The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 590

Open your mouth, I will feed you!
Olive didn’t want Elvis to follow her at all. She really wanted to get rid of this ghost!
Elvis then nodded, “I’m free today, let’s go take a look. King of Gold City, Princess of Visionary, do you
Yes, she did mind!
“No, of course not.” At this moment, Olive heard Liam beside her say
She was speechless,
“R 11
Elvis’ narrowed eyes looked again at Olive’s bitter face, “Princess of Visionary, you don’t seem to
welcome me.”
“…How can it be? Mr. Augustine, I’m happy if you can come with us,” Olive forced a rather bright smile.
The four of them set off together and headed to the beach.
This sea of clouds is the most beautiful coastline in Greenland. A few years ago, there was no
development here. Later, a very rich developer came and spent a lot of money to buy this sea. Legend
has it that the scenery here is beautiful, with white clouds and blue sky connected together, so beautiful
that it is called the sea of clouds.
The four of them had prestigious identities, so the owner of Blue Ocean Resort, Mr. Mahone, hurriedly
greeted them, “King of Gold City, President Augustine, Princess of Visionary, and Princess Clara,
Liam said, “Thank you, Mr. Mahone.”
Mr. Mahone smiled and said, “I have prepared the presidential suite for you. Please go in and rest first.
The restaurant’s chef has prepared a sumptuous meal for you. We will take wedding photos after that.”
Clara’s eyes lit up. She asked, “Mr. Mahone, I heard that you have a Supreme Presidential Suite which
has extremely beautiful scenery inside. Are we staying in this Supreme Presidential Suite?”
“Well…” Mr. Mahone hesitantly said, “I’m sorry, Princess Clara. Our Supreme Presidential Suite is not

open to the public. It’s the private room of our Big Boss.”
“Your Big Boss?” Liam showed a little curiosity, “Is it the developer who bought this sea of clouds?”
“This Big Boss is secretive and mysterious. I heard that no one has seen his face. Mr. Mahone, who is
your Big Boss?” Clara also asked curiously.

Olive could understand. Royal princes and princesses like Liam and Clara are especially interested in
the rich. The cost of the palace is huge, and they need financial support.
Mr. Mahone hastily shook his head and replied, “It’s a shame to say that I haven’t seen my Big Boss
until now.”
People are more and more curious about the Big Boss whom Mr. Mahone had never seen before.
Liam looked at Olive beside him and said, “Olive, let’s go in.”
“Okay.” Olive nodded.
The Substitute fieide: Doled by My Billionaire Husband
Chapter 590 Open your mouth, I will feed you!
Mr. Mahone quickly heard Olive’s clear, fairy-like voice, and he boldly raised his head. When he saw
her slender and beautiful face, he was shocked. Apparently, he was impressed by her stunning looks.
It is said that the Visionary princess is so beautiful. This is the first time Mr. Mahone saw Olive. He had
never seen a girl as beautiful as her.
His eyes were fixed on Olive, and he couldn’t look away.
Right at this moment, Mr. Mahone felt a cold, dark gaze fall on him. He raised his head, immediately
meeting Elvis’s deep, narrow eyes.
Now Elvis is looking at him with those dark eyes that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.
Mr. Mahone’s scalp was numb. For some reason, he felt the soles of his feet go cold. He didn’t dare
offend the world’s number-one tycoon Elvis.
“Mr. Augustine, hehe,” Mr. Mahone said with a flattering smile.
Elvis glanced at Mr. Mahone, then left on his long legs.

Clara next to him observed this scene. It seems that Mr. Mahone likes Olive. So interesting! Clara
curled her red lips mysteriously and followed them.
In the dining room.
Olive and Liam sat by the window, and the waiter brought up two steaks.
“Olive, what would you like to drink?” Liam asked politely.
Olive thought for a moment, then replied, “I’d like some hot bubble tea.”
The waiter stepped back.
Olive picked up her knife and fork, about to cut a steak, when a delicate voice said in her ear, “Mr.
Augustine, let’s sit there.”
She looked up and saw Elvis walking in front of her, with Clara beside him.
Elvis shoved his hands in his pockets, glancing at Olive.
They looked at each other.
Just then, Elvis went straight ahead on his long legs, saying, “King of Gold City, Princess of Visionary,
how about we sit with you?”
Olive, “…”
Could she say no?
Liam smirked, “Of course.”
Elvis sat with Liam, and Olive sat with Clara. The four of them ate together.
Liam cut the foie gras into small pieces, and stuffed them into Olive’s dish, saying, “Olive, this is for
Olive was about to say “thank you” when a low, magnetic voice spoke first, “She doesn’t eat foie gras.”
Olive raised her head and looked at Elvis who just said that.
Chapter 590 Open your mouth, I will feed yout
Liam paused for a moment, then smiled and said, “Looks like President Augustine and Olive are old

fell on Olive’s charming little face. Before he could reply, Olive spoke first: “I don’t know.”
She said she didn’t know him.
There were no ups and downs on Elvis’ handsome face. That’s just what she said.
Olive popped a small piece of foie gras into her mouth and chewed gracefully. Now her toes under the
table moved, and someone was making small movements.
Olive raised her eyes. Elvis wasn’t eating anything and was looking at her with his deep eyes.
Under the table, she wore a pair of crystal heels, Elvis’s glossy black leather shoe gently touching the
tips of her toes.
Olive subconsciously pulled back.
Elvis’s legs were so long, he easily stretched out to wrap them around her small feet.
There were others here, and Olive’s delicate face turned red with annoyance, and she took a sip of hot
bubble tea.
Clara clearly sensed the unusual atmosphere between Elvis and Olive. She immediately cut a steak,
gave it to Elvis, and said affectionately, “President Augustine, open your mouth. I’ll feed you.”
Elvis glanced at Clara feeding him a steak but didn’t budge.
Olive couldn’t be angrier. Just now, she… had satisfied him in the dressing room, but now he was
surrounded by beauties but still bothered her too much.
She put down her bubble tea, twirled her little feet under the table, and little by little stepped her crystal
heel on Elvis’ leg.
Elvis’s throat suddenly curled, his solid waist straightened, and all his senses were focused on her tiny
Her high heel stepped on his pants, like an ant crawling into his numb lap.

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