The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 572

Chapter 872 Sul As Beautiful As Beforel
Anabelle disappeared.
“Hey, what’s going on? Where are the people here?” Alpha asked, as he swiftly turned around and left.
He took out his mobile phone and placed a call, “Block the Hibiscus building immediately. Do not allow
anyone to enter or leave…”
Before Alpha could finish his words, he looked up and saw the opposite side of the street through the
bright glass wall. Now, two people passed by across the street. Derrick Domino was dressed in black
and held an umbrella. He looked more exiled than three years ago.
There was another person beside Derrick Domino, it was Anabelle!
Alpha slowly put the phone down, his eyes fell on Anabelle, and it was difficult for him to look away.
For more than twenty years, Anabelle had amazed the entire Imperial City as a talented and creative
young lady.
Now, twenty years later, Anabelle wore a light and elegant aura, she was still as gentle and beautiful as
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The Substitute Bride Dosed by My hubi
Joyce Appears.
With a glass wall separating the two worlds, Alpha stood quietly and stared at Anabelle across the
Soon, Derrick Domino and Anabelle disappeared from his sight.
She was gone.
He had been looking for her for more than twenty years. With such a quick glance, she disappeared
from his eyes again.
At this moment, a tender voice rang out, “Grandfather, have you found grandmother?”

Alpha returned to his senses. He looked at the little boy by his leg. Nathan was back. He nodded lightly,
“Yeah, I found her. What about you? Did you find the person you were looking for?” Nathan frowned,
“No. The person ran away. He slipped away very quickly.”
With that said, Nathan raised his phone, “Grandma is also in this mall. To prevent an accident, I just
informed grandfather, so that grandma can’t run away.”
A long business luxurious car slowly stopped outside the building. The private secretary respectfully
opened the rear door and Damien got out of the car
Damien’s footsteps were fast and sonorous.
Now that all the entrances and exits of the building were blocked, the building’s top management had
all been dispatched and respectfully stood in front of Alpha and Nathan, with their hands folded behind
their back.
Alpha’s expression was indifferent, and he stood quietly.
Damien walked over, and Nathan quickly shouted, “Grandfather…”
The high-level executives were already tensed as they stood in front of Alpha. Now that they saw
Damien arrive, their legs weakened.
Alpha and Damien were two legends in the business world. They had faded out of sight in the past few
Who would have thought that they would appear at the same time today?
“Mr. Robert, you’re welcome,” one of the executives greeted.
Damien reached out and touched Nathan’s head, “Nathan, where’s your grandmother?”
“Grandfather, the ID signal was interrupted when I was tracking grandma, so I temporarily changed my
ID and locked onto grandma’s location. Now grandma is in there,” Nathan pointed to the location
displayed on his phone.
Damien raised his head and looked at the building manager beside him. “What happens in there?”
The building manager wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and hesitantly said, “President Robert,
the elegant garden is a massage spa for women.”
A massage spa for women?

Chapter 572 Joyce Appears
Damien was of noble birth and had an extremely clean private life. He never went to places of
entertainment, so he still couldn’t understand what that meant.
“Mr. Robert, let me state in advance, the Elegant Garden is most famous spa here in Greenland. The
male technicians are all handsome. Wealthy ladies and daughters like to come here for
entertainment and have the male technicians massage…”
The building manager could not finish his words, because Damien stared at him coldly, his eyes.
exuding displeasure.
The building manager was stunned.
What did he say wrong?
“Damien, hurry up and find Joyce at the Elegant Garden. This is the first time you two will meet. I think
she will bring you a surprise,” Alpha informed ahead.
Joyce and Anabelle were good friends, but their personalities were completely different. Anabelle was
quiet and reserved. But Joyce was flirtatious and playful.
Damien would never forget how she climbed into his bed on that dark and windy night and slept with
He found it surprising that as soon as Joyce arrived in Greenland, she went to the most famous spa to
He let out a sigh, as he braced himself up for their first official encounter.
The Elegant Garden.
Damien walked in. As soon as a man like Damien appeared, the female technicians quickly fixed their
eyes on him.
The female boss of the Elegant Garden quickly came out and said enthusiastically, “Sir, do you want to
have a massage? All the female technicians here are so good at their work, you can choose anyone
you like.”
Damien glanced at the female technicians. They all wore heavy makeup and fragrance. They were

simply unbearable.
He didn’t utter a word, but only walked inside to find Joyce.
“Sir,” the boss called out and followed Damien enthusiastically, “Are you dissatisfied with our female
technicians? Do you want to find a male technician? You don’t have to be shy about the gender. Our
duty here is to satisfy you…”
At this moment, a few bodyguards stepped forward and immediately stopped the boss.
The private secretary said, “Please stop.”
When the boss saw the situation, she was quickly frightened.
The boss looked at Damien’s tall and noble figure in fear.
“Who is this man?” she thought inwardly.
Damien was looking for Joyce. There were many rooms here.
“Ah, who are you, perv ert!” someone screamed, as Damien opened the door of a room.
Damien closed the door, His handsome face was indifferent.
Damien opened the door of another room and walked in. A young and beautiful female technician
swiftly ran over. When she saw Damien, the female technician’s eyes lit up, “Sir, do you want a
massage? Take off your clothes quickly, I’ll give you a good massage. My massage is very
Damien turned around and left.
“Sir, don’t leave…” The female technician reached out and grabbed Damien’s sleeve. “Sir, let me help
you undress…”
The female technician boldly and enthusiastically took off Damien’s coat.
Damien frowned. He had been most reserved, and respected since he was a child.
“Joyce!” Damien muttered inwardly.
He wanted to raise his hand and ruthlessly push the female technician away from him.
But at this moment, the door of the room suddenly opened, and there was a graceful figure outside the
The lady had a pair of extremely beautiful eyes, and when she looked inside, she quickly covered her

eyes with her hands,
“Oops! Sorry, I walked into the wrong room, I didn’t see anything, you two can continue…”

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