The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 580

She Used To Be Anabelle’s Entire World.
Luana came in, looking domineering and arrogant.
Olive looked at her indifferently, and then drew a shallow are with her red lips.
“Molly, you are Lord Logan’s favorite wife, but why are you so nervous about His Highness, Aaron?”
Only then did Luana realize that she had overreacted. She quickly covered it up and said, “Yes, I’m the
Lord’s favorite
wife. Naturally, I’m the stepmother of His Royal Highness. I’m mandated to also look out for him.”
“His stepmother?” Olive repeated, as she looked at Luana and Aaron with clear eyes.
Aaron’s face had become was w
Now, when he saw Olive’s intelligent eyes hovering around the them, Aaron had a feeling that he had
been caught by Olive.
He quickly said, “Luana, don’t be rude, It’s not the ser vant girl, but Princess Olive.”
Princess Olive?
So she was Princess Olive!
Luana stared at Olive with jealousy and hostility, and she sarcastically said,
“So you are Princess Olive of Visionary. I thought Princess Olive was so pure and clean, but I didn’t
expect that you like to play with men. I can’t believe that you’re getting entangled between two
Not only was Olive annoyed, she even
furrowed her delicate eyebrows, “Even if I am flirting with men, it’s not in your position to scold me.
Luana should actually focus on giving birth to the child in her stomach.”

Seeing Olive’s eloquence, Luana became extremely angry and speechless.
Luana immediately reached out and hugged her stomach, “Ouch, my stomach hurts, Princess Olive,
you’ve actually pis sed me off to the point that my stomach hurts. Do you know how much the Lord.
values this child? If this child get hurts, you’re doomed.”

Olive looked at Luana, and said, “Okay, don’t act anymore, save your energy and wait for the master to
come. You can put up that act when the King arrives.”
With that, Olive turned around and exited the room.
When Olive was gone, Aaron wanted to chase after her.
“Princess Olive!” he called out.
But Luana reached out and grabbed
Aaron, “His Royal Highness, what are you doing with the princess of Visionary? Everyone said that
you’ve already been fascinated by Princess Olive. Is this true?”
Aaron who was held, could only stop. He immediately avoided suspicion and wanted to push Luana.
When Luana saw that Aaron’s heart was no longer with her, she immediately stomped her feet and
“Aaron, where did you go earlier? Didn’t I satisfy you when you slept with me?”
Aaron immediately covered Luana’s mouth, “Hey! Please be quiet. I’m begging you.”
Chapter 580 She Used To Be Anabelle’s Entire Worl
Luana snuggled into Aaron’s arms and acted like a spoilt child..
“Then stay with me for a while. You haven’t been in the palace for a long time. I don’t even have a
chance to see you anymore. Now the baby is more than five months old. It’s not easy being pregnant.”
Olive quickly walked out. In the hallway, Sadie followed and whispered,
“Princess, that old woman is locked in this room. The two guards at the door were sent away by me just
Olive nodded, “Alright.”
She pushed open the room door and walked in.
In the room, the old ser vant girl laid on the cold ground. She was really terminally ill and could not

Olive walked in, and the old maid looked at Olive.
“Who are you? Hurry up and let me see His Royal Highness, this is the Royal Palace, they must have
known that I was going to meet the eldest princess. They want to kill me!” she yelled hysterically. “Don’t
kill me, I’ll do everything. The eldest princess hack then is… Anabelle Midas. You all can go and catch
Anabelle. As long as you don’t kill me, I can still cooperate with you and bring Anabelle to you.
Anabelle agreed to come back and see me. I can lead her to you guys…”
The ser vant girl was struggling on the ground and vaguely reveal everything.
She really loved vanity and was greedy for life and she feared of death.
Olive slowly crouched down.
This was all her plan.
She first informed Aaron, and successfully used Aaron’s help in taking the old lady away from Liam and
Thomas ‘s hands.
Then she entered the palace. She knew that Aaron was definitely more interested in her than this serv
ant girl.
Olive stretched out her slender hand and held the old lady’s pulse. She quickly withdrew her hand and
said softly, “Your death is fast approaching, you won’t live more than fifteen minutes.”
The serv ant girl was shocked. She quickly grabbed Olive’s dress as if she was holding on to her
“I…I don’t want to die, save me, please save me…I want to see my daughter, my daughter, will save
Olive calmly’stared at the old lady.
“Aunt Annabelle won’t be able to see you anymore. I’ll replace someone with Aunt Annabelle to visit
“Who are you? No, I want to see Anabelle!”
“Aunt Annabelle is the Princess of Greenland, but she has always been on the run all her life. She has
very few relatives, so she loves you, her foster mother, very much,” Olive looked at the old girl and
spoke to her softly,

“As a daughter, Aunt has never owed you a cent. She has already paid off your kindness for raising
her. As a mother, even at the verge of death, you still want to push your daughter out just to shield
The Sulstone Bride: Doded by My Billionaire Husband
Chapter 585 She Used To Be Anabelle’s Entire World.
yourself. How cruel can you be? Thinking back to all these years, have you ever given Aunt, Annabelle
half of a mother’s love? Are you really worthy of calling her your child?”
As she said that, Olive stretched out her hand and gently but firmly pulled her sleeve back from the old
lady’s hand. She stood up, and said,
“You saved Anabelle after all. So be rest assured that after you die, Aunt Annabelle will come to collect
your body and not let your body be exposed to the wild,” Olive added, then she left.
The old lady stared at Olive as she left, tears suddenly welled up in her cloudy eyes.
The old girl suddenly remembered many years ago, when Anabelle was still young. Anabelle always
followed behind her, sweetly and happily calling her mother.
She used to be Anabelle’s entire world.

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