’s fine. If you see her, let me know.”
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Doled by My Husband
Chapter 570 Have You Seen Her Yet?
Alpha got into the extended business luxurious car and drove away.
He was gone.
Olive thought it was strange that he had been dismissed so easily. In her mind, she knew that Alpha
was the darkest fox.
“Her Royal Highness, let’s get in the car,” Sadie said politely.
Olive got into her luxurious car and left.
What Olive didn’t know was that Alpha’s extended business luxury car did not really leave, but had
parked across the road.
Through the bright glass window, Alpha glanced at Olive’s car, which was speeding away. He turned
his head to the little boy beside him.
“Nathan, it’s up to you now, your mum must have contacted your grandmother. Help me track your
mum’s mobile phone signal source and locate your grandma’s current location, Alpha said to him.

Nathan had arrived and was now sitting beside his grandfather, Alpha. He had seen his mum inside
just now, but his mum had left.
“Grandfather, is this really okay? If mum finds out that I tracked her phone, mummy might not like me.
anymore,” Nathan murmured.
Alpha looked at Nathan and said, ‘Okay, Nathan, I’m not your mommy. You don’t need to pretend to be
mute before me. Anyway, it’s not the first time for you to do this.”
Nathan quickly furrowed his cold eyebrows, Grandfather, are you threatening me?”
Alpha leaned his stiff back against the sofa lazily, “You can also treat this as a negotiation.”
Nathan pondered about it for a while, Alright then, but Grandfather, you are not allowed to tarnish my
reputation before mummy.”
Alpha nodded in agreement.
Nathan then turned on his phone. His little finger quickly moved on the buttons. A few minutes later,
Nathan reported the address, “Hibiscus building.”
Hibiscus building?
Alpha’s secretary, Aiden, quickly and respectfully said, “Sir, the Hibiscus building is the largest
shopping mall in Greenland. I heard that it is a paradise for women.”
“Let’s go!” Alpha ordered.
The Hibiscus building.
Alpha walked in with Nathan. Their presence attracted everyone’s attention. There were already. many
women here, and everyone gathered to gossip.
“Wow, this little boy is so cute, I really want to hug him!”
“Come on, you want to hug the little boy, or the man? Can’t you see how handsome and charismatic he
“Is that his son or grandson? There are so adorable!” the women admired.
Nathan raised his head and looked at Alpha. “Grandfather, they think I’m your son.”
Alpha did not even spare the women a glance.
Alpha couldn’t find the figure he was looking for, so he looked at Nathan, and asked,

“Where’s your grandma? Quickly lead the way.”
“Come with me,” Nathan took his phone and coldly walked in front of Alpha, leading him the way. In
front, was a cloth store, and Levi sat on a sofa, as he waited for Anabelle to change. Several of the
sales guides in the counter surrounded Little Levi, and tried to keep him company.
Levi was used to it. He had grown up with women since he was a child. He was already used to this
kind treatments by women who wanted him to be their son.
Levi smiled sweetly, and said to the ladies, “You all are so young, how can you all possibly have a child
as old as me?”

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